VCD Teaching Program: Chinese Charismatic Needle

Acupuncture has been a major part of primary healthcare in China for the last 5,000 years. It is used extensively for a variety of medical purposes ranging from the prevention and treatment of disease, to relieving pain and anesthetizing patients for surgery. As in many oriental medicine practices, the emphasis of acupuncture is on prevention. In traditional Chinese medicine, the highest form of acupuncture was given to enable you to live a long, healthy life.

Acupuncture literally means 'needle piercing," the practice of inserting very fine needles into the skin to stimulate specific anatomic points in the body (called acupoints) for therapeutic purposes. Along with the usual method of puncturing the skin with the fine needles, the practitioners also use heat, pressure, friction, suction, or impulses of electromagnetic energy to stimulate the points. The acupoints are stimulated to balance the movement of energy (qi) in the body to restore health.

Historically, acupuncture points were believed to be holes that allow entry into channels. These holes provide us gateways to influence, redirect, increase, or decrease body's vital substance, qi, thus correcting many of the imbalances. Many studies and research were directed since to understand the mechanism of acupuncture.

The acupuncturist is able to influence health and sickness by stimulating certain areas along these "meridians". Traditionally these areas or "acupoints" were stimulated by fine, slender needles. Today, many additional forms of stimulation are incorporated, including herbs, electricity, magnets and lasers. Still, the aim remains the same - adjust the "vital energy" so the proper amount reaches the proper place at the proper time. This helps your body heal itself.

Acupuncture is just one form of therapy used within the coherent system of healing known as Oriental Medicine. Oriental Medicine includes herbology, physical therapy, dietetics and special exercises (such as Tai Chi and Qi Gong), and is a complete medical system unto itself and is not another branch of modern Western medicine. Acupuncture evolved from principles and philosophies unique to Oriental thinking and Oriental Medicine, and is most effectively applied when done in accordance with those principles.

In addition to being effective for many acute and chronic common illnesses, Oriental Medicine has much to offer those who wish to raise the quality of health and vitality. Practitioners of Oriental Medicine operate with prevention in mind, attempting to correct small energetic imbalances before they become big health problems.

Current health trends emphasizing exercise, proper nutrition, stress reduction and immune system strengthening all validate the life-styles and methods that have always been promoted by practitioners and advocates of Acupuncture / Oriental Medicine.

Generally speaking, acute, life threatening conditions are best handled by Western medical doctors. Routine health problems and chronic conditions, for which drug therapy and surgery have not been effective, often benefit from Acupuncture / Oriental Medicine.

Such VCD is of English version and both the English subtitle and explanation can help practitioners well understand the essentials of acupuncture. The Chinese acupuncturist showcases the needling techniques mostly used for 20 common diseases in a detailed way (reviewed often from front or back). Wang Xiu Shen, who is the contemporary famous Acupuncturist for his status of being descendant of Imperial Court doctor, gives lectures in the program regarding the key points for his special acupuncture arts handed down by his ansestors He also showcases the manipulating techniques regarding tongue needle, eye needle, five-dragon needle, multiple needle, drag-in needle, penetrating needle, etc., in a detailed way (reviewed often from front or back). And his art can let most people feel amazed for he can let the needles pin into two eyes or pierce through almost any parts of the body while dragging it to and fro. Most patients recovered from receiving the treatment administrated by him. The two VCDs cover the treatment skills used for the following 12 common diseases.
Brain Atrophy
3. Intervertebral disc protrusion
4. Phlebitis
5. Periarthritis of shoulder
6. Children paralysis
7. Protrusion
8. External damage on legs
9. Cerebral infarction
12.Cerebral hemorrhage

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Intervertebral disc protrusion

Cerebral infarction



Cerebral hemorrhage

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