Administer fertilizing fluid (Jing)(1)

To discharge the fertilizing fluid (Jing) in natural way is the destined proceeding most likely preface the procedure of constituting a human being, while to accumulate and change it into Qi in a reverse direction the process of forming the golden elixir pellet. You should know, in the latter case the thing we deal with is by no means the air but the pre-heaven fertilizing fluid (Jing) with which we can eventually regain all wasted pre-heaven nature and prolong our lifetimes, and release from the entanglement by diseases of various sorts. So the book The Narration by One Immortal tells the author's opinion as such: "To live necessitates fertilizing fluid (Jing), yet to wear out it means death sooner or later. Just relying upon it we can restore the pre-heaven nature and reunite pre-heaven life force with pre-heaven nature."

Yes, human body much resembles a tree that has no roots, and how miserably to think of sustaining the drifting life only with the breathing and digestion after the body being deprived of the original roots---the true heart and the automatic circulation of pre-heaven Qi. Yes, no certainty exists guaranteeing the one breath is absolutely succeeded by another, and living today guarantee living tomorrow. To think how much the average lifetime of around thirty thousand days resembles a dream we just awaken from, when we are in retrospection at our sickbed waiting for the arrival of the death. The gone-by time has drifted away to you don't know where, the death angel is composedly approaching you with measured steps, the flesh and flood will have to decay, and corrupt till it thoroughly turns to deserted dust, and so do the bones. The heart, fertilizing fluid (Jing), Qi, the pre-heaven mind-will will be demolished and drift away to God knows where. Then who could possess the ability to divine what your next lifetime would be? And who could divine when and where the endless transmigration could, in violation of nature's formidable law, come to an end? So here I give counsel to practitioners to make up your mind and consolidate your resolution, so as not to pass away regretfully with nothing in hands at your dying sickbed.

From now on, pay no attention upon anything, the two eyes abstain from gazing outwardly, the two ears from hearing the outside, be on a vegetable diet, shorten the time spent on sleep, refrain from talkativeness and laughing, give up all contemplation and desires, court no comfort and ease, have no interest in differentiating the beautiful from the ugly. In this way you cleanse your heart constantly, as like a cicada drinking dew. After a long time you will feel refreshed and spirited. Like a tortoise remaining motionless in its dead-like state, you will imperceptibly prolong your lifetime and release you from the regularly unavoidable torture by ailments.

However, the precaution you should take is to discipline your heart is to guard against "five swindlers"---the eyes, ears, the nose, tongue, body---from surging up to wear away the pre-heaven nature from outside or within. Only when there is not any one of the seven kinds of emotions--joy, anger, melancholy, anxiety, grief, fear, and terror--- arising, the first five yin pre-heaven mind-wills responsible for producing the senses of taste, sight, hearing, smell, touch remain peaceful, two eyes gaze inwardly, two ears hear inwardly, the nose smells inwardly, the tongue rises gently against palate, the whole body remains motionless in silent sitting posture, the mind-will settles inwardly in lower elixir field, and fertilizing fluid (Jing) remains indifferent to any temptation, you are qualified for further advance in the pursuit of Tao.

fertilizing fluid (Jing), as like a robber who watched for his chance in a stealthy way, will become restless when the man's eyes happen to catch sight of the beautiful. Likewise, when the music drifts into the ears the desires and passions will arise and the fertilizing fluid (Jing) will roll up and down. Even a little whiff of scent and delicious smell will unexceptionally induce the desires to awake and the fertilizing fluid (Jing) to wear out. Delicious taste will all at once excite the addiction and thus the fertilizing fluid (Jing) feverishly search for the indent to let out. Then feelings and sensations arising from induction or touch will occasion the infatuation to emerge and fertilizing fluid (Jing) to consume itself as like boiling water.

Under the constant consumption by the five swindlers, can you tell me how much fertilizing fluid (Jing) has been left over? When the fertilizing fluid (Jing) drains out and the pre-heaven mind-will floats away to follow the suit, the human body becomes a ruin. So the practitioner should perform in the way of regarding the body as a state and fertilizing fluid (Jing) the subject people who, when leading peaceful lives, will stabilize the state.

