STEP 15(2)

Conceive a Foetus of the True Self (2)

After the rosy sun has merged with the silver full moon into a brilliant disc hanging in front of your eyes, sometime you may notice three lotus buds bursting out into brilliant blossoms in lower- and middle- and upper elixir field respectively, and in the middle of each blossom is a baby sitting uprightly. This vision is called three babies coming on the scene, to which you should adopt the attitude that it has nothing to do with you and you should always remain motionless in the depths of the stillness.

After the rosy sun and silver full moon have merged into one brilliant disc and when you again drift into the hiberation-like state for some time, two things like two comets in appearance will suddenly pierce your two Yong Quan acupoints and worm briskly their ways along each legs through bones, and pass through thighs, then soar vigorously into lower elixir field and join each other there. On sight of this vision you should gently place your mind-will in lower elixir field and somewhat intensify it, than imagine you blow an fire into lower elixir field and gaze upon the same place.

Under the attack from this fire the two vigorously-moving things will make for coccyx pass and soar upward passing the clipping spine pass and occipital pass along Du Channel and come into upper elixir field, then descend the nose and mouth and throat and respiratory tube till go into middle elixir field and merge with golden elixir pellet. After this process the pre-heaven vita-vapour of great unification will naturally pervade all parts of your body and nourish them which, in due course, will greatly harmomize with each other and commune with nature in the end, and as a result, no coldness or heat or other weather changs could affect you any longer. Then you should relapse into the profoundest stillness and give up all mind-wills---inward and outward---and like a dead man let all take their own courses. This state continuing you will perceive that lightning coming from the broad tracts of emptiness is rushing down and then goes into the Mysterious Pass and soars upward along Du Channel and comes into your upper elixir field, whence it descends the Ren Channel and turns into something like dewdrops moistens all your organs. In the course of it descending you should breathe in and breathe out as an ordinary man does and in the meantime imagine the breathing in bring in an air deep into your belly, then you perceive that dewdrops are pervade all your physical form and purge away all dirt from every part, and thus yang vita-vapour and yang pre-heaven mind-will gain more ground and yin vita-vapour and yin pre-heaven mind-will lose more. The lightning in this process is a wave of yang vita-vapour brought up by infinite emptiness coming downward to promote the formation of the foetus of your true self.

Again all visions pass away and you relapse into the profoundest stillness and after some time all seems to have come to be at a constant standstill. All of the sudden you catch sight of the vision that gold beads of immense quantity are jumping in all directions in your upper elixir field and silver waves surging tempetuously. On sight of this vision you should place your mind-will in lower elixir field and somewhat intensify it, then launch the breathing through lungs and respirotary tube and the nose and imagine your breathing in every time bring in an fire deep into lower elixir field ( breathe out naturally), then gently gaze upon the fire till the fire becomes more vigorous and all seems to have been burnt down. Then looking up you will find, in your upper elixir field, tiny golden shoots scattering all over the place and among them is a grain of pearl, dainty and delicate. Relapsing into the state like frog's herbiration for some time you will find that the grain of pearl has grown bigger, and is of the orange colour. When you make certain that the pearl has fully developed---you are certain to possess this ability of judgement in this phase---you should imagine sending out your mind-will and bringing down the sun into upper elixir field, then breathe in and you should imagine the breathing in bring in a fire into lower elixir field , then you should gently gaze inward upon the fire with your two eyes. After a little while this pearl begin to melt and then ooze downward along Ren Channel and drop into middle elixir field. Immediately afterwards you should revolve the small waterwheel of 4-10 branches so as to completely colloct all drops.

Then you should relapse into the profoundest stillness with your mind-will dently settling in middle elixir field and two eyes gazing upon it gently---you should do this in the principle that though you know the place you don't pay the least attention upon it.

