Tanglang Quan (Mantis Boxing) is a classical Chinese Martial arts form coming into being during the Kangxi reign (1662-1722). Such style of Kung Fu traditionally attributes its foundation to a man called Wang Lang, who after witnessing a mantis attacking and killing a cicada, created the martial arts school. The tradition had been passed down for almost one hundred years before the style was taught beyond the Taoists and Buddhists temples.

Tanglang Quan utilises the full range of striking methods, grappling and throwing, joint seizing and immobilization, pressure point attacks, aerial and ground fighting techniques. All strikes and throws are delivered in rapid-fire succession from low, solid and mobile stances. Tanglang footwork is swift and ever changing, making the exponent not only ferocious in attack, but also highly evasive in defence.

Tanglang Quan is generally regarded as an explosive and highly demanding art. During combat, Mantis Boxers have at their disposal the complete arsenal of percussive attacking methods. This, coupled with an equally wide range of sweeping, throwing, trapping and seizing methods gives the exponent the option of delivering a seemingly endless series of simultaneous attack and defence combinations.

Mantis Boxing theory and technique is extremely valuable in real life hand to hand/weapon combat situations. A failed punch has the option to automatically transform into a slap, to a grab, to a choke, or lock following through to an elbow strike whilst simultaneously a kick/stamp to the leg slides through to a sweep, taking the opponent off his feet. That is just one theoretical example illustrating the devastating nature of Tanglang Quan attack combinations.

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