Part 2: Commonly-Used Manipulation

11. Patting Manipulation

The manipulation of patting or beating with empty palm on the body surface is called patting manipulation or patting-hitting manipulation


12. Tapping Manipulation

The manipulation of using the back of fist, palmar root, palmar center, minor thenar eminance, or the stick made of mulberry twigs to pound and hit the body surface is called tapping manipulation or striking manipulation

13. Vibrating Manipulation

With the tip of the middle finger or the palm as the force-giving points, vibrating manipulation is to stretch-flex the muscle group of forearm in a narrow range, swiftly and alternatively cause soft vibration which keeps conducting vibration on the treated region. It is also called vibrating trembling manipulation; the manipulation with the middle finger as the force-giving point is called finger-vibrating manipulation; that with the palm as the force-giving point is called palm-vibrating manipulation.

14. Foulage Manipulation

Two palms facing each other, they rapidly roll-knead the therapeutic part of the body with relative force and move upwards and downwards repeatedly. This is called foutage manipulation

15. Holding-twisting Manipulation

Holding the therapeutic parts such as fingers and toes with the thumb and the forefinger and roll or knead it to and fro with relative force is called holding-twisting manipulation

16. Shaking Manipulation

A manipulation by which the doctor holds the distal end of the patient's upper or lower limbs and makes a constant narrow-range, up-and-down shaking

17. Wiping Manipulation

A manipulation of massage, performed by softly rubbing the skin of the therapeutic part with the surface of one thumb or surfaces of two thumbs up and down, right and left.

18. Rotating Manipulation

Hold the proximal and distal ends of the therapeutic limbs with both hands respectively and move the joints with forward and backward flexion-extention, right and left lateral flexion, or rotation, within its physiological movement sphere.

19. Pulling Manipulation

A manipulation performed with both hands pulling the two articular ends of the limbs with force in opposite directions.

20. Traction and Counter-traction

The doctor performs a pulling-extending movement with much force in opposite directions on the upper and lower ends of joints along the longitudinal direction of limbs to enlarge joint spaces. This is called traction and counter-traction, or pulling or leading manipulation.


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