As time passes away the golden pearl will grow biger and biger and its colour becomes more distinct and brilliant, sometimes it seems to be in the depths of the boundless tracts of emptiness and far away beyond your body and could not be approached by all means, yet when you close your eyes it is so distinct and so near as if in front of your eyes. Ever afterwards you will possess the knowledge that one thing can be situatad both inside and outside and both of existence and of nonexistence, and be so minute as to nothing could be more minute than it, and be so comprehensive that all are destined captives under the control of it. Oh! It is the very origon of all transformations and changes.

Having revolved the small waterwheel of 4-10 branches to collect the golden drop which drips into middle elixir field you must relapse into the most profoundest stillness with two eyeys gaziny inwandly upon the pearl without the least break, and your mind-will settling upon that also without any intermission, yet you never pay the least attention on it. This way you will drift deeper and deeper into the stillness till all seems to have come to be at a constant standstill when your heart beating pulse throbbing and breathing and flowing of blood---or the process of metabolism in a word---gradually come to an end and the thorough cessation can at first last for one day, two days, three days, or even ten months at which you should never marvel. In such a period your partner should not mistake this thorough cessation for your ¡®passing away while sitting cross legged¡¯ because all yang vita-vapoar and yang pre-heaven mind-will are returning to their common origion with the development of the foetus of your true self. For your part you should never casually rouse from this dead-like state on will, and, on the contrary, let all take their own courses and nerver intervene.

The long period of remaiming motionless at a constant standstill doubtless endangers your life to some extent, so your must careful enough and vigilent enough to prevent your mind-will settling upon the pearl from straying for the least moment, and your inward gaze upon it from wavering and wandering away even one second, otherwise you are certian to die away and all transcendent aspirations will disappear instantly like a bubble bursting. Only in this dead-like stillness and the state of all motion in your body having come to be at a constant standstill the foetus, in which your yang pre-heaven mind-will is residing, will develop naturally with the nourishment of infinite emptiness. Therefore, without the hibernation-like state the foetus could never have the opportunity to develop.

Sometime in the state that all seems to have come to be at a constant standstill to nourish the foetus of your true self, you may witness that a flood is surging and would not fade away. This vision doubtless signifies that your mind-will must have strayed away from the pearl for some time, rather than constantly settles upon it without any motion; or your inward gazing upon it ceasead or wandered away for some time, rather than upon it without the least intermission. In consepuence, the middle elixir field, lacking the warming for some time from the fire of the inward gaze by two eyes, became ¡®cold¡¯ to some extent and the light of golden elixir pellet became obscure. There are some other visions always in connexion with water which you should deal with by one same way as follows:

Somewhat intensify your mind-will settling in middle elixir field as well as your inward gaze, then breathe in and imagine this breathing in bring a fire into middle elixir field. And imagine the fire to grow more and more vigorously and gobble up all above the middle elixir field till all vision of water has passed away and the golden elixir pellet has restored its light.

Sometime when you caltivate the foetus of your true self in profoundest stillness you may notice that some fire are flaming up and you could not extinguish them. This is because you have eaten some food of peppery or of fragrant nature or you might have had a bathing with hot water, and thus the fire of golden elixir pellet was kindled and extended vigorously to other places which, though only a vision you might regard it as, will cause miserable result---your physical form burning down automatically if you don't take some preventive measures. As a matter of fact, there are many visions in connection with fire flaming up that may come on the scene.

To properly deal with these visions you should do as follows: envision a swarthy ball the size of your palm, in front of your eyes, then contract the ball slowly with your mind-will, then imagine the ball and its environment to be cold and raw for a while, then bring the ball, which has now be contracted to be the size of a table-tennis ball, down along Ren Channel to middle elixir field, then you will find the fire will diminish in its vigor. Repeat the envisioning process till all fire has been put out, then relapse into stillness to resume the process of cultivating the foetus of your true self. All visions concerning fire during this period are called ¡®evil fire flaming up.¡¯

Sometime in the course of cultivating the foetus you may feel tried of your body and chest swollen and painful, then after vomitting some black blood of large quantity you begin to feel better and other symptoms gradually fade away. Towards this phenomenon you shall be composed and never worried, for the reason that you former undue physical and mental labour has imperceptibly brought damage to the vita-vapour of heart, which is represented by substantive form of black blood. Gathering from thisphenomenon you can easily conclude that the infinite efforts made to triumph over other physically and mentally---which is popular in the region of covetousness---are bound to bring incurable injuries to your body, though imperceptible they always are.

