Harvest pre-heaven Vital Energy

If you mistake the revolving of small waterwheel for the method that can be applicable for the whole process of converting the fertilizing fluid (Jing) to Qi, you are immensely mistaken, because the invention of it mainly aims at refilling fertilizing fluid (Jing) and compensating for the previous loss of fertilizing fluid (Jing) by the previous unrestricted indulgence in the desires and emotions, and partially transforming fertilizing fluid (Jing) to Qi. So here we can conclude that the small waterwheel makes up the initial means while harvesting Qi the subsequent one which, after the fertilizing fluid (Jing) has been restored to sufficiency, will supersede the former and be used for fully conversing from fertilizing fluid (Jing) to Qi

This procedure consists of four steps: first to be ready for stirring of Qi, second to revolve the waterwheel, third to transform pre-heaven fertilizing fluid (Jing) into pre-heaven Qi, the fourth to preserve Qi.

We should first look back upon the preceding procedure of small waterwheel when beginning with the description of harvesting Qi. After a due period of constantly breathing in and out with the mind-will and inward gaze going round Du and Ren Channels, as well as corresponding rest in the middle elixir field and the clipping spine pass halfway during breathing in and breathing out you will suddenly get the feeling that all things seem to have deserted you and you have nothing to do with them any longer. The Qi is always on the trail of the mind-will. Every now and then you become aware of comfortable warmth in the lower elixir field or even the warmth continues all day long. Sometimes, out of your expectation, you perceive that a whiff of Qi is forcing its way against the coccyx pass intending to ascend Du Channel.

After a due period, the whiff of Qi will get through the coccyx pass and surge up to rush against the clipping spine pass. This ascending Qi, however, could not easily get through the clipping spine pass, let alone the occipital pass, because the sufficiency of Qi cannot alone make up the decisive force to open up all these three passes. Why? Because the yang Qi is of the sinking nature. But with the assistance from the due inhaling the Qi can be excited.

Somebody may argue that I have said that the mind-will can lead the Qi to anywhere and why mind-will could not stir up the Qi. The reason is that the mind-will's capability in this regard is transient and temporary. So to promote the Qi to make way through the three passes along Du Channel you must seek for assistance from the breathing---which leads to the invention of small water-wheel.

To run the small waterwheel you should at first close your eyes and mouth, raise the tongue against the palate gently, then breathe in to draw breath through the nose, respiratory tube and lung, drive your mind-will and inward gaze upward along the course of Du Channel from coccyx pass to upper elixir field---the starting point being at Hui Yin acupoint---and midway during your breathing in you should stop at the clipping pine pass according to the previous requirements; then exhale to drive out air through the lung, respiratory tube and the nose, meanwhile sending the mind-will and inward gaze down along the course of Ren Channel till they come to the lower elixir field. Halfway during the breathing out you should rest the mind-will and inward gaze in Shan Zhong acupoint for a little while.

Revolving the small water-wheel in this way repeatedly, you will perceive that both lower- and upper elixir field begin to throb slightly, which means the pre-heaven Qi begins to emerge. Sometimes when you leave off the revolving of small waterwheel and again slip into stillness, you suddenly become aware that the Qi can even revolve, of its own accord, around the Du- and Ren Channels smoothly without any encumbrances. Sometimes the revolving comes to an end. In this case you should let all take their own courses, and never intervene.

To let the Qi revolve or come to end all of its own choice and to intervene not the least for a certain length of time practitioner will suddenly be conscious of that the penis is becoming hard. From which time on you should start the process of harvesting the pre-heaven Qi. Yet at this time you should be patient enough to identify its authenticity first by the following method:

Envisage a hollow flute, then envisage that you blow air through it in the direction of the penis to see if it can become soft. If the penis gets soft, it means the pre-heaven Qi coming up is false; if it still remains hard it indicates you should cease the operation of refilling the fertilizing fluid (Jing) and launch the process of harvesting pre-heaven Qi, for this time the pre-heaven Qi is arising really.

As I mentioned before, there are four steps for harvesting the pre-heaven Qi, so we should begin with the first step of being ready for the stirring of pre-heaven Qi.

