Bao Pu Temple on Mount Geling

Baopu temple lies on Mount Geling, west of Mount Bao Shi, nearing Hang Zhou, Zhejiang Province. Baopu temple became famous due to Ge Hong, the great Qigong theorist, Chinese medicine doctor, and famous Taoist in Eastern Jin Dynasty(A.D. 321)
. He left with us a very famous Qigong book Baopu Zhi(Simplicity-embracing Book)whose contents gave much influence upon Chinese Taoism theory and elixir conceiving theory.


Front gate of Baopu Monastary

The well where Master Ge
conceived the elixir pill

Red Plum Pavilio

The first pavilion up the mountain

Tablet of Gexian Nunnery

Chuyang Terrace

Repenting our sin

A woman Taoist plucking
a lute with rapt attention


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