Sometime you feel that something is piercing your navel and you could not withstand it; sometime something is piercing your ribs from both sides and you seem to swoon; sometime all content of your body seems to be torn into pieces and consequently you even desire for instant death; sometime a huge hammer seems to be rumbling down and crashing into you head and you are on the point of losing all consciousness; sometime you seem to be in a trance and fell fidgety; sometime the excrement you discharge is with a stink and has blood blocks and something strange of a variety of colors is in it; sometime from your two eyes, or two ears, or two nostrils, or mouth, or anus, or urethral orifice you may find pus or pus-serum trickling out, whick stinks to such an extent that you are going to vomit; sometime all day long you feel somnolent and all joints feel sore; sometime all skeleton seems to collapse and smash into pieces; sometime perspiration is suddenly coming out all over your body; sometime you feel so painful as if you are casting off your skin as a snake does; sometime you feel so hot and sultry as if you are thrown into a burning furnace and you seem to be in a coma for about three or five days. All thes phenomena doubtless indicate that the foetus is developing properly and you are discharging all your grossness and earthliness which could not co-exist with the foetus.

When all such sufferings have gone as like a cloud in sky fading away you will suddenly become aware that you has been in possession of six kinds of supernatural power. The first is god's eyes with which you can behold all things in a glimpse, either those on and in the earth or those throughout the universe or in other region. In view of this you can understand more clearly why people always say ¡®if you don't want people to know what you do, don't do it!¡¯ The second is god's ears with which you can hear all sounds coming throughout the universe or other region, including that human could not hear. The third is the power of reading mind, which means you can be aware what the other is thinking of and what motive he has and his intention, his schemes, his aspiration and all. The fourth is the power of reading the transmigration of the soul, with this power you can instantly know whence and why and for what a man come into a being and whither and why and for what reason the man goes away. The fifth is the power of reading the future and the past. Yes, suddenly you begin to know all things you want to know and all things you don't want to know.

The sixth is being free from any fertilizing fluid (Jing), which signifies you have transformed all fertilizing fluid (Jing) into vita-vapour. In fact, you have already become possessed of the power of being free from fertilizing fluid (Jing) when your penis has shrunk all the way back into your belly and a piece of skin has grown to seal the hole. Some people may debate why this power has the qualifiation to rank equally with other powers. This is because, you know, without this power, nearly all others are in vain, which you can understand easily. Toward all these visions and sufferings and powers you must adopt a proper attitude: all has not the least business with me, and let all other take their own courses; on my part I always remain in the dead-like state with mind-will settling upon the foetus without any intermission and two eyes gazing upon it without any break. Of course toward some visions I have mentioned---such as evil fire flaming up and so forth---you must take action as I have described before.

You should by no means boast of your powers and feel supercilious and powerful ever afterwards, otherwise you are bound to be in mental disorders and even a begger can laugh at you. You may ask for the reason. Generally speaking, at beginning. I advocate disciplining heart because all stray thoughts are the products of yin pre-heaven mind-wills which always exercises influence out of its destined nature to engage your consciousness in a motion that inevitably deviates you from being in the state of stillness. So, indulging in finding a vent for your eloquence to show off your ¡®great attainment¡¯ your heart must imperceptibly be ensnared in by the yin pre-heaven mind-wills which, under the circumstance that you heart has been purged of all to be so different from the worldly heart in this stage, will present much more magical visions into which you are certain to fall deeper and deeper till you thoroughly lose all your wits and encumbrance to human society you will become.

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