Eight Pieces Brocade Introduction

The eight brocade is one of the most widely practiced classic exercise sets in China, which can be dated back over 1,000 years. Its long existence has resulted in its adoption by a diverse collection of practitioners, which has lead to numerous variations. This set of excises is often practiced with Qigong. The movements provide a comprehensive system of excise for people of all ages, toning up muscles and stimulating the flow of qi throughout the body. People are advised to perform it vigorously when in good health, to help build up the strength and suppleness. But if you are in illness or in later years you should practice more gently. It is widely regarded as the initial form set for any qigong or martial arts new practitioners. Every movement is designed to regulate or strengthen organs or bowels.

The following is the most common movements adopted in this ancient excise set:

  1. Push up the heavens to regulate the triple warmers
  2. Draw bow to shoot vulture
  3. Raise single arm to regular spleen and stomach
  4. Turning to tonify nervous system
  5. Shake head and wag tail
  6. Touch toes to reinforce kidneys
  7. Clench fists and look angry to build up strength
  8. Jolt body to keep away illness

Such VCD is of English version and both the English subtitle and explanation can help practitioners well understand the essentials of the eight pieces of brocade. Yu Ding Hai, who is the traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM) professor now working with Shanghai TCM University, gives lectures in the program regarding the key points 8 posture routine forms, in terms of breath, coordination of every body parts, etc.

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