Nourish the Buddhist Relic

To successfully possess identical body with Tao hinges on two essentials---the pre-heaven mind-will and pre-heaven Qi. The former is the noumenon of pre-heaven nature and takes shape through the transformation from the latter, while the latter the life force and arises from fertilizing fluid (Jing). So, in the course of nature you should at first replenish fertilizing fluid (Jing). When it is sufficient enough, transform it into Qi, with which to nourish the Qi of great unification aiming at bringing up the Buddhist relic. Never will you transcend all limitations imposed upon existence without the pre-heaven nature and pre-heaven life force.

Having no knowledge about transforming fertilizing fluid (Jing) into Qi, transforming Qi into pre-heaven mind-will, and at last returning the pre-heaven mind-will to infinite emptiness, you'd better resign yourself to your fate and being a common man leading a self-contented life.

By this time you must be on full alert to guard the fertilizing fluid (Jing) from discharging. For this objective you should abstain from daily physical labor and at best remain in silent-sitting posture throughout the day and night with all your heart devoted to nourishing the Buddhist relic. In the meantime you ought to give up all thoughts and ideas concerning the worldly affairs, and completely purge your heart of any contamination by feelings and wishes of all sorts. In the state of profound stillness, if suddenly an idea occurs to your mind you should embark on running the revolution of small waterwheel by the mind-will for one time, then again gaze inwardly upon the psychical rays of the Buddhist relic. In this way you will undoubtedly get rid of all bad effects rendered by random thoughts.

With mind-will "unmindfully" settling in lower elixir field and two eyes silently gazing inwardly upon it without the least physical or mental exertions, you are sure to gain the consciousness that the lower elixir field is proceeding with the automatic breathing, and getting warmer and warm and psychical beams are giving out, and the route linking two eyes and lower elixir field is spreading out light of cream color as like a fluorescent tube.

Suddenly the root of your penis begins to be engaged in a fit of slight vibration, upon which you should reap and transform the pre-heaven Qi again to strengthen and nourish the Buddhist relic which is still weak and not ripe. You may ask how to ascertain that the Buddhist relic is ripe enough. Here I introduce a method as follows: Light a candle and place it in front of your two eyes, then gaze upon the light with two eyes for a little while, then revolve your two eyes clockwise from left to right nine times, then close two eyes and gaze inwardly. If you behold a disc sending out beams of a cream hue as like a full moon, the Buddhist relies is matured and fully developed; if you behold a black disc giving out light outwardly while it remains black, you can easily conclude that the Buddhist relic is not ripe, and you should make more efforts to reap and transform more pre-heaven Qi to nourish Buddhist relic. You are advised not to put into use often this method of testing the maturity of the Buddhist relic, lest you should get giddy, and fertilizing fluid (Jing), Qi and pre-heaven mind-will should be consumed to such extent that it is impossible to nourish Buddhist relies any longer.

When the Buddhist relic is mature enough, it will naturally give out unification rays which gain its name for the reason that three essentials of fertilizing fluid (Jing) and Qi and pre-heaven mind-will have been in prime of growth and have merged into one. The unification light, as a matter of fact, is the invention of Sakyamuni, who also gave it a name 'a golden toad's light,' as the golden toad is a very rare and precious animal that has three feet, and the feet in Chinese character has the same pronunciation with 'abundance.'

So always drifting away into the profound stillness you can reap and transform pre-heaven Qi as soon as you gain the consciousness that your root of the penis is vibrating in a fit. During other time you should settle mind-will in lower elixir field unmindfully and gaze upon it inwardly without any physical and mental exertions, till the Buddhist relic has been nourished to full development which has such representations as that you hear the whistling of wind in your left ear and roaring of a fierce animal in right one; you seem to be soaring high above the boundless sea of cotton-like clouds, the most pleasant breeze coming up, the body throughout feels soft and numb, your joyfulness mounts to an extreme extent; that all your face seems to be covering with a spider web, or seems to be strewn with a good number of ants creeping all over it and thus you seem to scratch all where it itches; that saliva, like a fountain, is surging forth to fill your mouth and it seems you will never swallow up to its exhaustion; that the mouth is close as if to be of its own accord, the body is drifting away involuntarily in the infinite depths of great chaos and you are thoroughly oblivious of where you are and what is your existence, and all your acquired breathing and pulses and heart beat have come to an end.
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