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Articles Upon Prosperous Residence
Contents Summary
In China, to chose and build a house is a study. How to let the house people chose be in a prosperous position and let the house arrangements be reasonable and stand for prosperous future is a very complicated process.
This book explains the process and theory in detail. This book has nothing to do with Qigong practice.

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Product No. Book005
Product Name: Treatise on Congenital Nature and Life Force

Contents summary
Written By Yin Zhenren, this book is popular among general qigong practitioners. It features the fine diagrams illustrating how to proceed at different turn points. The language he used is plain and can lead to easy understanding.

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Product No.Book006
Product Name: Taoists' Practicing Study

Contents Summary:
Written by contemporary qigong master, this book is published by China Religion Press. The author, after many years of practice and learning with many Taoist hermits, tells the reader his understanding of Tao pursuing process and his experience in a detailed way. He gives a plain explanation upon some practicing knack which are generally kept secret. This books also collects many masters' words in reference. It has two volumes.

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