Before you set about administering fertilizing fluid (Jing), it is the common circumstance that the pre-heaven mind-will always chases after the illusions and phantoms in the outward direction, the pre-heaven Qi disperses and diffuses in all directions and pre-heaven fertilizing fluid (Jing) decays and loses its vigor. So we must endeavor to refill the fertilizing fluid (Jing) and Qi and pre-heaven mind-will, till these three have become sufficient enough and merged into one---which means the process of laying foundation has successfully come to an end. This foundation is the one upon which to ascend the following summits. The man who has transcended the region of existence and ascended the phantom region possesses the foundation. So does the man whose pre-heaven mind-will remains to be at a constant standstill for ten months, and the man who no longer is in need of the sleep, and the man who abstains from all food and drink, and the man who is never affected any change of four seasons.

The saint, who possesses the same body with Tao, will never in the world breathe one more time, while the common people do all the time from birth to death. They will by no means fall asleep or doze for an instant, even though the universe has undergone the vicissitudes of hundreds of thousands of years.

With the human body, heart and mind-will serving as the administrators, while fertilizing fluid (Jing) and Qi and pre-heaven mind-will as the subject people, the means to let the former three function to unite the later three into one makes up the basic method to produce the golden elixir. The precondition for uniting the three into one lies in that the heart should constantly remain motionless in emptiness and stillness, for only the heart being in that state the pre-heaven mind-will can merge with pre-heaven nature, and fertilizing fluid (Jing) and emotions can calm down. On account of the body being free from any motion the fertilizing fluid (Jing) can be converted into Qi and because of the heart being free from any ideas or intentions the Qi can be converted into pre-heaven mind-will, and on account of the mind-will touching nothing in emptiness and being at a constant standstill, the pre-heaven mind-will can be changed into the emptiness.

The Great Unification, when engage in a motion, will split into two parts of yin and yang. When the intercourse takes place between the yang and yin, the five elements will come into being at last (of course halfway there are other proceedings), and, when each takes position and engage in their particular motion, all things emerge. So, on account of the existence of earth element gold element comes into being, and with the assistance coming from earth element wood element can flourish,. Once the water encounters the earth it naturally halts its movement to a suitable extent; in the meantime under the encasement by earth element, the fire element will have to be distinguished. The above-mentioned development course is that the Creation of all things takes. Going back on the way in reverse direction, the saints, with their wisdom and uncompromising efforts, reached the origin and own the body in common with the Tao. According to the law the measure is invented to collect five elements to be administered to form four elements, and by the same measure unite the four to form three ones, and three to two parts of yin and yang, and then at last unite the yin and yang to form the Great Unification. Retracing the course unswervingly all the way back to infinite emptiness, they can at last reach Tao.

Because of the stillness of the body the fertilizing fluid (Jing) will remain motionless, and by this means the water element inevitably will be obliged to come to the central position of earth element and merge with it. Likewise, owing to the heart being free from any stray thoughts the Qi then comes to be at a constant stand still, thus the fire element will naturally join the earth element occupying the central position and merge with it. When the pre-heaven nature has slipped into stillness, three yang souls will hide themselves and wood element joins the earth element and unite with it in the central position. Under the similar circumstances when the emotions have been purged of, the seven yin souls will be worn out by degrees and gold element will join earth element and combine with it. As soon as the elements of water, gold, fire and wood have converged at the central position, the mind-will will eventually be brought to a constant standstill and the five elements will soar high up and converge upon the upper elixir field.

Once before I put a question to my master, saying, 'I have read some messages in some books such as Canon on Both the pre-heaven Nature and pre-heaven Life Force and Canon on Golden Elixir Pellet concerning the measures to hold back fertilizing fluid (Jing) from discharging and to convert it to Qi. Also, there are many successful practitioners in their books having left numerous assertions in this regard. Would you please make clear this term my master? '

My master paused for a while, then observed, "You all know the words by Lao Zhi that the precious coming into being on account of the comparison with the cheap and the same reason also is applicable to the high and the low. Conventional opinions have been so much dominant that all men shy away in talking about the fertilizing fluid (Jing) and sex while advocating to be religious and faithful and to be an ascetic. Here I won't advocate so-called religion, but tell the way out from the destiny. The pre-heaven Qi will arise and increase only by the way of holding back the fertilizing fluid (Jing) from dejection and later you can step by step convert the fertilizing fluid (Jing) to Qi, and Qi to pre-heaven mind-will and pre-heaven mind-will to infinite emptiness. As our bodies are short of fertilizing fluid (Jing) on account of the former ejaculations, we must refill it at first."

