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Chapter 52

  1. All the universal things have a common origin,
  2. We regard it as the “Mother” of all things.
  3. Gaining the mother, we can know its children,
  4. Knowing how becomes the children, we can return to hold onto the mother.
  5. Thus ensuring no danger to life.
  6. Closing the eyes, shutting up the mouth, ,
  7. One can keep himself from sickness all life time.
  8. Opening eyes to chase after desires and passions,
  9. One can be helpless all life time.
  10. Watching less and less can be enlightened
  11. Holding onto the weak can be mighty.
  12. Using the outgoing eyesight,
  13. To turn to illuminate the inward,
  14. Thus there can be no disaster to the body.
  15. This is called practicing enduring Tao.


1-2. All universal things owe their birth to Tao. Therefore we regard such common origin as “mother” of all things, and all universal things “children.”

3. Gaining Tao we can know all her children thoroughly because Tao gives rise to them and gets contained in every each of them.

4-5. Now that we know how the children (i.e. all universal things) come into being, we should know how to sail against the life current to gain Tao. Here the mother denotes the Primeval Qi stored in Dantian. So, at beginning the practitioners should gaze into Lower Dantian to regain it. Once gaining Tao, where exists the danger for all of us?

6-9. Closing eyes and shutting up mouth is a metaphor used to mean disciplining the heart to get rid of all desires and passions----aiming at recovering the true heart. Once there is no any ripple waving across my pure heart, all diseases will lose their existence foundation. Otherwise, like a waste land the weeds and grass will thrive in abundance without intermission.

10-15. How to sail against life current? First, get rid of all desires and passions. Second, gaze inwardly into lower Dantian to let true nature meet life force. This method is called Tao-pursuing practice or practicing enduring Tao.


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