Let Us Completely Drop the Concept of
"Incurable Disease "

Dialectics has the statements that nothing is absolute in the world, and everything is relative. So we can say there really never exist incurable diseases. Today, some diseases may be regarded as incurable because there are no effective therapies available at present. However, the concept of incurable disease itself may bring more danger to our health, and we must pay special attention to the issue.

Incurable Disease Concept and its Danger

A. The incurable disease is the people's awareness in regarding the bad effects of some diseases. Once upon a time, pulmonary tuberculosis killed thousands of people. The fear of pulmonary tuberculosis also developed in people at that time. Some patients with a cough mistook that they were suffering from pulmonary tuberculosis and died from extreme fear, thus becoming the victim of the fear.

After modern medicine evolved to find the cause of tuberculosis, and an effective therapy was developed to treat the disease, pulmonary tuberculosis become curable. In a regular health checkup, the calcified pulmonary tuberculosis foci may be found in many people, yet they don't need to take any medicine.

Nowadays, the so-called the killer of the century, cancer, is very similar to the pulmonary tuberculosis.

Today, the fear of cancer is stronger than that of pulmonary tuberculosis, because cancer can not often be found at an early stage, thus having higher mortality and there is no effective therapy till now. The fear of cancer may affect the physician. They may determine that the cancer is incurable and that the patient will die in a few months depending upon their past experiences. Therefore, the fear of cancer has become stronger, and thus forming a vicious circle.

B. Three pieces of reality that should not be neglected

B-1. It is reported, all over the world, that many patients with late-phase cancer, which had been diagnosed as incurable by modern medicine, chose to withdraw from the classic therapy, and have been cured without any medicine. There should be some kind of reason for the occurrence of these so-called "wonders or miracles."

B-2. Some patients have died from misdiagnosis

In 1998, a Chinese newspaper (Southern Daily) reported that one female student who went to hospital because of a cough, and was diagnosed with advanced-phase lung cancer. There was no improvement after receiving treatment. She was brought to a Shanghai hospital, and was again diagnosed with late-phase lung cancer and complication of metastatic bone cancer, which could not be operated on. Although she received radiotherapy and chemotherapy, the condition got worse, and later she suffered from severe headaches. She was then brought to Beijing Tumor Hospital, where she was diagnosed with late-phase metastatic brain cancer. She died shortly. However, the autopsy showed that she never had lung cancer and metastatic bone cancer or metastatic brain cancer.

B-3. Different effects caused by positive and negative concept.

In a hospital, one patient with lung cancer and another patient with a cold stayed in the same room. One day, the nurse mixed up with their names and told the patient with cold that he may die in one year. The result was that the patient with cold died shortly after, and the patient with lung cancer survived for a long time with cancer. (From the book 100 Questions About Mood and Cancer).

One patient with late-phase gastric cancer in Suzhou received a surgical operation at a Shanghai hospital. During the operation the surgeon found that the cancer was too widespread to be removed by surgery. The doctor told his family that the cancer could not be treated with operation, but told the patient that the cancer was removed and he should recuperate at home. Three years later, the doctor received an invitation to a dinner in celebration of the patient’s 60th birthday. The doctor was surprised, and decided to attend the dinner. During dinner, the doctor told the truth to the patient. The patient died 3 days later.


We can make the following conclusions based upon the above evidences:

C-1. The incurable disease is never present, even for the so-called killer of the century cancer.

C-2. The consciousness of incurable disease is extremely dangerous, and it may bring about disaster to people.

C-3.Modern medicine, which is the dominant medicine, has severe defects on overlooking the entirety of human health.

Correctly Understand Two Spheres of Human Vital Systems

From the view point of Taoism, in order to understand the secrets of human life and diseases, we must recognize that human life is an entirety consisting of two spheres that complement each other.

Yang sphere: physical system including a variety of tissues and organs of human body. This system may be recognized and proved by anatomy and modern medicine.

Yin sphere: soul system including feelings, consciousness and spirit of human. This system is not physical or materialized. Therefore, could not be proved by any instruments.