Once the yang Qi automatically engages in the rotation, you should leave off the operation of small waterwheel. Settling your mind-will in the lower elixir field, you should gradually slip again into the stillness and emptiness. Remaining in which state for some time you will unconsciously gain the feeling that the Qi, of its own accord, is fluently going round the Du- and Ren Channel. Its automatic rotation sometimes is sped up, retarded, ended up, all out of its own choice; and the mind-will and Qi are enchantingly attached to each other. Paying no attention whatever to the scene you heart should remain motionless in the depth of stillness and emptiness till you have thoroughly been oblivious of all things (including your existence). Keeping in this state for you don't know how long time you will suddenly notice that your penis is becoming hard and strong. After applying the method above mentioned to testing the authenticity of pre-heaven Qi you can feel relieved to set about harvesting the pre-heaven Qi.

If you want to harvest the pre-heaven Qi first you should be familiar with the two conceptions : vigorous fire and moderate fire. You may ask what the fire means. Generally speaking, the fire means the mind-will. That you deepen the acquired breathing while concentrate your mind more strongly makes up the vigorous fire; that to slow down your acquired breathing so as to make it even and slight while the mind-will touches something to the slightest extent the moderate fire.

In the course of reaping the pre-heaven Qi the breathing in should be accompanied with the intensive mind-will and intense inward gaze. Both should ascend Du Channel to the upper elixir field. The breathing out should be carried out with no mind-will and inward gaze--- which means you pay no attention to the breathing out and let it go its own way. Meditating upon the process of reaping the pre-heaven vita- vapor you can easily conclude that the breathing in plays a main part, or in another word, you employ the method of vigorous fire during the breathing in. Then you may wonder how many times you should practice the reaping maneuver and when you should end up the operation. The answer is that the moment when your penis has become soft completely and no tendency to harden existing is the time you should assuredly leave off the process of reaping pre-heaven Qi.

Then you may put another question of where the pre-heaven Qi has gone. In reality the pre-heaven Qi has been hoarded up in part in the lower elixir field in the form of pre-heaven fertilizing fluid (Jing). Only passing through the transformation process the pre-heaven Qi can ultimately settle in the lower elixir field, in the form of pre-heaven fertilizing fluid (Jing).

As soon as the pre-heaven Qi, in the form of pre-heaven fertilizing fluid (Jing), has been hoarded up in lower elixir field, practitioner should at once put into practice the method of transforming the pre-heaven fertilizing fluid (Jing). Settle your mind-will in lower elixir field, attach a good deal of attention to breathing in and breathing out---both processes should be carried out smoothly and extensively, not violently and hastily in the least. Launching the breathing in with mind-will ascending the Du Channel, and breathing out with your mind-will descending the Ren Channel. Breathing in and then breathing out for about thirty-six or seventy-two times you will get the feeling that the lower elixir field, of its own accord, begins to engage in the action of breathing in and breathing out as does the lung. Perceiving this practitioner should terminate the acquired breathing and again slip into profound stillness to put into practice moderate fire.

'Would you be good enough to carefully give an account of the moderate fire, my master? ' asked one my fellow-disciple, one day.

My master narrated as follows: When the lower elixir field begins to engage in the action, all of its own accord, of drawing in and blowing out like the furling and unfurling of a bellows, you should gently lodge your mind-will in the lower elixir field and terminate acquired breathing. every now and then the mind-will, solitarily resting in lower elixir field yet touching nothing, like a man guarding a fire ablaze, unmindfully watches over the motion of lower elixir field of its own breathing in and breathing out till all has passed away and you again sink into the infinite stillness. Hence the moderate fire refrains from any notice paid upon the acquired breathing and aims at keeping watch over the pre-heaven Qi lest it should change back to fertilizing fluid (Jing). Moderate fire should be put into practice after the vigorous fire.

Sinking into the broad tracts of stillness for you don't know how long time you will perceive that a whiff of pre-heaven Qi is coming again and your penis again becoming hard, which circumstance means you should prepare for the operation of revolving the small waterwheel again, to reap pre-heaven Qi and transform pre-heaven fertilizing fluid (Jing) into pre-heaven Qi. The above-mentioned processes carried out one after another lasting for you don't know how many times, the Mysterious Pass will present itself and pre-heaven mind-will will emerge.

