Yong Chun Boxing Introduction

Yong Chun Boxing is well known for its extremely effective hand techniques. Two of the trademarks of this southern Chinese Kung Fu system are the vertical centerline punch, and the training exercise known as sticking hands. Many Martial Artists find it a good way to fill the gap left by systems that emphasize kicking techniques. But like an iceberg, there is much more below the surface of this system than is visible at first glance. Those who are able to look beyond the surface of Yong Chun are able to find the hidden treasure of the system, a highly effective method of using the legs as both a defensive and offensive tool.

Yong Chun's method of using the leg is very unique. There are three basic training patterns or forms of the Yong Chun Boxing, namely (i) Siu Nim Tau, (ii) Cham Kiu, and (iii) Biu Ji.

Wing Chun is a system based upon logic and science. It requires neither great strength nor great athletic ability. What it does require, however, is a very precise understanding of some very basic combat principles and unless the instructor can get these across to the students, the likelihood is that the students will never fully realise their potential, no matter how skilful the instructor may be. In Yong Chun, it is not just a matter of copying movements, one has to know precisely why something is being done, when to apply it and, most importantly, how to develop and perfect such skills.

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