"For you do not know how long time you have fallen into the stillness, the time will come that the fertilizing fluid (Jing) has the tendency to surge and go out and your penis become hard, then you must put the weight of your body on one side, at the same time gently thrust the middle finger to pressure upon the Hui Yin point, constrain the muscle around to collect the yang Qi that is emerging. This kind of yang Qi, when goes out through the Hui Yin point in its natural way, can turn into fertilizing fluid (Jing) and form the cytula with the ovum---this process is called 'sailing along the life current' in Taoism terminology. On the contrary, the yang Qi you reap can turn into the pre-heaven vita-vapour and can revolve along Du- and Ren Channel. From this account you can easily conclude that the fertilizing fluid (Jing) forms the essential, like a fountainhead of a stream, from which and only depend upon which you can later cultivate the pre-heaven nature and pre-heaven life force. Regarding this method Saykamuni once commented like this, 'Old monks have the secret to revive the tree that has no roots and light the oil lamb that has no oil for its fuel. "

"As to the detailed measures to reap yang Qi I will explain below carefully. Whether the yang Qi has emerged and if the chance matures for harvesting you should know clearly and accurately. The yang Qi you are going to harvest is useless, if you are mistaken in identifying the moment of timely harvesting. If the yang Qi you harvest is premature or in overgrowth, all your efforts will become fruitless. The concrete measures to deal with this complicated circumstances means crucial, practitioners must be familiar with them in detail, otherwise they'd better stay where you are and do nothing at all. The time of sudden inspiration coming from nowhere occurs to your quiet realm of mind, and unconsciously a wave of yang vita-vapour comes into being and begin to evolve is the moment you should commence to ascertain whether the imminent harvesting is chanced to be at the rightful time and the vita-vapour has developed fully for you to reap. How to ascertain the chance and how to be certain of the suitable degree of its continuous growth make up the most hidden secret for most of the books concerning this subject. If the sudden inspiration let you become certain of the time being out of place, you should not in a hurry to reap it. The time in question denotes the moment that the yang vita-vapour has grown fully and a little time further it will be in overgrowth, and a little time less it will be young and in deficiency."

"Originally, the pre-heaven vita-vapour was brimful and virginal. Just because the indulgences in passions have led to a good deal ejaculation or consumption of sperm, the pre-heaven vita-vapour has been suffering the deficiency all the time. The yang vita-vapour reaped for refilling the pre-heaven Qi must be the one that has fully grown and is pure, and by no means that one emerging the time when mind is full of stray thoughts or voluptuous ideas springing out endlessly---for the yang Qi has already in part turn into fertilizing fluid (Jing) and destined to ejaculation except by special means. Because different men--even a man in the different stages of his lifetime---have divergent constitutions, and different degrees of deficiency in terms of pre-heaven Qi, so practitioner must adopt somewhat different measures for each one."

"In general, when there are sexual desires coming forth, the penis will harden and the desire for indulgence in sensual enjoyment will become more and more fervent. At this time some yang Qi will turn into fertilizing fluid (Jing) . The fertilizing fluid (Jing) must be converted to Qi, otherwise it will inevitably go out at future time. The dejection of fertilizing fluid (Jing), if comes to no end, will undermine all the efforts you formerly made, as like a foundation always breaking down. So the measures of small waterwheel comes to being, aiming at ceasing the flowing of fertilizing fluid (Jing) and converting it to Qi. When the fertilizing fluid (Jing) accumulates to a certain degree yet no measures put into use to diminish it, it certainly will find a way out, as like the water in a mug receiving incessant supplies of water will diffuse sometime. So, how to convert it means crucial for the success of administering fertilizing fluid (Jing)."

"When a whiff of yang Qi arises---which results from the motion out of the infinite stillness---and a destined sudden inspiration occur to your mind, it is the time at which you should prepare to judge the culmination of its growth, to set about its going round the Du- and Ren Channel. There will come many feelings and minute changes, of which you can by degrees obtain the experience for being certain of the chance and prime time of its development. Here I will deliver a detailed description of the scene for your reference. When a whiff of yang vita-vapour comes forth from you know nowhere, sudden inspiration spontaneously occur to your mind realm, without any presentiments or signs to preface its emergence. All in a sudden you seem to melt into nothing and all the world seems to be in sunlight and cosiness and all are comfortable; contentedness and complacency seem to extend gradually to your world of existence and your back have already resumed the upright posture all out of your senses and efforts. The state of your heart, at the same time, like a full moon in an autumn night coolly shedding its solitary gleam upon a clear lake, has already been still and empty for no one knows how long time. By degrees, in natural way in the broad expense of your heart the mind-will can not catch sight of your existence from outside yet even inside it can not give your any senses of something concrete. All is void and emptiness, all the pores existing in the changing positions of the space seem to minutely itch all over, thus the whole world seems to indulge in the extreme easiness and cosiness, and there is not one willingness existing to take leave of it."

