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NAME: Southern-style Broadsword
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Introduction of Southern-style Sabre Sword

Southern Sabre Sword is a traditional weapon routines which originated from Southern Shaolin school. The sword forms features composedness when facing up the coming attack, and intrepidity and overwhelming powerfullness when bursting out with sword, and vagor reinforced by the uttering of shout and strength supported by internal energy.

The basic sword forms include: ward off, chop, prop up, push, sweep, thrust, point, weight down, draw in, etc. Step forms are characterized by nature of lightness, rapidness and agility. A variety of step forms have its application throughout the whole routine, which include jump step, kneeling step, bowing step, twining step, etc. All movements can easily leave its impression upon people of explosive strength, bursting swiftness, with flowing rhythm. Thus, such school of martial arts is very popular with general practitioners and audience.

The VCD is of English version and both the English subtitle and explanation can help practitioners well understand and learning such Kung Fu styles. The VCD gives a full play to the famous coach Huang Mingjian and his presentation can help Kung Fu practitioners learn the arts in a simple way.

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