Automatic Revolution---the Foetus Breathing(1)

When the Qi of great unification has taken residence in the internal orifice of lower elixir field, you should relapse into silence with the mind-will settling in lower elixir field without any intermission. The two eyes should gaze silently upon it not on any purposes, the two ears listen to the sounds remotely coming from it. Proceeding in this way you will gradually lose the consciousness of all things, including your existence, and recede into broad tracts of emptiness in which the profoundest stillness pervades all through. The mind-will, at the same time, should constantly remain independent solitarily. Then the inhaling and exhaling will become feebler and feebler, thinner and thinner till all seems to come to an end and no breath comes in and goes out. This state of a standstill continuing on and on, you will become conscious of automatic breathing starting up, with a movement sphere up not beyond the middle elixir field and down not beyond the lower elixir field.

This automatic breathing, after a certain length of time, will come to an end when the breath inside will never go out and breath outside never come in, which means you have recovered the breathing in your foetushood and all mysteries have come back to their common root. At the time when the breathing of foetus proceeds to come to its most ethereal phase you will perceive that no things accumulate when something comes in and no things drift away when something goes out. And you, like falling into a trance, drift away and drift away into a region of the most profound stillness in which there are no any existence and only the mind-will remains independent and constantly maintains what it is without any things to disturb it. You begin to feel the interior and the exterior have been converging to form a common body, all motion and stillness have been coming to an end, the automatic revolution along the Du- and Ren Channel has been breaking off, and the sun seems to being merging with the moon. Extending to hundreds of thousands of miles, the ethereal breath of the spring seems to be accumulating into a mass, and stretching upward to the highest layer of the sky the pure air seems to being changing into one dew drop. Wonderful is this vision! Enchanting is this kind of feeling! Why? Because the yin and yang are having the most charming intercourse, and as like molten steel spray spreading out of a furnace, the precious Qi of great unification is coming forth from pre-heaven fertilizing fluid (Jing) as does a flower burst from a bud. This process is to break through great chaos and re-enter one maza to prepare for creation of the true self.

The breathing like a foetus is by no means the acquired breathing of breath coming in and going out through the nose (or mouth), nor through the respiratory rube and the lung, nor shutting up breaths in lower elixir field. The pre-heaven breathing in with the pre-heaven Qi going up from the heels of feet to Hui Yin acupoint till upper elixir field is accompanied by the acquired breathing out with acquired Qi going down from upper elixir field to the clipping spine pass to coccyx pass till Hui Yin acupoint. Similarly, the pre-heaven breathing out of pre-heaven Qi going down from upper elixir field to Shan Zhong acupoint to the navel till Hui yin acupoint along the Ren Channel is carried out simultaneously with the process of acquired breathing in of acquired Qi going upward from the heels of feet to Hui Yin acupoint to the coccyx pass to upper elixir field along Du Channel. The four kinds of breathing, of their own accord, make up the automatic revolution, with no mind-will or commonly acquired breathing---through nose and lung---to interfere.

The automatic revolution of pre-heaven- and acquired Qi along Du- and Ren Channel---the breathing of a foetus---can eventually cause Buddhist relics to take shape gradually. The role the acquired breathing plays is to trigger the pre-heaven Qi, lodged in lower elixir field, into automatic motion along Du- and Ren Channels and then both engage in harmonic motion, which means the barriers between the acquired trigrams and pre-heaven trigrams have been demolished ever since.
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