By Peter Lim Tian Tek

Sun style Taichi Chuan was developed by the famous martial artist Sun Lu Tang (1861-1932) also known as Sun Fu Quan. It contained the essence of his martial arts experience and techniques. Sun was famous also for his Ba Gua and Xing Yi which he learned from famous masters. He was already highly skilled when he came to learn Taijiquan and in the later part of his life, taught it as his preferred art.

Sun style Taijiquan is the most recently developed of the five major styles which were taught when Taijiquan was first made public. His great reputation as a martial artist made Sun a sought after master but Sun never taught his art to promote violence, he taught it to promote peace and good health. His form of Taichi Chuan incorporated what he felt were the key elements of Ba Gua and Xing Yi into the framework and theories of Taichi Chuan.

Sun's own form of Taichi Chuan retains many characteristics like the high standing and emphasis on opening and closing. With more emphasis on mobile stepping, Sun's Taichi Chuan is often referred to as the active step small form of Taichi Chuan.

Sun style Taichi Chuan is quite well known and is practiced in many countries. Since the liberalisation of China, Sun Jian Yun, his daughter, has been able to meet with foreign enthusiasts adding new impetus to the promotion of the style. Sun Taichi Chuan stylists from China are also beginning to make their presence felt throughtout the world. Both bringing the precious treasure of the life work of Sun Lu Tang and the spirit which he taught and lived to all.

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Such VCD is of English version and both the English subtitle and explanation can help practitioners well understand the essentials of Sun-style Tai Chi Chuan. Lee De Yin, who is the contemporary famous Tai Chi master and professor now working with People's University of China and state-level coach in Beijing Martial Arts Committee, gives lectures in the program regarding the key points for every phases in the 73-posture routine forms. He also showcases every postures in a detailed way (reviewed often from front or back).



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