Conduct the Buddhist Relic to Pass
Through Three Passes

The Buddhist relic is made up of Qi of great unification. We should shake it out of the place where it has gradually taken shape when it is fully developed. You may ask what the Buddhist relic is. A substantial one? Or formless one? Here I want to put you a question: What the light is? And quote a popular maxim as a piece of advice: practice is the sole criterion for testing truth. If you want to know more, you must put into practice! Only paying lip service is useless.

The Buddhist relic is solely made up of Qi of great unification. So when Qi of great unification is in the prime of growth the Buddhist relic must have fully developed. Yet you must understand that Buddhist relic is not by any means the Qi of great unification---the assertion is more or less similar to the theory that one organism is never a cell or more, though the latter solely consists of the former.

When golden lightning flashes for a first time your penis must have not shrunk all the way back into your belly and Qi of great unification must slightly fall short of full development. Therefore, when something begins to stir from behind the root of the penis, you'd better revolve small waterwheel---draw backward the muscle around Hui Yin acupoint, raise your tongue against palate, and breathe in as the mind-will and inward gaze go upward along Du Channel from the coccyx pass to upper elixir field and breathe out as the mind-will and inward gaze come down along Ren Channel---to reap the newly-born pre-heaven Qi so as to replenish pre-heaven Qi. In short, on the coming up of a fitful stirring from behind the root of the penis you should revolve small waterwheel thirty-six times or more---the exact number depending upon circumstances. Then you should relapse into the profound stillness again with mind-will independently settling in Mysterious Pass and two eyes gazing upon the Buddhist relic.

Proceeding in this way you are sure to get sight of the spectacle of golden lightning flashing for a second time, and at same time you will, in all probabilities, perceive that the penis has already shrunk back into your belly and could not become hard any more. This is because all Qi of great unification has converged upon the Buddhist relic and been under control of it. The vision of golden lightning flashing for a second time also means that all Qi of great unification has come to be at a constant standstill in and around the Buddhist relic and all fertilizing fluid (Jing) has thoroughly been transformed into pre-heaven Qi. By this time you must put out fire---both mind-will and acquired breathing I mean---because all artificial movement of mind-will and artificial acquired breathing aim at converting fertilizing fluid (Jing) into Qi. So ever since golden lightning flashes a second time you should relapse into the profound stillness with only one aim of cultivating the Buddhist relic, till golden lightning flashes a third time.

In addition, after the penis has completely drawn back into your belly---which is after the golden lightning flashes a second time---you will sometimes feel that the golden light of the Buddhist relic is surging all the way up to your eyes so forcefully that your eyes are obliged to open. Then a fitful of sparkling ensues immediately afterwards; or sometime something like tiny gold discs, of good quantities, sparkling as brand-new silver coin or speeding as sparks, will storm out of golden light and make for your eyes and at last discharges from your eyes, trickling down your cheek one drop after another.

During the time between golden lightning flashing a second time and a third time you should apply the dome-shaped ware (or mass ) to pressuring against your anus and wood pincers to pinching the nose (gently)or block your nostrils with two wood sticks(of soft texture). Then you should relapse into stillness, two eyes gazing inattentively upon Buddhist relies, mind-will independently settling there steadily also. At last both acquired breathing and pre-heaven breathing will completely shrink into lower elixir field, and all things seem to have come to be at a constant standstill---your heart beat, your pulses have come to an end.

During this period you should never launch small waterwheel even though sometimes something seems to shake one time or more, deep in your lower elixir field. What you must do is to cultivate the Buddhist relic silently and solitarily in the depths of the profound emptiness. This period, from golden lightning flashing the second time to the third time, is about seven days, on average.

Then at last, the golden lightning flashes the third time. This means all Qi of great unification has congealed into constitutional part of the Buddhist relic. Then you should stare slightly at Mysterious Pass in which the Buddhist relic has taken shape and place mind-will, slightly intensified, upon that also, for about three days. During the period your breathing, either pre-heaven one or acquired one, will naturally engage in automatic motion deep in your lower elixir field, upon which you should never pay the least attention---let it take its own course.

In this course. the inward gaze upon Mysterious Pass plays the most significant role which most ancient canons described as the critical knack. For about three days you should gaze silently upon Mysterious Pass with no intermission till Buddhist relic shows a tendency of shaking out of Mysterious Pass, of its own accord, and six visions present themselves one after another.

Only when the automatic motion of breathing has come to an end there will be the chance existing for the Buddhist relic to shake out of the Mysterious Pass. Only when two eyes always gaze upon Mysterious Pass the pre-heaven mind-will can gradually come to be at a standstill in upper elixir field, and the Qi of great unification, as described before, can have the chance to congeal into constitutional part of the Buddhist relic. If the automatic motion of breathing comes to an end, then all will come to a complete standstill. This case, if continues for long, will eventually lead to motion out of the profound emptiness with manifold manifestations such as golden sparks spraying out in all directions in front of your eyes, something like wind whistling near your ears, something like a vulture crying out from behind your head, your two kidneys along the spine burning hot, the low elixir field becoming more heated, your whole frame engaging in automatic motion, your limbs for a moment being seized by a fitful throbbing, your nose twitching for a while from the base. Of the seven days of this 'ordeal,' the early three days you should constantly remain silent in the depths of the profound stillness, the two eyes gaze gently on Mysterious Pass with no intermission. During the third and fourth day, you should always be as on the look out for the Buddhist relic shaking out of Mysterious Pass as a cat watchful for coming upon a mouse. Then the rocking visions of six bases---the bases of ears, eyes, nose, tongue, the trunk and mind-will I mean---will come on the scene in succession.
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