Taiji Qiankun Fan is a very special Kung Fu weapon sets that comes from Fei Long Men, one branch of Hong Dong Kung Fu school. Later the recorded practitioner and inheritor SiFu Yan brought the arts to Guang Dong.

This routine combines the characteristics of Tai Chi Chuan with the artistic and martial functions of the fan. Practicing the Tai Chi Single Fan can help develop your flexibility, strength, balance, health, and further your Tai Chi training.The fan has a very tonifying quality and its manipulation in both hands stimulates all the meridians of the body (comparable to the Qi Gong balls). Its focalized movements produce a variety of sounds coming from the fan and add to the power of this form. The fan sets also has some Ba Gua influence in its stepping and twisting manner. The fan enhances vigor and joy.

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Whether you practice Tai Chi as a martial art or for health and enjoyment, you will find Tai Chi Qiankun Fan a wonderful addition to your overall Tai Chi regimen.It is taught at slow motion and is also shown at normal speed. Each of the movement is labeled according to the style it was derived from. Segments are reviewed. There is a demonstration of the entire routine at the beginning and the video. At the end there are demonstrations, front and back.

The performers are famous Tai Chi coach Li Guo Jian and Lu Guo Qing.



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