Acupressure is a gentle, noninvasive form of the ancient Chinese practice of acupuncture. In acupuncture, thin needles are inserted into the body at specific points along lines called meridians. In acupressure, thumb or finger pressure is applied at these same points, but the body is not punctured. In both practices, the aim is to effect beneficial changes and achieve harmony within the body's systems and structure.

Chinese have a very descriptive term for taking advantage of a combination of two or more healing systems. They say the' patient is "walking on two legs."
In acupressure, there are twelve lines c ailed meridians that run along each side of the body. Each pair of meridians corresponds to a specific organ. For example, there is a pair of Lung meridians, Spleen meridians, Stomach meridians, and Liver meridians. Acupressure points are named for the meridian they lie on, and each is given a number according to where along the meridian it falls.

When giving an acupressure treatment, your tools are your hands, notably your thumbs and fingers, and occasionally your palms. For the most part, you will be using the balls of your thumbs and fingers, never the nails. Before administering acupressure, make sure your fingernails are clipped short, so that you do not inadvertently scratch the patients.

Work right-side and left-side acupressure points at the same time. Use fingers or thumbs to apply threshold pressure to the point. Threshold pressure is firm pressure, just on the verge of becoming painful. The idea is to stimulate the point without causing the body to tighten up or retract a the pain. The pressure doctor exert should not hurt patients. Firm but gentle is the rule.

Apply from one to five minutes of continuous pressure. Or apply pressure for ten seconds, release for ten seconds, reapply pressure for ten seconds, release for ten seconds. Repeat this cycle five times.

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Such VCD is of English version and both the English subtitle and explanation can help practitioners well understand the essentials of Acupressure treatment. Yun Zhong Yu, who is the vice researcher working with Chinese Chronic Diseases Research Institute and standing member of International Alternative Medicine Association, gives lectures in the program regarding the important acupoints located in areas such as head, chest and belly, waist and back, upper limbs and lower limbs. He also showcases his acupressure techniques used for treating and preventing common diseases. So, it is very good textbook used for family health well being and fitness.



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