Golden Lightning Flashes Three Times

It is impossible to nourish the Buddhist relic without the mind-will coming to a constant standstill in the depths of the most profound stillness, and being independent of all disturbance from the myriad of things. Without the Buddhist relic you could not expect a golden elixir pellet. Moreover, if the breathing, regardless of acquired one or pre-heaven one, does not become feebler and feebler in scale and at last takes shelter in lower elixir field, the light of the Buddhist relic will never appear. Therefore, you should repose your mind-will always in lower elixir field with no intermission, shrink all breathing till it converge at a point in lower elixir field, then you should gaze inwardly at it unmindfully. All these pieces of conduct should be put into execution in the course of nature and with no physical and mental exertion whatever. In due course the Qi of great unification will be offered with the chance to play its deserving role of nourishing the Buddhist relic, that is to say the Qi of great unification is accumulating to form the Buddhist relic which gives out psychical rays at first and golden light at last when it has been well developed.

As a matter of fact, the light of the Buddhist relic you catch sight of is pre-heaven fertilizing fluid (Jing) which you get through cultivating both pre-heaven life force and pre-heaven nature. So Lao Tzi described the scene as follows: "So vague and elusive is it, yet in it the image appears. So elusive and vague is it, yet in it the real exist. So profound and obscure is it, yet in it the subtle pre-heaven fertilizing fluid (Jing) was part of it."

The psychical light, as pure and clear as moonlight, will burst into being when pre-heaven fertilizing fluid (Jing) soars high to join pre-heaven nature---and eventually merge with it. As soon as the pre-heaven Qi comes down to unite with the life force, the golden light, partially reddish and partially yellow, will come on the scene steadily. When the two kinds of light above described merge into one light, that is the light of Buddhist relic (also called unified rays). Yet without the convergence of Qi of five elements the Buddhist relic will never develop into maturity.

The Qi of five elements here illustrated is the Qi belonging to the five internal organs of the heart, the liver, the spleen, the lung and the kidney. The Qi, though storing up in lower elixir field, continually goes round through the five internal organs. So the Qi filling up the lung becomes Qi of gold element, the Qi flowing thorough heart the Qi of fire element, through spleen the Qi of earth element, through kidney the Qi of water element.

The Qi moving through the five internal organs is subject to the vicissitudes of prosperity and decline, and both the extremes of too much prosperity and too much decline will doubtless cause diseases. If the circulation is more or less blocked up, the diseases of various sorts related to paralysis will develop. When all the pre-heaven or acquired breathing and mind-will and inward gaze have come together at the point from which the light of Buddhist relic give out, the Qi accumulating in lower elixir field will inevitably surge and rush tempestuously up to upper elixir field through the coccyx pass, along Du Channel, and fall down violently to come back to lower elixir field through Ren Channel, while the Buddhist relic, like the snow-white full moon, spreads out light throughout the whole body. By this time you can completely know the following description is true: In heart the Qi fulfilling the duty of pumping out blood is the yin Qi surrounded by yang Qi. If the fire of heart overgrows, the yin Qi will be on the verge of disappearance, and as a result the blood will gradually come to an end of glowing. To prevent this case from taking place or replenish the yin Qi you'd better think and talk less and free your heart from any suspension and depresses, which is advocated by traditional Chinese medicine. The pre-heaven mind-will has a preference for stillness and a detestation for motion.

The Qi pervading small intestines and coming from food is yang Qi that can unite with the Qi of heart to be put into use in convergence of Qi of five elements. The Qi of lung in charge of breathing is yin Qi that can unite with the yang Qi of large intestines---also coming from food---to form one Qi for the use in convergence of Qi of five elements.

The yin Qi filling up the liver is apt to gather together and cause depressive syndrome if for a long time a man has been in a melancholy mood or in anger often. So you often find the case that women cry and give vent to their feelings in impassioned remarks, for in this way the Qi accumulating in liver can flow again. This case, of course, is applicable to men. The Qi of the gallbladder, of yang nature, can merge into one with the Qi of liver to make up one Qi for the convergence of five kinds of Qi. The yin Qi of spleen has a function of contracting and expanding, and so plays an important role in digestion of food.
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