• Human's inner medicine is capable of curing almost all chronic and complicated diseases and uprooting all root causes. Yet, people are always sparing no efforts in searching for medicine outside their own bodies. This site is created partly for helping those who have lost hope of curing their chronic diseases such as cancer, diabetes, hypertension, rhino sinusitis with turbid discharge, Ulcerative Colitis, Crohn's Disease (IBD), hepatitis C, AIDS, Multiple Sclerosis, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) and other which at present are impossible to be cured in hospital. Much efforts has also been made to collect special herbal formulas that have been verified, through clinical experiment, very effective in treating various complicated diseases. We would like to offer free DaMo qigong course material and DaMo qigong correspondence course to the patients who have interest in the practice.
  • There exists the birth there exists the death. On the contrary, when there is no birth there will be no death. When a man wants to shake off pursuit by the death angel, he must at first strives to achieve no birth, which is the basis upon which we can further transcend all limitations imposed upon human beings. Practitioners with lofty ideas are welcome to join Advanced Qigong Practice Program
  • Our site is moving to http://www.taoiststudy.com. Welcome to visit.

Great Taoism Classic: Tao Te Ching
Buddhism, Contingent Mind and Undefiled Mind

Chinese DaMo Qigong

Practical Process of Taoist Internal Alchemy Practice


STEP 1 Preparatory work
STEP 2 Cleanse the heart of all desires
and passions
STEP 3 Settle mind-will in lower elixir field 
STEP 4 Open up eight extra channels 
STEP 5 Administer fertilizing fluid (Jing)(1)
STEP 5 Administer fertilizing fluid (Jing)(2)
STEP 6 Harvest pre-heaven Qi
STEP 7 Revolve the first water-wheel(1)
STEP 7 Revolve the first water-wheel(2)
STEP 8 Gather psychical rays
STEP 9 Gather the Qi of great unification
STEP 10 Automatic revolution---breathing
Like a fetus
STEP 11 Preserve the Buddhist relic
STEP 12 Nourish the Buddhist relic
STEP 13 Golden lightning flashes three times
STEP 14 Conduct Buddhist relic to pass through three passes
STEP 14 Conceive a fetus of the true self
In ten months' time (1)
STEP 15 Conceive a fetus of the true self in ten months' time (2)

Chinese Qigong
STEP 16 Give birth to the fetus of  true self
STEP 17 Raise the foetus of true self in three years' time
STEP 18 Possess the same body with Tao
STEP 19 Fill up the Infinite Emptiness with my brilliant psychical light in nine years
Appendix Chinese Qigong Terminology
Appendix The fundamentals of meditation practice by Ting Chen
Appendix Commentary on Understanding The Reality
Appendix Commentary on Can Tong Chi
Appendix Video Clip Series upon Taoist Internal Alchemy

Qigong & Taoist Internal Alchemy Study

Chinese healing art

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

Chinese alternative medicine

Chinese Acupuncture, External Chi Therapy

Chinese DaMo Qigong

Chronic Diseases Treatment
By Chi Kung, Herbal Medicine and External Chi

Chinese Kung Fu

Chinese Kung Fu Art
and Wudang Taoist Kung Fu Academy

I-Ching, Chinese Divination Theory and Application

Chinese Taoism Books, Video CDs, DVDs, etc.

Taoism and Buddhism Sanctums in China

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