These two spheres are complementary and interact with each other. It is in line with the "yin-yang theory and Taiji culture" of traditional Chinese culture, which says that any matter is composed of yin and yang, and neither can be dispensed with. The human body also is a Taiji -- composed of two fields, the material or physical part of body is the yang field, while the nonphysical part, the soul, is the yin field.

The physical part of human body may be destroyed by bacteria or viral infection, or injured in another way. The disorder of body may affect the spirit, and furthermore negatively influence the health of soul system. Meanwhile, the tortured or injured soul system may also harm the health of body. This was stated in the traditional Chinese medical theory as saying: the seven modes of emotion could act as pathogenic factor.

In many cases, the direct cause of chronic diseases could not be confirmed in modern medicine because that the patients were in an adverse spirit state for a long time, and sadness, nervousness and depression may hurt his soul system and bring about diseases. It is called excessive yin repelling yang, causing the disorder of body yin-yang. The soul is invisible, has no quality and can not be touched, but it dominates the entire vital action. The soul dominates the action of each person.

The human action may be divided into two categories:

A. External action (yang action)

The human external action including work, study, sports, exercise and entertainment, etc., are dominated by the soul. A person with a healthy soul is never in such a situation in which the soul wants to do something, but the body just wants to do something else.

B. Internal action (yin action)

The human internal action, including consciousness, visceral function, endocrine system, immunity and a variety of motion etc., are also dominated by the soul. If the soul of a person is in a sad and nervous status for a long time, his soul would be hurt, and will affect the function of related viscera. Dysfunction of viscera would affect the function of endocrine and immune system directly. Thus, in order to keep healthy and live a long life, we must keep the soul healthy first.

C. Recognize the energy of consciousness again

Human consciousness has energy, which is the common recognition of super-soul researcher all over the world. In order to prove the physical effect induced by the energy of awareness, many doctors collaborated with the scientists from the Cancer Institute of Sun-Ye-Xian Medical University, Zhongshan University and Shantou University, and to conducted a series of studies, including "change the pH of pure water in a distance by mind-will,' 'Inhibit the mice liver cancer cells development by mind-will,'and obtained satisfactory results. These studies confirm that the energy of soul has strong material effects. It not only may effect on itself, but also may affect other matter and body.

Some qigong teachers also treated thousands of patients with breast cancer including precancerosis and a variety of hyperplasia of mammary glands with external qi, and obtained significant effects rapidly, with a total effective rate up to 98%, and a cure rate on the spot of 43%. In order to prove that the energy of mind-will has curing effect on human diseases, I conducted a series of studies. After the breast lump disappeared by the treatment of my active regulation, I treated the patient with reverse regulation and the lump which had disappeared was developed again. This study proved that the positive awareness may cure the disorder of body, and the passive awareness may worsen the disease.

The defects of modern medicine: morphology domination.

With the progress of experimental anatomy, many laboratories studying of pathology and etiology have been improved. The cause of many diseases which were induced by bacterial infection, virus or wound may be determined with many highly technological methods in the laboratory of modern medicine, then therapy may be established. This is the huge contribution of modern medicine to the human being's health.

However, modern medicine is a kind of positivism medicine which was established on the anatomy. Since the isolation of soul and body has dominated the medicine, it is inevitable that it is limited by itself.

1. Lacking the idea of entirety.

1-1. Modern medicine pays attention to the studying of the disease, and neglects the causes from consciousness.

Modern medicine could not cure the diseases which were caused by disorders of human internal, nonphysical spirit and soul system, and other obstinate diseases such as hypertension, coronary heart disease, diabetes, disorders of endocrine and retrograde affection and refractory diseases. These diseases are caused from human internal, and have close relationship to the motion and spirit status, adverse characteristics and habits of the patient. The cause is complicated, long, and could not be determined by any advanced technological methods in the laboratories of modern medicine.

In clinical practice of modern medicine, physicians only treat the body itself, and neglects to activate the potential energy of entirety and soul to treat the disease. The malpractice caused by this idea is prominent especially in the treatment of cancer. Use of chemotherapy, radiotherapy and radical surgery are not only unable to relieve the patients pain of body and soul, or enhance the quality of survival, but also torture the patients body and soul, and worsen the patients general condition.

