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Travel Map

1. The Position of Mt. Wudang in China
Please read the following map and get to know the position of Mt. Wudang in China:

2. Mt. Wudang, ShiYan City and Other Locations in Neighborhood.
Mount Wudang is located near the Shiyan City, northwest of Hubei Province, China. Some local people call it another name as Mount TaiHe or Mount XuanYue. Mount Wudang is perhaps the most famous Taoism holy land in China. The following is the travelling Map around Mount Wudang.


3. General Introduction
From the map people can know there are may tourist destinations nearby. To the northeast is Shaolin Temple known for Shaoling Kung Fu. To the Northwest is the Chinese famous historic city Xi'An. Close to Xi'An city it is famous Taoism Mountain called Mount Hua Shan. To the south is the very beautiful scenery zone Zhangjiajie.

4. Train Routes to Reach Mount Wudang

Train No. From Departing Time Arrival At Arrival
(Sleeping Ticket-Second Class)
T9 Beijing Western Station 4:25PM ShiYan
7:15 AM
(Next Day)
USD 37
K279 Beijing Western Station 5:00PM Wudang Town
Train No.
1:18 PM
(Next Day)
USD 34
K261 Beijing Western Station 9:24PM Liou Lee Ping
3:18 AM
(Next Day)
USD 37
1389 Beijing Western Station 9:28 PM Liou Lee Ping
4:13 PM
(Next Day)
USD 32
K283 Shanghai
9:06PM Liou Lee Ping
6:39 PM
(Next Day)
USD 45
K351 Shanghai 4:39PM Wudang Town

8:18 PM
(Next Day)
USD 45
1009 GuangZhou 10:15PM Liou Lee Ping
7:48 PM
(Next Day)
USD 35
K357 GuangZhou 0:03PM Liou Lee Ping
6:25 PM
(Next Day)
USD 37
T247 WuChang
5:31PM ShiYan
10:41PM USD 15
T373 WuChang
Train No.
8:05AM Wudang Town
Train No.g
1:05 PM
USD 15


  1. Wudang Town is the closest station located at the foot of Mt. Wudang. But because it is a small train station and many trains do not stop at it.
  2. Liou Lee Ping is about 15 minutes drive from Mt. Wudang Town. It is also a small train station but larger then Wudang Town station.
  3. ShiYan city is the relatively large train station. It is about one hour's drive from Wudang Town.
  4. Foreigners are advised to flight to Beijing, Shanghai or GuangZhou which are largest cities in China. Then take the express train, buy sleeping ticket, lie down in the four - six persons cabinet to sleep, to arrive at Mt. Wudang in an easy way. Though it is a long time travel, but you can do sight seeing or just lie down to rest. It is not a tiring travel. Some people may think about air flight to Wuhan or Xiangfan, but in consideration of the inconvenience that may cause in getting aboard the airplane and going to unknown cities to find succeeding saloon bus or train heading Wudang, we here sincerely suggest the transportation tools of train, which is safe and free of much trouble even though slow. We have travel agents located in Beijing and Wuhan and they can help to book the ticket in advance.

    5. Other Routes to Reach Mount Wudang
    To travel to Mt. Wudang travellers are also recommended to take flight to reach Wuhan airport which is the largest airport in central China and every day there are many flights heading to Wuhan from many China large cities. Also, travellers can take train to reach Wuhan. When reaching Wuhan Airport or Wuhan Railway Station people can take saloon buses to come to Shiyan City, or take express train from Wuhan to Shiyan. The costs to reach Shiyan city is around U$18 by saloon bus and U$17 by express train.

    6. Travel Service
    We can help to arrange all travelling issues if foreigners want to come to Mount Wudang. Such service include: pick up travellers in any airports and railway stations, accompany travellers, arrange accommodation, etc. Please just feel free to contact us if you need any help. Enjoy your trip to this fantastic mountain!

    7. Vaccination
    If convenient, hepatitis B. China has big population with hepatits B. If possible, please do not share food with them, especially in same bowel or dishes.

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