Give Birth to the Fotus of True Self

When catching sight of the vision of endless flakes fluttering downward, you should bring all of them into middle elixir field with a faint idea of nourishing the foetus of the true self. Then settle the mind-will into infinite emptiness at once and chant gently some words to promote the shifting of the foetus to upper elixir field.

Of course, these words express the meaning that on hearing it the foetus of your true self can somewhat understand it, and the vague consciousness of the foetus stimulated by these words can lead the fotus to move upward, of its own accord, to upper elixir field. You should be cautious enough that the mind-will could never be used to conduct the fotus to ascend the upper elixir field, for the movement of mind-will is bound to bring fire upon the fotus at this particular period.

Chant, "Soar high up into the infinite emptiness, open the door of a temple, combine the disposition with the pre-heaven nature, and unite the two kinds of light." These words you should chant repeatedly till the fotus, of its own accord, begin to move upward from middle elixir field.

Yet you should know that passing through the respiratory tube is not easy for the fotus and it is very dangerous. So you must be on full alert at this moment. Remain still in the emptiness and have an idea that is the faintest and thinnest and is next to nothing. When the fotus, of its own accord, is going to move upward, this idea should rush as rapidly as light all the way up from middle elixir field to your upper elixir field. You know that the mind-will should never be used at this period. Therefore, the faster this idea rushes upward the better, the faintest this idea is the better.

Once the fotus has entered the upper elixir field, some wonderful sights are sure to come on the scene, such as imposing mirages with melodious sounds coming up from distance, a number of supernatural beings coming up to address to you, and a magnificent complex of golden palaces like emperor's begins to emerge, to which you shall bear in your mind that all of them are false and dangerous. Be independent of all these attractions and remain what you are and have not the least business with them all.

If the fotus pays the least attention to something in the upper elixir field you will risk falling into somnolence, then into a coma, then pass away, which means all former efforts have been delivered to the wind, a result that the worldly heart has not been completely given up.

At this particular period the mind-will should come to be at a constant standstill and remain more firmly than the Alps in the emptiness, and be as dead as the ashes burnt down thousands of years ago. Even though enchanting sounds come up you should hear nothing; though wonderful sceneries present themselves before your eyes you remain indifferent to them.

Once upon a time there was a man called Leu Zhu, who went into a coma because the fotus of true self could not resist the temptation and began to appreciate the false graceful scenarios. Hence there came a figurative idiom of "verifying heart in a street full of blooming flowers " which is indicative of this process.

Once the fotus of the true self has come into the upper elixir field you should settle your mind-will upon the fotus as gently as possible, and let the foetus gaze upon the emptiness solitarily and silently. Then fall into the profound stillness till at last all motion taking place in your physical body come to be at a constant standstill. The two eyes should never gaze downward for the reason that something you behold might frighten the fotus of the true self at this period. Sometime you may perceive a fire in upper elixir field begin to flame up, and above your head at the same time is a brilliant sun catching a fire. At sight of this vision the mind-will should slightly intensify, and has an intention to narrow the distance between them so that the fire inside should burn upward against the inside surface of your upper skull and the fire outside burn downward against the external surface of your upper skull. This case continuing for some time you will perceive silver waves begin to flow till suddenly a good deal of terrible thunderbolt comes up as if near at your upper skull.

All of the sudden rosy rays seem to fill up all space, brilliant lighting reaches out its endless claws as rapidly as possible ripping the emptiness. And you begin to know your upper skull has a boneless opening as like a baby, curving inwards and outwards as you breathe like a fotus. And it as thin as a piece of silk cloth. You feel painful as if this part of your skull has been broken into pieces, or melted down, or cut open by a sharp axe. About three days later the pain will disappear.

Once the upper skull has been thrown open, you should gently settle the mind-will in upper elixir field as before. Then you will feel the body is floating in emptiness, your spirits refreshing and all is free from encumbrances, and later all parts of your body seem to have disappeared without any traces.

When the fotus have shifted into upper elixir field and remaining as dead as a stone for a long time without any other response from itself, you should lose no time in spelling[ ] [ ][ ][ ] [ ] with your mind-will in your chest and belly as illustrated in figure 1. The spelling should be carried out by your mind-will rather than by your throat. [ ] can rally the yang Qi of your heart, [ ] the yang Qi of spleen, [ ]the yang Qi of the lung, [ ] the yang Qi of liver, [ ] the yang Qi of kidney. With each spelling at particular position and mind-will slightly moving from one place to another as illustrated in Figure 2, the five kinds of yang Qi will gradually converge upon the coccyx pass. Then the mixture of the yang Qi will soar up to upper elixir field, and strike the upper part of your skull, On perceiving this you should spell[ ]---as an ox roars---with your mind-will striking against the upper part of your skull from inside, and open your two eyes with their gaze rushing out from inside the upper part of your skull to the outsid. Then you should train the foetus of your true self to go upward to the upper opening of your skull and come down to where it was in upper elixir field, making ready for its release out of the upper opening.
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