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  • You are free to use site content for your own private, personal use.
  • No linking directly to any photo. Please link to the web page.
  • Noncommercial web sites may use up to three images without my authorization, and a very few paragraphs of text, but further usage would require my permission. In both cases, my copyright notice needs to appear alongside all images/text copied from this site.

  • Students, academic groups, and educational entities are welcome to use site content/photos for class handouts, study notes, etc., as long as my copyright notice is given. There is no need to ask for my permission.
  • Commercial sites must pay a fee if they wish to commercially publish information from this site. However, in most cases, my fees are minimal or entirely waived depending on the objectives of the commercial site. Nonetheless, my copyright notice must appear alongside all content copied from this site.

  • During 2003-2008, teacher Hu offerred teaching on Taoist internal alchemy on Mt. Wudang (for more info please vist http://www.damo-qigong.net). All his teaching contents, teaching materials are prohibited from using within Chinese for any commercial usage (No such limits outside China) unless gaining permission. We preserve all rights to bring lawsuit against any people or entity for such copyright infringement within China.
  • Email Mr. Wang Tao to request authorization to use site photos or text.

In accordance with the above conditions, site content may be printed and distributed, or forwarded in electronic form, or reproduced on other web sites, provided it clearly states and displays the relevant copyright notice to the page being cited, as shown below: 

  • For Text and Research (See ** Note):

  • For Photos (See ** Note):
    Copyright ,
  • PDF Format (See ** Note):
    Xuezhi, HU (copyright holder).
    Citing internet sources. WWW document. 
    URL www.damo-qigong.net/XXX/XXX.html
  • ** NOTE: Please give the exact URL to the exact web page. In above examples, please replace XXX with the correct data. To do so, open the cited page in your browser, then copy that URL address.


  • I respect intellectual property rights, and I ask my viewers to do the same. Should you feel that your work has been improperly reproduced herein, or misrepresented in any form or shape, or should you feel that I have infringed on your copyright, I kindly ask that you contact me directly with your requests, or provide me with all necessary materials to protect your copyright. If I have mistakenly omitted a credit, or given an incorrect credit, please e-mail me so I can fix it or remove it from this site.


  • For images, please see the ALT TAG associated with the image. You can do so by holding your mouse momentarily over the image. A small text box will appear, showing a description or credit. Credits also appear frequently immediately above or below the image. If no credit is given, it means the image is to be credited to site host and operator.
  • For textual content, the credit appears above or below the specific block of text. If no credit is given, it means the text was written by working staff of Wudang Taoist Internal Alchemy.


  • www.damo-qigong.net is not associated with any educational institution, government agency, But it keeps cooperative relationship with several private corporations, and, gained registeration with ICP, P.R.China. It does not support any action or activities prohibited by Chinese government.
  • The information presented at this web site is as accurate as we can achieve. Yet, we are sure there are some inaccuracies. However, under no circumstances shall www.damo-qigong.net be liable for any loss, damage, liability or expense incurred or suffered that you believe resulted from your use or another party's use of content from this site.

Wudang Taoist Internal Alchemy


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