A. Systematic Qigong Excise Set Collection

1. Twelve Steps of Brocade Practice (Sitting Posture Version)
2. Eight Steps of Brocade (Standing Posture version)
3. Formidable Strength Gaining Practice
4. Navel Massage 9 Postures
5. 64 Immortals' DaoYin Postures
6. 64 Postures Dayang Qigong
7. Wudang Yang Gathering Practice
8. Buddha's Power Practice
9. Yangtzi River Western School Practice
10. Listening to breathing---by Chuang Tzi

B. Simple Qigong Excise Collection

9. Clouds Setting Off Rainbow
10. Rubbing the Gate of Jing with Palms
11. Relaxing Feet Through Heeds
12. Soothing Chest Depression by Regulating Qi
13. Seated on a Mat and Floating on the Water
14. Rubbing Dantian and Regulating Qi
15. Placing Hands at Abdomen and "Holding Up the Moon"
16. Twisting Tianzhu and Getting Qi to Flow
17. Rubbing Face and Getting It Beautiful
18. Angling by the Lake
19. The Dragon Flying and the Tiger Running
20. Lao Tzi Banishing the Wind
21. Rubbing Clouds and Relaxing Sleeves
22. Water Flowing on a High Mountain
23. Rubbing the Nape of Neck
24. Beating the Drum and Plucking the Zither
25. Sitting in Silence
26. Flicking the Nape and Ears Echoing with Sound
27. Han Xiangzi Deploys Qi
28. Turning the Windlass
29. Pushing Against Restraint
30. Fish Frolicking in the North Sea
31. Lying on White Snow and Keeping Body Relaxed
32. Flowers Glittering in Hair
33. Liu Hai Teasing Frog
34. Cleansing the Mind in Fresh Breeze
35. Adjusting the Flow of Blood and Qi
36. The Black Dragon Wagging its Tail
37. Liuzijue
38. Paying Respect to Void with the Mind Still


Twelve Steps of Brocade Practice(Sitting Posture Version)

This school of practice has a very long history in China and once played an important role for Chinese health well being. It is generally used for doing preparatory work for normal practice. Yet, if practitioner can have the proper mind will maneuvering approach it can help practitioner gain much more than they could expect. This practice can combine with any schools of qigong except the imagining methods should change. Please contact qigong teacher for more information. Any suggestions and inquiry are welcome.


Sit cross legged, slightly close two eyes, clench two hands, slowly purge of all stray ideas, position spine upright, settle mind-will in lower Dantian area. Relax all parts of the body, let tongue tough hard palate.


Put two hands behind the head and let two palms touch the back side of the head, then let two lines of teeth strike against each other 36 times, feel how the vibration spread around the body, to relax all parts of the body.


Relax every parts of the body. Straighten all fingers and let them knock the back side of the head 48 times. Then resume the former position.



With arms akimbo, slowly turn the upper body to the right to watch right, then turn left to watch left, keeping spine upright. 24 times.


With two arms akimbo, slowly turn tongue around in the mouth, till saliva is full. Then slowly swallow down the saliva in three times. Imagine the saliva go down slowly into the Lower Datian along Ren Channel.


Put two hands behind and let two palms cover the kidney area, right palm right side, left palm left side. A little while, use all finger tips to rub the kidney area up and down till you feel hot with kidney area. Rest a while and rub again. 96 times.


With two arms akimbo, slow the breathing, then imagine there is a fire in the heart area coming down slowly into Dantian area. The fire begin to burn hot in it and you will feel hot with the lower Dantian area.


Position two forearms as the figure shows, clench two hands. With the central point of the shoulder(on the spine) as the fixed point and turn the shoulder, upper arm and forearms clockwise and then counterclockwise as like turning a hoisting tackle. 36 times.


Stretch two legs forward, cross the fingers of the two hands then turn palms upward, then push two hand upward slowly and use force, imagine pushing heavy things upward. Then slowly lower two hands and let two palms cover the head from above. Repeat the process 9 times.


Catch hold of the feet with two hands(see figure left). Then bow the upper body forward slowly, 16 times.


Sit cross legged, rest a while and settle mind-will in lower Dantian area again. Turn tongue around in the mouth till saliva is full again. In three times swallow down the saliva and imagine saliva go down into Lower Dantian area. Repeat the saliva-gathering process three times. Then relax every parts of the body, keeping spine upright.


Imagine fire begin to burn in Lower Dantian and later the feeling of hot coming up. Then imagine fire begin to move out of Lower Dantian and head to Coccyx point, then go upward along Du channel to the upper Dantian, then go down along Ren Channel to return into Lower Dantian again. Then stand up and slap every parts of the body.

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