Gua Sha Introduction

Gua Sha was used in China as early as two thousand years ago. It was used-- especially in the countryside to help a person with fever, pain, and fatigue. Such method helps rid the body of some diseases through repeated scraping of the skin. The ancient therapy is simple and believed to be quite effective.

Place several fingers of your hand on an area on the flesh when you feel discomfortable. Then move your hand away. If the places are still there where your fingers were pressed, there is Sha. The pressure from your fingers blanches the flesh, that is, displaces blood. If the blanching disappears slowly, it indicates that blood is obstructed or congealed. If a person has a sudden stiff neck, wakes with a body kink or reports pain that comes and goes, think Sha. Chronic pain problems almost always involve Sha.

TCM Theory
According to traditional Chinese medicine, diseases are caused when external coldness or negative energy invade in the body and block sweat glands. Thus, people will have some physical discomforts such as dizziness, vomiting and achiness.

The principle of scrape therapy is similar to that of acupuncture. Gua Sha moves, circulates and releases blood trapped in the peripheral capillaries. Gua Sha releases the exterior Sha syndrome by moving body fluids and blood, stimulate blood flow and help to discharge the coldness and negative energy through the skin. The skin will feel warm and the presence of redness is often seen after a Gua Sha treatment. This redness or purplish hue to the skin is trapped or congealed blood that is not circulating properly in the body. Left untreated, this can create major problems in not just the muscles but also in the internal organs as well. The muscles deep to the superficial fascia and the organs deep to the muscles are also affected. Any pain, spasm or tightness in the muscles is immediately relieved by this new circulation of blood. The organs are likewise revitalized by the increased circulation of energy, blood, and fluids.

Before the process, daub the skin with oil. Then scrape the skin with something that has smooth edges. Coins and porcelain spoons are widely used and special scraping equipments are also available in traditional Chinese medicine shops. Always scrape the skin in the same direction and continue until the skin is red and purple marks appear. The intensity, speed, duration, depth of the action, and the location of scrape, all have direct impact over the curative effects.

Points of stimulation should be determined in accordance with the diagnosis of specific diseases. Some of the points which are most commonly stimulated for treatment include the chest, back, inner elbow, inner knee, and shoulder blades.

Gua Sha can provide drug-free relief of back, neck, leg, and shoulder pain. It can also relieve headaches, ease sinus pain and more. Besides curing diseases, scrape therapy may build one's body, prevent diseases and help lose weight. Since the process is painful and the mark won't disappear for a long time, scrape therapy is no longer used in hospitals.

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