Open Up Eight Extra Channels

The practitioners, when sitting in silence and continuing this Buddha-posture for a long time, will feel the limbs become numb, the flow of blood impeded, the muscles under pressure be painful and sore. The following below introduces a set of measures to deal with the case, which you should perform step by step every day during the initial exercise. First you should slightly draw some breath with your mind-will by moderately shutting up mouth and nose, and settle your mind-will in the lower elixir field for a certain length of time. Then settle it upon the perineum.

Then during the first breathing in, the mind envisages a wave of Qi ascending the upper elixir field picking up the course which starts from the perineum and winds up at upper elixir field through Du Channel. During the first breathing out, the mind envisages the Qi descending from upper elixir field to the perineum through the course of Ren Channel. During the second breathing in the mind envisages that the Qi ascending from the perineum to lower elixir field so as to link with the Belt Channel---which runs round the waist---and the Qi splitting in two halves, both going straight from lower elixir field to either side of the kidney of the back, then along the back upwards to ascend the two shoulder blades and halt the Qi there. During the second breathing out the mind should envisage that the two waves of Qi going along the outside of both the arms respectively through the Three Yang Channels of Hand to the middle fingers, then turn round to the middle of inside palm.

During the third breathing in envisage that the Qi going up through the Three Yin Channels (which run along inside of the arms), turning round the two shoulder blades to descend to the two nipples of the breasts, then during the third breathing out envisage the Qi descending from two nipples to converge in lower elixir field, then returning to the perineum again. During the fourth breathing in elevate the Qi upwards to the middle elixir field so as to link with the Chong Channel. (Caution: no to be up beyond the heart), and during the fourth breathing out lower the Qi down to the perineum, then split it in two halves again and run both of them along the outside of two legs through the Three Yang Channels of the Leg, arriving at the toes and turning round to wind up at the Yong Quan Point. Then throughout the duration of the fifth breathing in imagine that the Qi going up starting from Yong Quan Point and stopping at the lower elixir field through the Three Yin Channels of Leg (which run along the inside of legs), in the midway the two waves of Qi converging at Hui Yin Point. Both then ascend to lower elixir field.

During the fifth breathing out, imagine the Qi descend from the lower elixir field down to the Hui Yin Point. The procedure above-mentioned makes up the major part for getting through the Eight Extra Channels, by which process you can drive out all Qi of vicious nature from all orifices and channels and collaterals, for the golden elixir pellet couldn't develop without extinction of yin Qi.
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