Preparatory work

1. A set of secrets---a decisive factor for success in your pursuit of Tao

During my apprenticeship I had been instructed that to obtain a set of correct measures weighs the most for pursuing Tao, though so numerous books concerning this subject cannot be summed up. Most books in some way or other have written in ambiguous or paradoxical words, so to deeply and precisely understand the meanings is more or less impossible. Moreover, so many orifices and acupoints exist with so many different names that even one orifice owns a dozen or more names mostly in metaphor.

Without the accurate understanding about the exact position of an orifice means that you have utterly been denied the chance to success, even though you can guess or surmise them. If it is this case, possibly the result is that you have been sitting either like a withering trunk or dried leaves, fancying to grind a brick to be a looking-class, and even corporeal men taking possession of more materials begin to ridicule your folly behavior. The error of regarding a position in your body as somewhere beyond your exterior will absolutely result in the retardation of vita-vapor, as like to bring fuel to fight against fire, and some queer disorders will appear.

In some books you may gain the impressions that some proceedings, to some extent, resemble the process of sexual intercourse, which, later by degrees, you certainly will make out, that because you will sometime unite the pre-heaven life force with the pre-heaven nature, during this process their coupling movements, in intensity, are never less than actual performance between a male and a female.

Some books describe the procedure as like that of making gold out of gold ore, with additional directions concerning the oral usage and swallowing into the belly and so forth, so some misled practitioners begin to believe that the constant ore-melting can some day bear the fruit of obtaining the elixir pellet. So, many miserable tales and deaths have taken place.

There is a tale in many scriptures telling that long ago there lived a man named Yian Min, who is the most intelligent and wisest man in the world, yet on account of being in want of the right instructions he didn't succeed in his pursuit of Tao.

Once before my master preached to us, saying, боAll men shall have teachers, whose duties are to propagate knowledge, settle puzzling questions and pass on skills and experiences. Even a small business like vending will have to be in need of some directions for keeping, let alone such a significant matter as to release from the bondage of destiny. So, without accomplished instructors you are doomed to failure, even though you have read this book or other a thousand times.


Someone may be tittering when I begin to talk about the money, because they think I have been preaching religious doctrine. In reality the majority of people have the conventional ideas that money meaning more or less vicious. Here the moneys in question take another meaning---to assist you in your pursuit of Tao. There are two reasons: one is that you need some food and clothes and residence when you begin your silent exercise, because in reality your corporeality hasn't been thoroughly purged of. The other lies in that without money you can apprentice yourself to none. So a saying is popular with the practitioners that the elixir pellet is bought with gold. With more knowledge concerning the experiences of Bai Shi Shan and Zhong Huang, you certainly will perceive more about the meaning of money. At beginning the two comrades were poor and could not afford the necessities, so they feed herds of sheep, and many flocks of oxen in ten years, during that period they economized and hoarded up savings; at last they fulfilled their aspirations.

After a certain length of time when your golden elixir pellet is nursed in your middle elixir field, money will mean nothing to you, because you can remain still and motionless in your silent sitting for several months without the least appetite for food. Yes, there are no supernatural beings who still eat foot, water, and still sleep and fall ill.

3. Partners

The process of disciplining your heart, for the practitioners, is the monotonous practice at beginning, still more for the common people. From now and then to be encouraged and get more morale will consolidate your resolution and strengthen you more confidences. On other side, during the process there will be many crises waiting for you to go through, and so the assistance from the comrade is necessary or even indispensable.

4. An Appropriate Site

The house you reside in should hold aloof from war, fighting or upheaval, and should be away from the intersections. For the easy availability of provision being somewhat near the town or city is ideal. The more silent and isolated the better. A cave carved half way down the cliff is the best place for some saints. Yet at first you should not be obliged to meet these conditions because to let your heart remain free from all rambling thoughts and continue to be still is the most important thing. Generally speaking, the house in the depth of a forest while the necessities are adequate and no other matters to harass your heart is ideal.

5.Prohibitions to some sorts of food

My master, when talking about the practical procedure, I remember, emphatically drew our attention to the caution of abstaining from food of fatty, peppery, stinking and scented nature, for the fatty or stinking flavor is capable of sinking as well as messing up the vita-vapor while the peppery or scented one of lifting as well as dispersing vita-vapor. The efforts-earned vita-vapor, when induced to sink or be messed up will become headstrong and difficult to compress; when lifted high up and dispersed will drift away and is hard to gather.

He reminded us at the same time of that to be on a diet mostly composing of vegetable is ideal, meanwhile not to be glutted lest it lead to the disturbance of mind-will; not gorge when too hungry lest it should stir the vita-vapor. To eat food always in a moderate way is the best.

6. Accurate positions for some useful orifice-points.

In the back of human body, along the spine are three important orifice-points: coccyx pass, the clipping spine pass and occipital pass, all of three making up the Three Passes which is the common terminology in Chinese-yoga and the channels and collaterals.

The very tip of the spine at the buttock putt is coccyx pass. The spinal marrow is traditionally called Hung He or Chao Xi, which is the course the yang vita-vapor take to ascend. From the coccyx pass upward, to the seventh vertebra, between which and the kidney is the orifice-point called clipping spine pass. Further upward to the occipital bone at the back of brain is the occipital pass.

In the front of human body are three important orifice-points too: upper elixir field, middle elixir field and lower elixir field. The middle spot between two eyes is Yin Tang in which at the very beginning of disciplining heart you should settle your mind-will; From which orifice-point around 3. 3cm further inward you can locate Ming Tang, another 3.3cm further is the Dong Fang, at last another 3.3cm further you can find out the position of upper elixir field, also called Ni Wang Gong. From the Yin Tang downward to the palate, upon which there exist two orifice-points called Que Qiao.

The respiratory tube, on account of owning twelve knobs, is titled Chong Lou. From the point upon the breast bone, which is between the two breasts, around 9cm further inward is the place the middle elixir field abides in, which in fact is a sphere space with a diameter about 3. 8cm, wherein you should hoard up the vita-vapor in preparation for erecting a caldron.

The middle place inside the belly between the navel and kidney, is called Xu Hai, from which 3.8cm downward is the place of lower elixir field, also called Hua Chi, which in actuality dominates a sphere space with its diameter being 3.8cm. The middle place between the middle elixir field and the lower elixir field Huang Ting, which is also a sphere space with its diameter of 3.8 cm.

There are three orifice-points in human body which are always referred to by many books as the essential three---the upper elixir field, the middle elixir field and lower elixir field. The upper orifice occupies the position of Brightness Hexagram, with its interior being yin nature and exterior yang nature, its core the home of pre-heaven nature. The lower orifice occupies the position of the Perilous Pit hexagram, its interior being yang and exterior yin, its core the home of pre-heaven fertilizing fluid. Both orifices have a lot of different names which here are skipped over without reference to.

To constantly settle mind-will in the lower elixir field is the most important measure for the novices, also the most useful for the common people who for this or that reason only aim at promoting their physical well-being, preserving the good stamina and keeping heart peaceful and broad.

In the process of Chinese-yoga the function of middle elixir field is more like that of a womb in a female body, in which the fetus of true self takes form. In regard of this you can refer to other chapter for more information.

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