Raise the Fotus of True Self in
Three Years' Time (1)

Then the five kinds of Qi will change into ethereal and gorgeous clouds which come floating here and there and gather around the foetus of your true self. Instantly riding a roaming dragon with its mouth sending out auspicious glow and vigorous fire
>flaming up from below of its spiraling trunk or riding a ferocious tiger, the foetus of your true self begins to soar upward, melodious sounds by various instruments coming up incessantly, ethereal angels and golden virgin boys welcoming from either side, and imposing palaces of varied fashions receding backward from both sides. To these scenes and sights you should remain nonchalant from beginning to the end and adopt the attitude of letting all take their own courses and they have nothing to do with you. In this way the foetus can at last reach the upper opening of your skull, and then it should come down to upper elixir field. Of course when it comes down ever-shifting scenes and sights will come on the scene incessantly.

Then the foetus will again ascend the upper opening of your skull and subsequently descend to original place. These ascend and descent continue one time after another, suddenly rosy rays seem again to fill up all universe and golden lightning hold out its endless claws tearing the emptiness as ferociously as could be. Immediately afterwards a good deal of thunderbolts again seem to be near your skull and in a moment the upper opening has been thrown wide open the second time. At sight of this you should shift the foetus closest to the upper opening with the faintest idea. Once the foetus reached the upper opening you should have an idea for the foetus to leap out of the upper opening with its own eyes closing. Then the foetus has jumped out of the upper opening in a moment and instantly you perceive that apart from your own body there has come a second body of you sitting above you head about one metre away. At this time your ears, together with ears of the foetus should hear inwardly rather than outwardly----you and the foetus hear inwardly respectfully, I mean---and your eyes and the foetusĄŻ eyes should never response though miraculous sights present themselves before you and the foetus. You and the foetus should remain as dead as two stones, as deadly as ashes burnt down thousands of years ago. Why? Because various false visions are presenting themselves in groups, Oh! My mother and father are coming up to my two bodies. Oh! My grand parents together with my aunt and my uncle and my neighbours are coming up also.

What's the matter? Oh! The queen of the Heaven is paying a visit with a lot of supernatural beings in groups following her Majesty. What melodious and touching tune by several ethereal virgin girls of enchanting figure fluting and piping. All is false you must remember! You and the foetus should constantly remain as dead as possible.

All of the sudden a streak of golden lightning rushes upward from your body and ceases its movement before your eyes and then turns into a bright photosphere hanging there. At sight of this scene you should have an idea to shift the foetus rapidly before the bright photosphere. This done you use your mind-will to contract the photosphere smaller and smaller by degrees till it has the size of your thumb's nail, then gently pull the photosphere into the foetus. No sooner has this been done you will find the foetus has already entered your skull, then you should pull it into upper elixir field again with a faint mind-will. Immediately afterwards the foetus and yourself should fall into the profoundest stillness, and later all motion in your body again comes to be at a constant standstill. Yes, you are a dead man still alive again! The golden lightning you have pulled into the foetus has a wonderful effect of melting down all physical form, so you must avail yourself of the lightning to serve the foetus of your true self, otherwise the foetus is sure to have the encumbrance of form, however little it may be.

You should well know the interval between the time the foetus first jump out of your upper opening and the time it reenters your skull is very short and you should pull it into your upper elixir field as soon as possible, with your faint mind-will. It will be disastrous to release the foetus of your true self from your body with such an event taking place: the foetus, once gone, never comes back, which is remarkably indicative that you have not completely given up your worldly heart, that is to say, you have never disciplined your heart to be as dead as a stone which constantly remains independent of all external and internal influences. Because of this kind of danger, as well as other endangering your life as I described before, you must give up all intentions, motivations, aspirations and so forth, which is a must to have things achieved in the region of covetousness. You should purge all passions completely of your heart, and never be proud of being in possession of miraculous power as I described before, and you should be as heartless as a stone, without any feelings. In brief, to prevent the foetus of your true self from being gone forever you must discipline your heart to be as nonchalant as possible, to be as dead as ashes burnt down thousands of years ago.

In fact, the releasing of the foetus of your true self the first time signifies the beginning of nursing the infant of your true self for up to three years. To nurse the infant of your true self, Lao Zi once said, is to cultivate and train him, of which the cultivating process means the infinite emptiness will nurse the infant of your true self in the favorable environment of all motion taking place in your physical form coming to be at a constant standstill; and the training process means you should let him go out and return at proper time.

The newly-born infant is very tender in constitution and his halo is relatively feeble and pale, so you should often fall into profound stillness to provide favorable environment for the infant to be nourished by the infinite emptiness. You falling into the profoundest stillness till all seems to have come to be at a constant standstill, the infant, also at a constant standstill, will become more and more composed and indifferent to influence exerted by things inside and outside.

Once the infant went out, your mind-will and his should always settle into the halo surrounding him without any intermission---though you know where he is, with golden rays sending out in all directions as like a sun, you should never pay the least attention upon it---then all false visions will gradually disappear, besides, the infant should never turn round his head and see you---his mother in the viewpoint of the profane world---for he might feel disgust for your form on account of its being like an excrement.

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