Ba Guan Introduction

Ba Guanm (also called suction cup) treatment is very popular in today's China. In ancient days, Ba Guan had another name "Horn Treatment" because ancient Chinese used the ox or sheep horn and grinded them to some extent, then applied them to certain area on the skin to draw out pus or congealed blood. Thus, It is a method mostly in use for surgical ulceration. After long-time practice and experience summarization Ba Guan slowly developed into today's style: by sucking certain acupoints in negative pressure environment to gain the aim of dredging channels, activating blood flow, dissipating cold, dispelling wind and dampness and pus, resolving toxin and allaying fever, etc

Sanitary dish, suction cups, sanitary cotton soaked in 95% alcohol. Stainless steel clamp, match, petroleum jelly.

Expose the appropriate skin area. Daub the petroleum jelly upon it. Use clamp to sandwich the cotton which has been soaked in alcohol, then quickly use match to let the cotton get fire. Holding the suction cup, its mouth downwards, then use the clamp to put the burning cotton into the cup and circle around in a quick way. Then draw out the cotton and put the cup upon the skin area. The skin area which the cup mouth covers will hunch up gradually and become purplish red after a while. Leave the cup there 10 through 15 minutes. To move away the cup operator should use left hand to pressure the skin along the cup mouth and use right hand to move the cup away.
The above-described process is very common for general Ba Guan practice. Other variations include:
1. Once the cup closely sucks the skin, move the cup away Repeat the process one time after another. Such application mode is called "Flashing Suction Cup"
2. Once the cup closely sucks to the skin, slowly move the cup along the skin (still sucking the skin), go and return, several times. It is called "Walking Suction Cup"
3. Sanitizing the skin area and puncture it superficially till it bloods. Then apply the suction cup to it as introduced above. Leave the cup there till 10 minutes later. Then move away the cup and sanitize the skin area.

Clinical Application
1. Headache due to wind and cold nature, use suction cup upon Tai Yang acupoints
2. Stomachache, vomiting and nausea due to vacuity cold, apply suction cup to Zhong Yuan acupoint.
3. Bellyache, diarrhea, apply suction cup upon Zhong Yuan, Zhong Shu, Qi Hai acupoints.
4. Lumbago, backache, waist strain or sprain, apply to back and waist area.
5. Ulceration initial stages or viper bite, apply to affected area.

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