Zhongyue Temple on Mount Song Shan

Zhongyue Monastery lies at the foot of Song Shan, about 4 kilometers away from Dengfeng County City. There are many legendary stories in connection with Zhongyue monastery. Wang Xu, also called Gui Guzhi, once gave classes here. It is heard Li Xian(no one know his real name), once conceived Buddhist Relic in Tai Shishan. Pan Shizheng, is very famous for Tang Gaozhong, one emperor of Tang dynasty, paid visit to him many times to ask about Taoism and how to govern the country. Later the emperor built a temple for him.

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A Panoramic View of Zhongyue Temple

The Central Pavilion of the Heaven.

Prayer-offering Pavilion

Main Hall of Zhongyue Temple

Zhongyue Emperor Statue

Believers Coming up the Mountain

Tourists in Front of 
Prayer-offering Pavilion


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