"Suddenly your body or the whole space seems to vibrate lightly and afterwards all seem to have changed. pre-heaven mind-will is jubilantly having intercourse with yang Qi. pre-heaven mind-will is always in company with Qi and when the mind-will goes the latter will constantly be on the trail of the former all the time to follow it. pre-heaven Qi begins to make its own way automatically with continuous surging and swellings to open up its destined course of Du- and Ren Channel. A certain length of time later, being brimful and sufficient enough it naturally goes round the course fluently and without any blockade. Then sudden inspiration expressive of the similar feelings and impressions will fall upon your quiet region of the heart, though you have no intention to gain it. Of course, at this time you can, without any hesitation, commence the process of launching the small waterwheel."

"You are advised to be patient enough at first, waiting for its fully growth, which is like the moon reaching its full state of brightness. The time when sudden inspiration occurs to the mind and a wave of a yang Qi is as slowly arising as like a seed is budding, you can conclude that the suitable chance is coming up. Losing no time at once you are advised to embark on breathing in, and at the same time consciously contract the muscles around the Hui Yin point, have an idea envisaging that a wave of vapor is ploughing into Du Channel through Hui Yin point and coccyx pass, and elevating the imagined vapor all the way upward through Du Channel until it reaches the upper elixir field. Then breathing out, and at the same time have a mind-will envisaging to low the Qi from Ren Channel till it goes to the lower elixir field. This process is called small waterwheel."

"The practice of small waterwheel, though simple and plain, actually has been designed to cope with the two hidden operations both from outside and inside. When you breathe in the breath will naturally be brought in from outside through the mouth or nose down to the respiration tube till to gather in the lung, while at the same time the yang Qi spontaneously ascend from the lower elixir field to upper elixir field. This process means that the pre-heaven life force is soaring up to reunite with the pre-heaven mind-will. When you breathe out the breath will be expelled out of the lung, taking the route of respiration tube upward to go out through the mouth or nose, meanwhile the pre-heaven Qi will go from the upper elixir downward to the lower elixir field through the middle elixir field. This process, in fact, is that of the pre-heaven mind-will descending to reunite with the pre-heaven Qi. The aforesaid closing and opening operations of the acquired breathing and yang Qi are more like that of a bellows. The operations of acquired breathing and that of yang Qi, though having the same bellows of the human body, differ in both the thing subject to their operations and the circling course."

"The reunion of pre-heaven life force and pre-heaven mind-will taken place in upper and lower elixir field is the process to convert fertilizing fluid (Jing) to Qi. while the acquired breathing with an idea imagining Qi going round the Du- and Ren Channel promote the inner operation of pre-heaven Qi. Here the envisaging means that two closed eyes should survey inwardly the Du- and Ren Channel beginning from Hui Yin point, then Du Channel, then the upper elixir field, then Ren Channel, then coccyx pass and ending up in lower elixir field. The acquired breathing is of the positive nature while the ascend and descend of the yang Qi of the passive nature, upon which you should pay no attention whatever."

"When setting about launching the small waterwheel, first you should breathe in through the nose, the mind-will and inward gaze of two eyes, at the same time, should make their common way along Du Channel upward from Hui Yin point till they reach the middle elixir field, then you should cease the breathing for a little while and halt the advance of mind-will and the gaze here. Afterwards, resume the breathing and recommence the advance till the mind-will and the inner gaze arrive at the upper elixir field, and the breathing in comes to end at the same time. Then second you should breathe out, while the mind-will and the inward gaze follow the Ren Channel downward from the upper elixir field till the clipping spine pass. Then ceasing the breathing out for a little time and checking the downward advance of mind-will and inward gaze awhile, you are advised to resume the breathing out and advance the mind-will and inward gaze downward back to lower elixir field again, the breathing out comes to an end."
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