Case Study for Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

Category: Response from patients with multiple sclerosis

The following listed are the excerpt from emails exchange which may be a help for verifying the effectiveness of DaMo Qigong practice, even though it is just the free qigong course we provided for free. Here Ms. Luciana is a patient with severe multiple sclerosis. For more details please contact Mr. Wang Tao at

Dear Mr. Wang Tao,

We recieved the exersices yesterday. Thank you. Luciana (the patient) went into hospital yesterday as she regular medical treatment to boost her immune system.

In the mean time I would be glad to receive the list of Traditional Chinese Medicines that you recommend. We will try to get them here in Italy. If that proves difficult I will contact you about sending them to us. Perhaps you can let us know what the cost will be.

We hope to start on the exercise next week and will keep you informed on how it is going. I know it wont be easy but I hope that we will achieve something good from the experience.

Christina McArthur

Dear Mr. Wang Tao,
I am writing to let you know how the patient (Luciana) is getting on after two months of Qigong practice. To be perfectly honest we didn't expect such good results. The following are the most noticable improvents:
- she has a healthier looking complexion
- her breathing capacity has increased. It is much longer.
- she has a much happier disposition. More positive.
- she has no dark cirles around her eyes
- her lips are no longer purple. They are quite natural looking.

But the most astonishing results are the following:
- her hands and arms shake much less than before and for the first time in over a year she can now eat using her right hand and for the first time in a longer period she can use a sewing needle.

We find this quite extraordinary considering her state just 3 months ago. Luciana can now walk up and down, between parallel bars, quite a few times. Doing this she says that she feels her left leg is "weaker".

After such a physical change I would like to know how to proceed. Should we carry on as before or do you suggest adding other postures? Can you suggest specific practices for her legs?

In November you suggested she use Rhubarb and Cround Beetle Pill and Jiang Bu Pill. Unfortunately Luciana's father was skeptic and didn't agree but now after seeing the first positive results in years he is willing to try them. I tried to find them in Italy but it isn't possibile. Can you send them to me and let me know how to pay for them? Do you still recommend them or should the medicine be change according to the results gained?

Lately I have been reading as much as I can find on Qigong and have come across "walking exercises in cancer" also called "power Walking". Unfortunately I can find no explaination on how it is down. Can you help me. In our clinic we have lots of women who have been operated for breast cancer and/or have metastesis, especially in bones. I would like to try qigong practice with them. Can you help.

I really can't thank you enough for all the help that you have given us.

Best regards,

Christina McArthur
Via Giordano e Marando, 3
71040 - Siponto (FG)

P.S. my new e-mail address:

More cases study will be published in future.

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