Mount Thai and
Imposing Taoist Temples

Mount Thai is located in the middle of Shandong Province, covering an area of 426 square kilometers. The altitude of the  highest peak is 1,524 meters above the sea level. It is generally regarded as the first of the five sacred mountains in China.

The famous Taoist priests Wang Chongyang, his disciple Qiu Chujee, began their unswerving pursuit  of Tao in the temples of  mount Thai(about A.D. 1221). Zhang Zhichun, the disciple of Qiu Chujee, changed his body into brilliant light and filled up the infinite emptiness in one of the temple after 84 years of practice. Many ancient Chinese emperors paid their respect (constructing temple, renovate temple, granting inscribed tablet plaque or attending Taoist festivals) when they came to power. In almost all temples you can behold famous Taoist sculptures, read or hear about  their legendary stories.

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Thai temple---the most famous taoist temple กก

Thai Temple

Thai Temple is located at the southern foot of Mount Thai, integrating a group of ancient buildings and covering an area of 96,000 squire meters. It was built in Qin and Han Dynasty, and expanded in Tang and Song Dynasty. To the east of the temple is a large group of pine trees, famous for their old age (grown since Han Dynasty). Thai Temple is  the one of  three most imposing and largest palaces in China  (the other two are Forbidden City, Confucian Temple). In history, many famous Taoist priests pursued Tao in the temple.


Rosy Temple

Rosy Temple was built in Song Dynasty(A.D.1008), and renovated in Qing Dynasty(A.D.1770). It was so imposingly and subtly built that many Chinese architects regard it as the outstanding building among all these built on the top of the mountains

tianzhu2.jpg (2666 bytes) Tianzhu Palace

Tianzhu Palace is the central building in Thai Temple. It is so delicately and artistically made that you will sigh at the man's imagination power.

The Inscribed Rock
diyisan1.jpg (2409 bytes)

nantian1.jpg (3795 bytes) The Silver Way

Southern Heavenly Gate
nantian3.jpg (4646 bytes)

richu1.jpg (2137 bytes) Sunrise Peak

Heaven Street
tianjie1.jpg (2916 bytes)

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