STEP 15(1)


Conceive a Foetus of the True Self (1)

After a golden elixir pellet has taken residence in middle elixir field you should lose no time revolving the small waterwheel of 4-10branches as described in step six and then like a fog falling into hibernation you should drift away in the depths of the most profound stillness till all seems to has come to be at a constant standstill. The two eyes gaze unseeingly upon middle elixir field without any artificial exertion, the mind-will secludedly remains what it has always been motionlessly.

Even one thought straying into your mind will cause disastrous result, you must bear in mind! You should stay in this dead state for about seven days. Generally speaking, you will wake when the seven days expires. However, you are likely to remain in this dead-like state without any signs of waking up for longer time than seven days. That will be dangerous. Under the circumstance your partner should gently ring a bell near your ear, then massage or rub the central place of your feet with his palm and call you by your name in the meanwhile

This method won't work, you partner should moderately pressure against your Hui Yin pass with his ringer tips many times till you wake. If all methods exhausted and you are still as like a dead man you are sure to have passed away, which by no means means transcending the limitations of existence. This is commonly known as passing away while sitting cross legged.

There will be about ten months after the dangerous seven days before you can conceive the foetus of your true self. During this period it is more imperative that you should take a more secluded dwelling-place than before or close doors in order to ensure no other man should enter your house unexpectedly, for being away from dogs, cocks, women and other. In short, do your best to keep away from all unexpected sound.

To properly conceive a foetus of the true self the pre-heaven mind-will ought to function as like a soul to a man while the golden elixir pellet the physical form, or pre-heaven mind-will should perform the function as bones do for a man and golden elixir pellet as the other does for a man. Therefore the following steps you should take are surely made aiming at combining pre-heaven mind-will with golden elixir pellet, so as to with the former lodging in the later as a soul the golden elixir pellet whole develop little by little to be a foetus of your true self which process is called re-moulding true self after retracing the route along which your are born, which, of course, covers that the sperm combines with ovum to form the cytrla from which you are developed.

Without golden elixir pellet the pre-heaven mind-will could never take form though being aerial and ethereal and keeping away from the comprehension of mankind. You should know that just depending upon it humankind can develop all its faculties. Conversely, without pre-heaven mind-will the golden elixir pellet is bound to die away as speedily as you obtain it despite that it has passed through all passes successfully. So once the golden elixir pellet has had its home built in middle elixir field you should immediately present your mind-will to be always in the company with golden elixir pellet without any intermission.

Only when always remain in the state of profound stillness the mind-will can turn into pre-heaven mind-will. So by this time practitioners must relapse into the most profound stillness till all has come to be at a constant standstill, as like a frog having completely fall into hibernation. Yet the mind-will should always remain what it has always been without any motion or any sacrifice in its ordinary faculties. This state is by no means the slumber or sleep or other similar one. Yes, all seems to have die away except the mind-will remaining as unmovable and constant as a stone pillar solitarily and senselessly standing piercing the unvarying sky for hundreds of thousands of years without any rottenness and consumption and changes. Bring all but the mind-will into the boundless emptiness till you become oblivious of all---including your existence---saving the mind-will, seeming to be existent and seeming to be dead, settling motionlessly in middle elixir field. Let all other things take their own courses---the keened of Zhuan Tzi's thinking--- then yang Qi will continue arising incessantly, take course of its own choice to flow, and gradually wear out the yin pre-heaven mind-will and the yang pre-heaven mind-will becoming more prosperous and distinct in consequence.

The mind-will residing in middle elixir field will occasion your form to be on fire if it intensifies to some extent for some time, or bring upon you disasters when it loses its proper way for some time. Therefore you must vigilant enough to correct the wrong in time. The best way for this, of course, is to discipline the heart to the extreme degree! So Zhang Shan Feng, the founder of Tai Ji boxing and the most famous supernatural being, commented upon the process, saying, "Without any intermission the mind-will remains what it has always been, and concentrate upon nothing though I have the knowledge about it. "

In some books the authors mistakenly advocated that the golden elixir pellet should take residence in lower elixir field, rather than middle elixir field. Readers here should be cautious enough, for middle elixir field, situated in the central positron of your trunk and the nearest to spleen and stomach and standing for earth element, is the ethereal and heavenly region. The inevitable result of golden elixir pellet shifting residence from low elixir field to middle one as recommended by some books is that yin pre-heaven mind-will---rather than yang pre-heaven mind-will---takes residence in golden elixir pellet. And as a result, you would become a supernatural ghost possessing a golden elixir pellet!