As to reaping pre-heaven Qi there are some advice and changeable methods in response to different circumstances, which you should be familiar with. When the pre-heaven Qi is coming up and you gain the clear consciousness of its detailed motion, it will be very good to reap it the while when your penis begins to harden, for the reaping is relatively easy and the pre-heaven Qi is of good quality at that time. Yet if you cannot identify the authenticity of pre-heaven Qi and lack relevant experiences, you'd better not apply this method. In case of pre-heaven Qi coming up while you gain a late consciousness on account of the sleep you should bear in mind that the revolving of small waterwheel cannot be put into use. Under the circumstance the pre-heaven Qi is likely to be hurt if you do that way. The best way choice is to slightly concentrate your mind-will upon the whole Yin Qiao Channel, and the two eyes shall silently and solitarily gaze upon that, be oblivious of all your existence and slip into profound stillness, so as to let all develop in their own ways. When the time comes of the penis beginning to soften, you should instantly adopt the method of vigorous fire to breathe three or fire times till the pre-heaven Qi has completely drawn into the lower elixir field. Afterwards make an end to the vigorous fire gradually and put into practice the moderate fire little by little.

In addition, there are some information concerning reaping pre-heaven Qi.and to be related here for your clear understanding.

In regard of the reaping process you should take notice of the following movements of corresponding parts of your body and ruminate about them in a move to best understand their gist. The first is to breathe in through the nose, the second to raise your tongue against the palate, the third to strain backwards the muscle around the Hui Yin acupoint to coccyx pass, the fourth to close up your two eyes and to gaze inwardly. All these movements (excluding of the third one )shall be carried out simultaneously while the third shall be put into use when the whiff of pre-heaven Qi is coming up.

When you make use of the vigorous fire unevenly---which means your breathing and mind-will and inward gaze, when engaging in respective motion, don't remain the same throughout the process on an appropriate scale---there will be some danger destructive for the reaped pre-heaven Qi. When the vigorous five is slight and weak the breathing will be floating and the fertilizing fluid (Jing) will not be transformed completely, and such fertilizing fluid (Jing) will sometime discharge when accumulation of it reaches some extent. When the vigorous fire is massive and violent the breathing will be hasty and stiltedly, which will cause the air gathers in the belly in danger to bring about stools being loose and belly being painful inwardly.

In practice, the vigorous fire doesn't entail your attention being paid upon the mouth and nose, nor your breathing being hasty and violent. Moderately intensify your mind-will, slightly gaze upon the lower elixir field with two eyes, but have no clear consciousness about that will do. Both processes of reaping and transforming pre-heaven Qi aim at launching the automatic breathing of lower elixir field with the assistance from acquired breathing. So, sometimes we compare the lower elixir field to a bellows. Only the automatic breathing of lower elixir field, like the furling and unfurling of a bellows, can actually transform the fertilizing fluid (Jing) into pre-heaven Qi, while the acquired breathing (human beings do from time to time) can never achieve this in all possibilities. Once the automatic breathing has been started, you should always let the mind-will join the Qi and Qi meet with mind-will in order that the three be in enchanting harmony with each other. Then afterwards you seem to feel the waves of gold and silver is surging in lower elixir field---which suggests that all fertilizing fluid (Jing) has been converted to pre-heaven Qi.

'One time when I was in a dream, the sperm discharged while my penis has not become hard. What is the reason? ' was my question, one time before.

My master replied as follows:
During the transforming process probably you don't intensify the acquired breathing, mind-will and inward gaze to a suitable extent or though sometimes you do in a perfect way but another time you perform badly. So, the overall breathing cannot be balanced always in a proper degree, and the mind-will not put to use in a suitable intensity appropriately. Hence the constancy of the three could not be guaranteed. Sometimes when the mind becomes vague and chaotic and you turn to be drowsy and desirous of sleep, it is likely that you cannot carry out the processes of reaping, transforming and preserving to perfection. So, the consequences will be either the lower elixir field to be not warm enough or the automatic breathing of it slouching and intermittently, and once perturbed by yin Qi the fertilizing fluid (Jing) is most probably to discharge sometime, and the pre-heaven Qi under the circumstance is apt to change to fertilizing fluid (Jing). Sometimes the breathing is violent and hasty, or the mind-will becomes vague, or some attention is paid upon the mouth or nose, or you draw too much cold air, you will incur various symptoms such as diarrhea with loose stools, distending pain on the top of your head, abdominal distention, bellyache and so forth.

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