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The following listed are the excerpt from emails exchange which may be a help for verifying the effectiveness of DaMo Qigong practice, even though it is just the free qigong course we provided for free. For more details please contact Mr. Wang Tao at

I recently joined the intensive DaMo Qigong & Taoist Meditation training course in the QianShan area of Northern China. It was like nothing I could imagine. The range of sensations during the practice of heat, movement, and vibrations and to some extent emotions is really amazing. I have been suffering from asthma for several years and my past training in qigong and Taiji Quan has never given me these sorts of results so quickly. The instructor, Mr. Hu Xuezhi, is really knowledgeable, and able to answer any question that I have had about Taoism and Qigong theory. The hotel is situated in a national park with mountains in all directions. Among the hills and temples are lovely places to visit between practices. It is an ideal place to sit in tranquility.

~ Ivor, P. Liverpool, England

Dear Hu laoshi,

thank you very much for answering. Today is the third day of my damo practice and I'm surprised by the effects. Because I did years of sitting meditation before and also some different yijinjing qigong it all feels familiar to me.

The 3 hours daily practice is a kind of gongfu, hard work, but it's o.k.. I never felt my dantian so hot like these days. But it feels comfortable, especially in the B positions the flowing from middle to lower dantian feels great.

The first time in my practice I felt the complete du channel completely warm uprising until the forehead. I only have some problems to keep my mind in stillness because I'm busy with my arms.
But I think this is a question of time until I'm more familiar with the damo qigong.
Thank you for contacting me.

Just my pleasure. It's great for me to get corrections and suggestions to my learning practice and I'm thankful for that.

S.H. Philips, from Germany.

Dear Hu WeiZhi:

I started the 49 posture practice yesterday. After practicing for about 45 minutes a ball of Qi started to move up my Du channel and then down my Ren channel. It moved quickly taking only a few seconds for one course then it stopped after about 2 minutes. I felt very quiet and peaceful. Today's practice was more like it usually is when learning a new form. Patricia also started today.

Our plan is to work up to doing the whole set each day in three sessions, 1/3 of the 49 at each session, then once we are familiar enough we can be more flexible with the practice. Does this sound OK to you?

Also are there any herbs that you would recommend for us to take to build our Jing and Qi so that we are more ready for the training?

Sorry for so many questions, but since our time there will be short we want to be as prepared as possible with out being too focused on any particular outcome.


Jean Duplux, CA, USA

More cases study will be published in future.

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