Only through the long time of hibernation-like stillness---in which you seem to have died away without any faculties working save that the mind-will remains motionless yet is still upon somewhere in middle elixir field ---the foetus of your true self is likely to develop properly. So long time have you been falling in this dead- like state that sometimes you may perceive that a wave of comfortably warm vapor is making for your heart from lower elixir field. Being conscious of the circumstance you'd better conduct it with the mind-will to take the course of Du channel from coccyx pass upward to the clipping spine pass to occipital pass till upper elixir field, then like something worming its way in your head and later oozing into your mouth from palate, it will turn out to be as speedy in melting away as a drop of honey and so crisp and fragrant and delicious that nothing worldly could has the least qualification to compare with it. Hereupon you should composedly wrap up it with the mind-will and bring it down to your throat, then swallow it downward and lead it down to middle elixir field. Then the four limbs and trunk begin to feel numb and soft. How comfortable and pleasant the feeling is you may think to yourself.

Generally speaking,  the wave of warm vapor will arise many times on nine consecutive days, so you should deal with it in the same way when it arising every time. In addition, immediately after you have brought it down into middle elixir field you must run the small waterwheel of 4-10 branches one time, then you must immediately relapse into the profoundest stillness till all again seems to come to be at a constant standstill.

You may wonder how to name the drops. ¡®The golden life dewdrops¡¯ is the universal name many saints have given. The whole proceeding described before is generally termed ¡®golden life dewdrops going round to combine with golden elixir pellet.¡¯ No doubt the name is long and complicated. In the state that all has come to be at a constant standstill after you have brought down golden life dewdrops into middle elixir field and completed the small waterwheel of 4- 10 branches, you remain what you are for God knows how long time when some rumbling sounds as like thunder will come forth in lower elixir field, and you seem to feel that something is ripping open the broad expanse of lower elixir field in all directions, then a wave of yang Qi suddenly rushes all the way up from the lower elixir field to your upper elixir field, and rotates or stretches out or shrinks down all of its own accord, at length takes residence in upper elixir field.

Shortly afterwards a wind begins to whirl in upper elixir field and golden lightning flashes rapidly and continually in front of your eyes, though they are closed up. All of the sudden some dew drops trickle into your mouth, as fragrant as borneol and as cool and refreshing as peppermint. On perceiving this you should swallow it down when you feel it oozes into your mouth, then lead it down and settle it in middle elixir field with your mind-will.

Generally speaking, for about seven consecutive days the same case will occur repeatedly. Every time the case occurs you should deal with in the same way as before mentioned, then perform a whole set of small waterwheel of 4- 10 branches before you again resume the state of hibernation-like stillness. This time the dew-like drops you harvest and bring into middle elixir field are called ¡®silver life dewdrops.¡¯

After golden- and silver life dewdrops have been brought down and join the golden elixir pellet in middle elixir field you should again drift away into the depths of the profoundest stillness till all seems to have come to be at a constant standstill. No pulses throbbing, the heart beating no more, all breathing leaving off and blood flowing no longer. Without the least consciousness of the lapse of time you remain in this state till you perceive that a whiff of wind seems to be coming from Heaven and descending and first passing through your upper elixir field and Yin Tang acupoint, then your arms and trunk, then your legs. Then all joints seem to be ripped wide open and all bones are broken into pieces and your heart as cold as ice and both lower- and middle elixir field on fire. Take it easy and never pay any attention to things whatever, just remain what you have been! This is the moment that the gold element is having intercourse with wood element which is sure to produce tempestuous visions and feelings.

For some time all seems to have become to be on fire and violently blaze up, and sometimes all seems to be flooded all over, or sometimes innumerable thunders roll over Heaven and following lighting flashes awfully. In a time the boundless space seems to have been suffused with rosy rays. You should never pay the least attention to them, whatever they may be, and remain what you have been without any change, like a stone indifferent to all the weather changes. Time rolling on and your remaining dead-like the pre-heaven Qi will sometime gradually turn into a silver full moon while pre-heaven fertilizing fluid (Jing) a rosy sun.

Suddenly the sliver full moon imperceptibly presents itself in front of your eyes, swaying and not clear at beginning, steady and pure at last. Gently place your mind-will upon it. After a little while, a rosy disc of sun coming from you don't know where also indiscernibly reveals itself with the silver full moon. Late in the course of their combination, two buds, of golden colour, will gradually take form from the light combined and burst by degrees to present their respective five golden petals, with the daintiest stigma and stamen sprouting in the middle.

This vision is called ¡®twin golden buds blossoming.¡¯ At sight of this vision you should immediately put your mind-will gently upon that---of course, much as you know where the two flowers are you should never focus upon them, which is the proper way by which to settle your mind-will.