1-2. Modern medicine treats local symptom, and neglects to treat the entirety

There is an obvious defect in the modern medicines treatment of chronic diseases. The physician pays attention only to the local symptoms, but forgets that human body is entirety, and one part complements and interacts with each other. Although the therapies that treat the symptom rather than disease could relieve the symptom temporarily, they could not cure such diseases from the root.

Since chronically-illed patients depend heavily on medicine for a long time or the whole life time, the side effects of these medicines may accumulate in the body, which affects the other viscera, and may cause new diseases named drug-induced diseases.

2. Modern medicine neglects the possible inhibition and destruction effects of drugs upon the immune system.

With the widespread use of the new medical drugs, the people’s awareness of health is misguided. Some diseases that may be naturally cured are treated with medicines. This not only causes side effects and induces new diseases, but also diminish the function of immune system.

3. Sole dependence on repeated use of medicines.

Medicine used repeatedly may cause some bacteria to develop drug resistance. In general, the process of developing resistance is about six moths. However, it takes scientists about 3 years to develop a new medicine and treatment procedure to treat the resistant pathogen. In this process, the circle of research and development of new drug tends to always lag far behind the progress of the pathogen, and thus will never cure the diseases in the world.

4. Some neglect adjustment and control effect of consciousness on the disease.

The effectiveness of many medicines is exaggerated due to the lack of accurate and thorough recognition of positive and negative effects of human awareness. Many physicians not only neglect using the positive awareness to regulate the diseases and help the patients, but also transmit the adverse awareness, such as “this disease is incurable, you may die in a few months.”

Here presents some studies results and my experience on the effect of consciousness:

Overall, I think when we defend against the so-call incurable disease we must get rid of the bad effect of the awareness of incurable disease on the soul of patient, and let the soul be at ease. Under the guide of the Taoists ideology and based on my experience accumulated in several decades, we use the energy of natural cure in soul. We have obtained significant positive results in large numbers of clinical patients, and have cured thousands of patients with a variety of chronic diseases that were traditionally dependent upon medicines for a long time. The total effective rate after one training course is over 90%. Some obstinate diseases that could not be cured by modern medicines, such as hypertension, coronary heart disease, and diabetes might be relieved by qigong practice. In the past 6 years, 3500 patients with the above obstinate diseases have practiced Qigong. After one course (20 days) of strength training, all parameters such as blood pressure, heart function, glucose in urine and blood returned to be within the normal level, and were cured without any medicine. By my experience and studies, it is verified that qigong practice is an ideal alternative to treat chronic diseases.

Over 3000 patients with advanced-phase cancer, which were diagnosed as incurable by hospitals, stopped taking their regular medicines and got trained in the intensive course of Qigong. One month later, their tumors were reduced or disappeared, which was verified by the pre- and post-course checkups in the hospital, and the effective rate was over 90%. The patients’ conditions were improved.

We have conducted a series of studies confirming that the energy of soul has immeasurable effects on cancer cells. The energy of consciousness may not only have effect on soul system itself, but also on whole physical body.

It is very strange to mention that most Chinese qigong books have the prevailing idea that there exists no disease that could not be cured. They just say there exist no diseases that could not be cured, yet there always exists the false heart that could not be cleansed of. In China, most qigong masters accomplished in qigong practice once had "incurable" diseases, thus they seek hope from qigong practice. Yet later when they reflect upon their experience, they never regarded the curing process as a very difficult one. Most cases just give such conclusion as like this: there is no diseases that could not be cured in the world.

Also, in many Chinese medicine books or qigong books they have the following sentence that could embarrass many modern medicine doctors: doctors are not competent for being a doctor if they also have diseases sometimes.

Many facts have confirmed that consciousness has unimaginable energy. After proper training, this unknown energy may be strengthened and have significant physical effects. It may be proved by practice, and also disproved in laboratory. Once the curative potential of soul is developed and used, the human idea of medicine may also be changed and all the chronic diseases may be finally cured.

NOTES: The views above are just the summary of our own experience in the Qigong practice, and have yet to be verified by science and medicine research work. We hope that more scientists and physicians will explore the energy of consciousness with us.

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