Administer fertilizing fluid (Jing)(2)

Then how many times should you revolve the small waterwheel once the wave of yang Qi arises? You may ask yourself. Many people know the thirty-six times be suitable, as asserted in many scriptures and canons. Yet, this assertion in reality doesn't mean the number of breathing but the number with which you can reckon the necessary number of times in consideration of all your deficiency of pre-heaven nature, the constitution, the extent of development of the emerging Qi and so forth. It is by no means an easy thing for a man not expert at the Book of Changes, to know the necessary number.

That to keep the mind-will and inward gaze in motion round the circle of Du and Ren Channel, to launch the breathing---like to start the operation of a reciprocating bellows---to blow the acquired breathing to promote the transformation of fertilizing fluid (Jing) into Qi in the lower elixir field, and that when the growth of the pre-heaven Qi reaches the height initiate the small waterwheel to harvest it, is the detailed procedure of holding back the fertilizing fluid (Jing) from dejection. The following procedure is to change the fertilizing fluid (Jing) to Buddhist relics---the penis will shrink all the way back into your belly.

In consideration of health condition level and feelings in regarding the growth of Qi, and reference to instruction by qigong master, practitioner can be able to calculate the number of times they should run the small water-wheel regarding the varying state for the emergence of the yang Qi each time. Later you are advised to resume the motionless state to recede again into the emptiness and stillness of the heart. Be patient enough to wait for the motion out of the infinite stillness again, and to prepare again for the subsequent running of small water-wheel.

Yet many men have the notion that the fertilizing fluid (Jing) could be accumulated for the use of constituting the golden elixir. Of course, this notion is thoroughly contrary to the law that when sperm is brimful it is bound to go out sometime. One utensil with certain capacity is supposed to be capable of accommodating the incessant supplies of water, how fanciful and whimsical! Yet you can take action to cease the formation of fertilizing fluid (Jing) and convert it to Qi, how reasonable it will become! So, it is the indispensable method you should learn if you aspire for the success, regardless of what religion you have faith in.

Practitioner should mind that to run the small water-wheel risks danger in different degrees and different forms, yet the common one is that the Qi changes back to fertilizing fluid (Jing) and then the fertilizing fluid (Jing) flows out. The new practitioners, on account of incomplete annihilation of stray thoughts and the mind-will not being free from touching things---in a word, lack necessary profundity in disciplining their hearts---is likely to be tied up by the whims and fancies in the day and dream of something in the night. So, like a mug tumbled down and water pouring out, the lower elixir field will lose its contents of Qi, which first changes to fertilizing fluid (Jing) then drains out---all efforts formerly made thus drain away. So, many regulations and restrictions have established to discipline the Buddhists and Taoists and other, which to a certain extent have something to do with this case.

Once before I asked my master, 'Would you please describe the scene that the fertilizing fluid (Jing) has completely converted to Qi? ' My master replied, 'Why dose a whiff of yang Qi arise when you heart remains still and empty? Because the Qi lacks in sufficiency. When your heart slips into the depth of the stillness and emptiness and remains motionless for a long time the Mysterious Pass will present its genuine bare face with the sign that a whiff of yang Qi emerges. The stirring of a whiff of yang Qi denotes that it is going to change to tangible medicine---the fertilizing fluid (Jing). The transformation from the intangible medicine (Qi) to tangible medicine is represented by the stirring. With the operation of small waterwheel we can check the transformation process and regain the Qi. Then settle the Qi you regained in lower elixir field, to replenish it little by little. After unremitting efforts of replenishing it one time after another in response of the stirring one after another practitioner can, little by little, replenish the Qi till the sufficiency of it is eventually attained, when there will be no stirring taking place and no replenishment still in need and all begins to resume the profoundest stillness. At that time there will be no fertilizing fluid (Jing) any longer and the Hui Yin acupoint will automatically close forever.'

Again I put another question, 'We all know the saying that if the fertilizing fluid (Jing) is sufficient you desire no sexual activities, and Qi sufficient you no longer desire the food, and pre-heaven mind-will sufficient you won't sleep any more, would you please tell us how to make the three sufficient enough and how to know that the three are sufficient? '

My master observed, 'The revolution of small waterwheel, like the furling and unfurling of a bellows, plays a magnificent part in replenishing the Qi which, accumulating in lower elixir field, will reach the height of its growth sooner or later. When there is no fertilizing fluid (Jing) emerging Hui Yin acupoint will automatically close up, and the penis will gradually shrink till it has the same size as like a baby. Generally speaking, a male baby never possesses sexual desire, of which everybody knows. This phenomenon can be used to solve the question why a man, who has obtain the sufficient Qi and converted all fertilizing fluid (Jing), will never have the sexual desire. As a matter of fact, he has achieved the success of transcending the region of covetousness ( also called the region of reality ) to ascend the region of phantom. Proceeding with the subsequent procedures, you will gradually convert the Qi to pre-heaven mind-will, which in reality is the process to replenish the pre-heaven mind-will. When pre-heaven mind-will is sufficient enough you naturally desire food no longer, because you have already restored to the state of pre-heavenness---which is the transformation process from acquired arrangement of trigrams to the pre-heaven arrangement of trigrams---which means that you have nothing to do with the region in which the law of five elements prevails. During the period of conceiving the fetus of the true self you begin to need less food in the first month and only water three months expires and no necessities whatever any longer at the end of the fourth month. The man, who has proceeded to reach this phase according to the procedure indicated before, if still in need of them, regardless of how little amounts, must have not released from the region of reality, and his Qi has not been sufficient enough. The sufficiency of pre-heaven mind-will actually signifies that the yang has dominated over your existence and the yin has been thoroughly purged of. On the contrary, even the minimum amount of yin being left over in the body means that you have to be subject to the least degree of invasion by somnolence, and that the psychical rays could not be steadily radiant during all the twenty-four hours of a day. When the pre-heaven mind-will is sufficient enough you are sure to be free from any sleep, and never there will be ideas or thoughts arising or dying out in heart, and never there will be one breath coming in or going out through the lung and respiratory tube, and you have transcended the region of phantom to ascend the region free from phantom. '
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