Being in Possession of the
Same Body With Tao

Please don't regard your physical form, the mother-body of the infant of the true self, as a waste or an encumbrance after the infant of the true self has fully developed. In reality, after the process of tempering form with emptiness you body is no longer the former worldly one, which can be corroborated by two true tales:

Lie Tzi, great thinker in Chinese history, holding out two arms, can drift away on the wind before you know how it is; DarMo, remarkably famous for his sitting cross legged in a cave facing stone wall for as long as nine consecutive years without the least motion, taking a reed blade as a canoe, can sail across the Yangtze River. Why? Because physical form has merged with the yang pre-heaven mind-will into one, the former is the latter and the latter nothing but the former. Therefore, when the physical form thoroughly takes residence in yang pre-heaven mind-will it is invisible and well beyond the domain of man's understanding. When the yang pre-heaven mind-will takes residence in Qi the physical form will present itself in no time. From this you can understand why the physical form at this time will never incur the least damages in case it be burnt in a hot burning furnace for tens of thousands of years, or will never be drowned if it stays for innumerable years in the deepest place of the ocean in the world, and you can also understand why the form can walk without any shallow on the trail when a silver full moon or a rosy sun well hangs in the sky. This can be used to explain some yoga masters' supernatural deeds.

It is something that gives birth to the universe is greater than universe, and it is something that administrates the emptiness that is more powerful than emptiness. We have no suitable name to mark it, so farfetchedly call it Tao or infinite emptiness. Emptiness owes its birth to Tao, Heaven and Earth to emptiness, the myriad of things to Heaven and Earth. So does the humankind to Heaven and Earth. Based on the broad tracts of Heaven and Earth the myriad of things can be born, and just depending upon the boundless expanse, the emptiness can give births to Heaven and Earth. Just because of something not empty existing in the emptiness the emptiness can give birth to emptiness.

That to bear Heaven and Earth, as well as the myriad of things is surely the accomplishment achieved by that not empty in the emptiness which takes residence in the nature of the myriad of things as their arbiter. Something not empty in the emptiness that takes residence in the nature of the myriad of things as arbiter also take residence in the nature of Heaven and Earth as their arbiter, because something no empty in emptiness can give birth to emptiness. And in the same way in the emptiness something not empty takes residence as its arbiter.

So after three years of nursing and training you should keep the infant of the true self silent constantly in your upper elixir field as you again fall into the state that all motion taking place in man's physical form has come to be at a constant standstill, and since then you should never let the infant go out, and both the infant and you should always remain motionless like a dead man without any motion, because your physical form, with the infant of your true self repose in your upper elixir field, should gradually be transformed into something belonging neither to existence nor to nonexistence, neither a phantom nor a piece of emptiness, and having neither exterior nor interior, neither birth nor death. Yes, taking one step your formless form has reached the sun (let along the moon), and though the sun is so hot you can stay in its center for innumerable years because you can lodge your physical form in the yang pre-heaven mind-will---you come into nonexistence. You and the infant of the true self should fall always deeper and deeper in the profound stillness till all things in the world seem to have been dead for hundreds of thousands of years and the mind-will should always pervade throughout the emptiness.

In this way the infant of the true self will become more and more ethereal and almighty, and more and more silent. His golden rays speeding out in all directions from him will become more and more brilliant. So when you contract all these rays into a photosphere round the infant the photosphere will be brighter than before; when you spread them out the rays can travel far more away than before---of course in this course you should never attempt to do these things but to be always a dead man still alive without the least intermission.

For so long time have you and the infant of the true self reposing in your upper elixir field, remained deadly silent in the profound stillness without the least motion whatever as if all universe has been in extinction for millions of years, that the golden light from the infant has been becoming more and more brilliant and as vigorous and hot as a rosy sun. Sometime, like fire flaming out suddenly, some cloud-like rays will rush all the way out from inner orifices to outer orifices or vice versa. After you don't know how long time you will perceive that from the very top to the very bottom endless stars are twinkling and all orifices have become crystal-clear and Heaven and Earth and the myriad of things have become distinct with the golden rays shining over them all. But that is not at all the end! Still, you fall deeper and deeper in the deadly silence as if the ashes, burnt down hundreds of thousands of years ago, have been delivered to complete destruction. Then a rosy cloud, vigorously and tempestuously engaged in rolling motion with tremendous momentum, will rush out of the Mysterious Pass deep in the infinite emptiness, and fill up all orifices with ethereal brilliance without exception, and pass through Heaven and Earth and myriad of things---all becomes crystal clear, as a result.

As if there are endless clear mirrors arranged throughout the emptiness, the miraculous brilliance is reflected by them all and thus wonderful visions and sights beyond human's wits present themselves and become distinct. Yet this is not the end at all!

Still, bring all rays into your upper elixir field and slip deeper and deeper in the profound stillness. Then after a long time the rays will overflow your body. Then the most brilliant glow flourishing vigorously around you when you contract it with the faint mind-will, will thoroughly enter the interior of the most minute particle existing in the infinite emptiness. When you send the blaze all out, it can fill up the infinite emptiness and reaches the places far more away beyond the limits of the infinite emptiness.

Then you perceive that the miraculous blaze is turning into a rosy sun, and is rushing out of a certain orifice, then exploding. And the brilliance rushes to spread all over the infinite emptiness. Then endless brilliant golden rays, above rushing through the highest layers of Heaven and below shining through the bottom layer of Earth, silently illuminate innumerable worlds and Sakyamuni and a good number of saints present themselves before your eyes. Yet this is not yet the end at all!

Still, you should slide deeper and deeper in the profoundest silence as one year elapses, two years elapse, three years elapse, . . . , a hundred years roll away, a thousand years pass away, . . . , till your form changes into golden light and spreads all over the infinite emptiness to become possessed of the same body with Tao. Ever since then, the brilliance filling up the infinite emptiness is eternally yours and you are Sakyamuni and Sakyamuni is you, and Heaven and Earth and endless rivers and all mountain ranges and universe and endless generations of humankind, like lines in your palm, become a tiny thing in your hand---you have returned to infinite Nirvana.

Yet you should know it is the most difficult thing to pulverize your form to fill up the infinite emptiness. To achieve this, Da Mo, spent nine consecutive years like a dead man---how fortunate! ---sitting cross-legged in a cave facing stone wall without any motion.

The sun is sure to exhaust all its energy sometime and come to a complete destruction sometime; the broad expanse of ocean may sometime be drained dry of water and the ground may curve in or curve out, even the most magnificent mountain ranges may sometime undergo tremendous transformations and become plain. In brief, the universe is destined to pass away sometime because existence means both birth and death. Yet Tao, depending upon nothing for its existence, will engage in its own particular motion incessantly, thus it is eternal.

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