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Category: One Cancer Patient's Personal Experience in Conquering Cancer With Chinese Qigong

Introduction: The following below is the personal experience of Mr. Shi Bing Fu, a cancer patient with malignant lymphoma (Hodgkin's), who had successfull conqured the formidable disease by intensive Qigong practice for as long as a period of 10 years. In his so long detouring and unflinching course of battle with the disease Qigong practice help him to prolong his life expectancy at first, then conquer the disease. His personal experience gives a strong testimony of the effectiveness of Qigong practice, the great ancient healing art, and give brilliant light for the forwarding course of conquering cancer by alternative medicine. All medical staff are welcome to verify the authentic state of the materials we provided here. Please click links listed at the bottom of the page to read other information provided for him. We will publish more such pages to tell, to verify, the effectiveness of Qigong practice.

The following is the personal information as of Mr. Shi Bingfu:
Name: Shi Bing Fu
Birthday: 12/14/1951
Filed Address: Sujiatun District, Shenyang, Liaoning Province, China
Work Unit: Shenyang Passenger Car Factory
Living Address: No. 1-3-3, 110 Bld, Jinshan Housing Community, Sujiatun District.
Marriage Status: Divorced
Children: One son.
Hobby: No
Smoking: No
Allergies: Patient answered no.

Treatment History
In December 1990 marrow centesis and active histiocyte (fixed macrophage) of lymph nodes slice and analysis gave a conclusion that Mr. Shi Bing Fu had Hodgkin¡¯s malignant lymphoma, classification of Lymphocyte depleted (LD). In the classification of Hodgkin¡¯s disease the lymphocyte depleted type has the worst prognosis than any other types and the statistical life expectancy is 0.9 year to 2.1 years . More than 3 lymph node regions are affected and involvement of lymph node regions on both sides of the diaphragm made it clear the disease developed into Stage ¢ó.
Hodgkin's lymphoma is a malignancy of lymphoid tissue found in the lymph nodes, spleen, liver, and bone marrow. The characteristic Reed-Sternberg cells are seen by a microscopic study of the cells (histology). The cause of the disease and the risk factors are unknown.

After diagnosed with having such disease, Mr. Shi Bingfu got hospitalized in No.3 Internal Dept, Shenyang Sujiatun Railway Hospital to receive traditional radiotherapy and chemotherapy. But the subsequent side effects of such treatment made him very weak and pushed him almost at the edge of death. In late 1980¡¯s, Qigong was popular in China and many people knew Qigong could work wonder with many chronic diseases. Based upon his basic knowledge of such alternative method, he began to practice qigong intensively when in the same time receive the traditional radiotherapy and chemotherapy. And later he went to Jinzhou Railway Hospital to receive treatment. But because of the strong reaction of such treatment he began to drop the treatment and used more his time practicing qigong. After around 4 months of very intensive practice he suddenly found that the swollen lymph nodes disappeared almost to nothing. He got amazed at this finding and thought he cured the disease and returned to working unit to begin the normal work again.

In 1990 ¨C 1994 Shenyang Passenger Car Factory Mr. Shi Bingfu worked with is a state-owned company and the workers had their allowance when treating disease in Sujiatun Railway Hospital because they belonged to one state-controlled field. That is why he often got hospitalized with such hospital.

Though he though well of his condition and worked hard while having less and less time used to practicing qigong, he gradually found weakness with whole body and got thinner in the same time. Later he found the lymph nodes began to swell again and appeared in the neck, groin, back of knees.

Under such circumstance, he had to start again to receive traditional radiotherapy and chemotherapy and in the same time practiced qigong intensively. But later he practiced qigong along and every day the practicing time he used amounted to 6 or 7 hours every day. His strong resolution and persistence brought him successful results: the swollen lymph nodes disappeared again and he came to work again.

But later the noisy working circumstance and busy toil every day lead to the recurrence again. He felt depressed and almost lost his confidence. The subsequent period was very difficult for him and he began to sort out the reason of recurrence. He later attributed such recurrence to the sluggish practice and very bad Jing preservation. In Qigong practice theory, Jing means fertilizing fluid physically, and Primeval essence congenitally, and his desire for existence made him almost to a bigotry and he began to sweep away all insignificant things and fortunately enough, the company leaders knew he got malignant lymphoma and the doctors told them he could not live long. So, he could left the company while got some part of the salary. His bigotry made him to conclude that only divorcing his wife he could well preserve Jing and in the same time let his wife lead a happy life for he spent much money in ordering herbal medicine and much time every day in practicing qigong. General people could not understand such conduct and the succeeding unhappiness may cause disturbance to the heart.

Yes, for proper qigong practice, to place the heart at a quiet and peaceful state play an important role for gaining progress quickly. That constitutes the big difference between qigong practice and general physical practice. Many friends and family members came upon him to oppose his conduct and thought he was crazy for divorcing a domicile wife. But later the desire for living made him to harden his heart to take the action and he divorced his wife, perhaps he thought in such way both of them could lead a relatively happy life.

At the end of 1996 when he hospitalized another time and he began a very long time intensive qigong practice for almost half a year and all swollen lymph nodes disappeared completely. He also retired from the company and lived lonely in collective dormitory. Till now he felt healthy and in leisure time does some trivial work to help his son. Now, at DaMo Qigong Training Center he works as a Qigong teacher, giving directions to cancer patients who cannot get any hope from hospital.

His conclusion to his treatment experience:

1. Strong will power in persisting in the practice every day
2. Preserve enough Jing for it is the physical foundation for Qigong progress.
3. Fall the heart into a constant stillness, get rid of all disturbance
4. Receive the traditional treatment at beginning, but later gradually drop it till someday abandon it completely.
5. Qigong practice can help most cancer patients to prolong their life expectancy at least, and cure their disease if they receive standard qigong training.
6. Patients should choose to seek other way out when all the foreseeable ways are blocked. At present, Qigong is the most effective healing art at present yet most patients don¡¯t believe. It is really a great s

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