Mount Qianshan is the most famous tourist site in north China. It lies in the east, about 20 kilometers away from Anshan City, and boasts 999 mountains altogether, covering 152 square kilometers. So, it is also called thousand-lotus-flower mountain.

Mount Qianshan features many beautiful peaks, precipitious cliffs, secluded valleys, high-situated Taoism and Buddhism temples, grotesque pine trees in strange shape, exuberant flowers of various kinds, etc. So, for a very long history it has been given the name of Treasure Pearl of North China.

Ever from Shui Dynasty, it has been the religion center, and many Buddhists and Taoists came here to construct many temples, pagodas half way or at the top of the mountains. It is seldom for both Buddhism and Taoism temples stationing in one mountain area and left with present people so much cultural contents to read, understand ans explore.

For Taoism the most imposing temple is Infinity Temple who was built half way up the steep mountains and has very strange layout. Visitors coming here will sigh at the fine scenery and have the feeling of walking casually into a fairy land. Many poets left with us much poem praising the sights and so many poem inscription tablets stand fully or partly in deep shrub. Emperor-Visited Scenery Zone, Western Ocean Zone, Great Buddha Zone, Bird-Tweedling Zone and Immortal's Platform are present spot sites very deserving visting and at least 4 days are necessary to tour them all.

In the early period of Qianlong Administration of Qing Dynasty, Liu Taibin and Wang Taixiang, two disciples of Guo Shouzhen who was priest of Tiechashan and immortal, came here to practice and nurture their congenital nature in Luohan Cave. The Qianlong Emperor paid visit to this mountain several times.


A view of Mount Qianshan

The gate of Mount Qianshan Park

Hall of Three Officials

Guanyin Hall

Nantian Tower

Five-Dragon Palace

Master-Ge Pagoda

Eight-immortals Pagoda

Buddha's-Hand Peak

Western Pavilion Under Snow

Purple-Qi Coming from East

Nature-Formed Buddha Sculpture

Immortal's Terrace

Zhong Hui Temple



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