Part 1: Commonly-Used Manipulation


1. Pushing Manipulation with One-Finger Meditation

It refers to the manipulation as operator using the tip of the thumb, or the whorled surface of the thumb to push the region to be treated with combination movement of the shoulder relaxing, the elbow dropping, wrist hanging, elbow flexing and stretching cyclically and thumb flexion and extension, which bring the forearm and wrist joint to swing inward and outward.

2. Rolling Manipulation

Using minor thenar enunance and dorsoulnar as the force-applying surface, the practitioner lowers his shoulder, drops elbow with his arm erected and his palm setting upright, performs cyclical flexion, extension, inward and outward rotating swinging of both elbow joint and forearm, to effect the extension and flexion of the wrist joint rolling the round back of the hand to and fro on the region to be treated.

3. Kneading Manipulation

This is a manipulation as kneading slowly and softly the therapeutic region to-and-pro with fingers, the bottom of the palm, major thenar eminance or the tip of the elbow. According to the different parts to be operated, it can be divided into middle-finger kneading manipulation, thumb-kneading manipulation, palm-root kneading manipulation, major-thenar kneading manipulation, elbow-kneading manipulation, etc.

4. Rubbing Manipulation

It refers to rhythmically rubbing the therapeutic part in a circular motion with the palm or the palmar side of the operator's fingers touching the therapeutic region. Rubbing with the operator's palm is called palm-rubbing manipulation; rubbing with palmar side of the fingers is called fingers-rubbing manipulation.

5. Scrubbing Manipulation

The rubbing and scrubbing therapeutic part to and fro along a straight line with the operator's palmar face, minor or major thenar eminance is called scrubbing manipulation. According to the different operating parts, this manipulation can be divided into three types: palm-scrubbing, minor-thenar scrubbing and major-thenar scrubbing.

6. Grasping Manipulation

Grasping manipulation is carried out by symmetrically and slowly lifting and squeezing the therapeutic part, in combination with movements as holding, twisting, foulaging, kneading, pinching the same part with thumb, index finger, middle finger or all five fingers. Operation with the operator's thumb and index finger and middle finger is called three-fingers grasping manipulation; with five fingers is called five-fingers grasping manipulation.

7. Pressing Manipulation

Pressing manipulation refers to such action as pressing the therapeutic parts continuously with the finger-tip, palm, palm-root or the tip of elbow, lightly or heavily, shallowly or deeply. According to the different manipulating parts, it can be divided into thumb-pressing manipulation, middle-finger-pressing manipulation, phalangeal-joint-pressing manipulation, palm-root-pressing manipulation, palm-pressing manipulation


8. Flat-pushing Manipulation

Flat-pushing manipulation is performed by straightly pushing and scrubbing the operated part to and fro with the palm and thumb radial border, thumb perpendicular with the other fingers. It is also called palm-pushing manipulation.

9. Digital-pressing Manipulation

Digital pressing is the manipulation performed by heavily pressing the deep layer tissue with the thumb, or middle finger tip, or the protrusive part of the proximal interphalangeal joints of the flexed middle finger, index finger and thumb. According to the different operating parts, it can be divided into thumb-pressing manipulation, middle-finger-pressing manipulation and phalangeal-joint-pressing manipulation

10. Digital-striking Manipulation

Digital-striking technique is a manipulation performed by striking the therapeutic region with middle finger tip, or tip of thumb, fore and middle fingers, or the tips of five closed-up fingers. According to the different operating parts, it can be divided into three types: middle-finger striking, three-finger striking, five-finger striking manipulation.


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