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Information about Masters

Many thanks for your interest in this very special journey to sacred Mount Wudang and its peculiar Taoism Treasure Wudang Taoist internal alchemy study!

To better prepare the workshops, Wudang Taoist Health Preservation Association chooses their most prominent teachers and motivates most resources, in order to make the workshops a success as before. Here we list the masters to be in charge of teaching the two sessions:

Master Hu
As a long term Taoist embracer, Master Hu began his study of Taoism from as young as 19 years old when China still hesitated at the door of opening up to the outside world. Due to the weak constitution he got ill most often and various medicine had been always his close friend since 12 years old. To discharge the harassment by illness he tried Kungfu bare-handed form sets, weapons manipulation, long-distance run, basketball, Qigong of a variety of schools, secret herbal medicine formulas, and so on. At last, Qigong practice brought a eventual recovery and from that time on he began to devote his efforts upon the study of Taoism, Buddhism and their study of enlightenment. He is an expert in internal alchemy practice because he traveled many many places within China to search for the answers from many Taoist and Buddhist hermits hiding in deep and secluded places. His reading was so extensive that most of his friends often feel surprised at the volume of his book reservation when they visited him.

He has been a disciple in western school of Taoism from 1999 and got apprenticed to two famous alchemy practice masters of this school. His articles and essays often have reference to classics from masters of this school.

He had been involved in transmitting the learning on the subject from 1996 to 2008. He wrote many articles and essays and had several English books to be published soon in America.

Master Hu is also a diligent practitioner, rather than a worm crawling only among books. He prefers to go into retreat in deep valleys to meditate. So far, he almost finished construction of the hermitage house in a secluded place and his plan is well under the way towards becoming a practitioner finally.

He now serves as teacher promulgating the knowledge in this field at Wudang Taoist Kungfu Academy. He is responsible for teaching the lecture contents based upon his fluent English speaking and expression skills which was gained from many years of being mentor.

Master Guan
Guan Yongxing was born in Fuyang City, Henan Province. He started to learn kungfu in a local martial arts school at the age 11. At the age 13, he was selected to be a member of Wudang Kungfu Troupe due to his outstanding Kungfu capability and hard work. He went abroad with the troupe to propagate Wudang Wushu and its special culture for several years. He performed very well in 2001 and 2002, attended the kungfu championship held by Henan Province and Zhengzhou City respectively, and got two winners and runners-up.

In July 2001, he was selected as a prominent member of government kungfu delegation to take part in the second session of kungfu exhibition and was honored as “ the national outstanding Kungfu practitioner”. He has been invited many times to give performances to many national leaders.

He is responsible for the teaching of Wudang Tai Chi Chuan and Taoist Yoga.

Master Zhang Jia Lee
Serving as the first disciple of famous Wudang Kungfu master You Ming Sheng, master Zhang Jia Lee specializes in typical hard Wudang Kungfu forms and his internal Kungfu often leaves strong impression to spectators. Some tourists in Wudang often feel alarmed when he strikes against a big tree while all leaves begin to shake or fall down. He often attends various Kungfu championship to be held within China and now enjoys more and more popularity among common people and Kungfu practitioners.

Most of the time, he teaches his disciples at Prince Slope Temple Complex, to disseminate the Wudang Kungfu and its value. In the upcoming workshops he would teach Wudang Tai Chi Chuan and Taoist Yoga.

Teaching assistant: Muriel Kirton
Muriel began her study of Taoist practices over 25 years ago when living and working in China and was introduced to additional meditation and healing traditions while in Egypt and India. To add a western perspective to her understanding, she further explored the Science of Consciousness, as taught at the Monro Institute, USA, and the International Academy of Conscientology in London. However, Taoist study and practice remained her primary focus, and during this time, she became certified as an instructor of Healing Tao and practitioner of Chi Nei Tsang and Tuina. For the last seven years, she has taught and has been a practicing therapist in several countries.

teaching assistant

Over the last four years, Muriel has undertaken intensive training in Wudang Taoist Internal Alchemy with Master Hu Xue Zhi, and was recently authorized to teach DaMo-Qigong and Wudang Taoist Internal Alchemy in the UK.

Group guide
Italo Cillo
Italo Cillo for 20 years, and under the guidance of various Tibetan Lamas, has been studying and practicing the teachings of three among the four schools of Tibetan Buddhism, accomplishing several cycles of practices and individual retreats.

He's a meditation teacher according to the Nyingma–Dzogchen tradition of Tibetan Buddhism. For the last 10 years, he's been teaching meditation courses in the main Italian cities, in seven European Countries and in the Far East.

He is currently training in Taoist Internal Alchemy, under the guidance of Master Hu Xue Zhi.


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You Journey Forever with the Tao!

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