When the rosy sun and silver full moon converge and at length merge into one disc giving out brilliant light and hanging in front of your Yin Tang acupoint, you should lose no time in rolling your two eyes to promote the intercourse between gold element and wood element, then bring down the light along Ren Channel by your mind-will to lower elixir field, whence the light will naturally make way upward along Du Channel then descend the Ren Channel and enter middle elixir field to merge with golden elixir pellet. This done, you ought to revolve the small waterwheel of 4-10 branches to wrap up this process, then relapse into the profound stillness till all again seems to come to a constant standstill. Of course, some changes have taken place you may find out when this time you drift into the hibernation-like state that a brilliant disc hanging in front of your Yin Tang acupoint is shining steadily over the middle- and lower elixir field.

There must be one formidable hardship facing you after the rosy sun and the silver full moon have merged into one brilliant disc, to which the prominent supernatural being Zhang Shan Feng particularly referred in one of his books. Thus it runs:

As you remain in the state that all seems to have come to be at a constant standstill you will suddenly feel painful in Yong Quan acupoint---the central place of the under surface of a human foot it is located in---of your right foot as if an ice is piercing it, presently you perceive the boring pain is shifting its place from Yong Quan acupoint to your knee through bones, then advances to coccyx pass(also through bones)then goes upward till it stops in the middle place between right and left kidney. This vision is called ¡®reed shoot piercing bones.¡¯ For about three consecutive days the pain will last.

When the boring pain remaining between right and left kidney intensifies to the worst extent---which means the pain extends upward from kidneys to the clipping spine pass to occipital pass till to upper elixir field---you should instantly with your mind-will bring down the brilliant disc hanging in front of your Yin Tang acupoint along Ren Channel to middle elixir field, then to lower elixir field till to the place between two kidneys. Then roll your eyes slightly to circle the painful place with your inward gaze. Instantly a burning bead comes vividly on the scene, first making for coccyx pass, then going all the way up along Du Channel with its brilliant tail trailing after. At sight of this vision you should somewhat intensify your mind-will, then place it in the place nearest to your kidney and imagine you blow a breath into lower elixir field. Shortly afterwards you perceive that all joints seem to be exploding violently and deafening sound is coming up to your ears incessantly, all you physical body seems to be in a burning furnace, so heated almost beyond your tolerance.

You should in the same way intensify your mind-will and settle it in place as said before three times before every Qi and pre-heaven mind-will belonging to each independent organ rushes upward to your upper elixir field. Immediately afterwards there suddenly comes a terrifying thunder shaking your whole body and the upper part upon your skull enclosing your mind domain is tempestuously thrown wide open. The pre-heaven mind-will and pre-heaven Qi is having their most violent intercourse and it seems nothing could separate them. Your head seems to be as hard as a block of stone, and whole belly as hot and oppressive as a burning furnace. All blood and Qi is vividly engaging in impassioned eloquence and all is busy with speaking in favour of itself, such a peal and uproar that all is nothing but a chaos it seems. All of sudden, some refreshing and cool dewdrops trickle into your mouth and ooze downward into middle elixir field. On sight of them coming down you should intensify your mind-will settling in middle elixir field. This way when the dewdrops enter the middle elixir field you seem to see that some pearls are rolling into that place. Surveying inwardly you will get the sight as described below: all organs and channels and collaterals and acupoints, or in a word, all parts of you, regardless of their being invisible or substantive formerly, distinctly present themselves before your eyes; all is burning down and all space is full of light of flames; disgusting dirt is streaming downward from everywhere and then flow continually to places you don't know and disappears all over. Paying not the least attention to whatever it may be and letting all take their own courses and remaining what you have always been made up the most proper means by which you are to deal with these challenges coming in succession.

Sometime you may suddenly feel dreadful to an extreme extent, because you seem to perceive that you are losing control of your self and all are on the track of disappearing. This feeling is, as a matter of course, the inevitable result that yin pre-heaven mind-wills, being worn out and loath to be subdued by yang pre-heaven mind-will, are reacting with various false visions to cause your heart of Tao¡¯s nature to deviate from the proper track. In a moment a swarthy ball tumbles down and rotates and hangs in front of your eyes and a piercing and raw air follows up and comes up all the way through your body. Once perceiving this you should gently suck in the swarthy ball with your mind-will and slowly bring it down into middle elixir field. No sooner has the ball been conducted into middle elixir field than you begin to feel refreshing and pleasant coolness as though pure dewdrops are trickling down into your heart. This particular event you should well remember marks that you have set about conceiving a foetus of your true self, and your yang pre-heaven mind-will, having conquered the yin pre-heaven mind-will, has eventually taken residence in golden elixir field. Of course, at this moment you could not as yet discern the foetus. The whole vision of all seeming to be burnt down in called "tempering form with fire."
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