Revolve the First Water-wheel(1)

The waterwheel of 4-10 branches is created for the purpose of better hoarding up the pre-heaven Qi transformed through the preceding processes. It is also called the Inward Intercourse while the small waterwheel Outward Intercourse.


First you should settle your mind-will in the lower elixir field. When you inhale, your gaze by two eyes tracing its way along an arc at your left side should ascend the upper elixir field from the lower elixir field. Then you should breathe out, meanwhile your gaze tracing its way along an arc at your right side should evenly and slowly descend from upper elixir field and go back into the lower elixir field. You are persuaded carrying out this operation for thirty-six times. Afterwards, during your breathing in, you should guide your mind-will and the inward gaze ascend the upper elixir field along an arc at your right side, and descend from the left side to go back into lower elixir field again when breathing out.

This operation you should carry out twenty-four times. The waterwheel of 4-10 branches can also promote the surfacing of the Mysterious Pass, as this process can better harmonize yin with yang. Most people only know small waterwheel that can be put into use to reap the yang Qi and pre-heaven Qi, not the waterwheel of 4-10 branches that can be used on the purpose of storing up pre-heaven Qi.

The preceding processes aims at recovering the lost pre-heaven nature which passes away with the discharging of fertilizing fluid (Jing) and refilling the fertilizing fluid (Jing) to sufficiency. If pre-heaven nature has not been recovered the heart must need further disciplining, because you will hardly have the chance of passing through the ordeals of various illusions, let alone other formidable difficulties. When a whiff of yang Qi evolves to be in the prime of growth, you should set about running small waterwheel to administer the fertilizing fluid (Jing)(tangible medicine), then when a whiff of pre-heaven Qi surges up and your penis becomes hard enough you should promptly incline your trunk slightly on one side and then pressure your one middle fingers upon the Hui Yin acupoint and start the processes of reaping, transforming and preserving the pre-heaven Qi(using waterwheel of 4-10 branches).

Your two eyes play an important part in your long-term pursuit of Tao, which you can know a lot through my lecturing in previous chapters. Why? You may ask. Here I give some account in this regard. The left eye represents the wood element with its orientation being east, while the right eye stands for gold element with its orientation being west. Wood element in its nature has a tendency to face the west and care for the gold element, while gold element has a tendency to face the east and care for wood element.

The revolution of two eyes is called harmonious intercourse between gold and wood element, and in practice has been contained in some methods such as waterwheel of 4-10 branches. The harmonious intercourse between metal and wood element is capable of leading to the gathering of the delicate pre-heaven Qi in the upper elixir field that is termed the pre-heaven life force returning to reunite with pre-heaven nature. This makes up the part of cultivating life force and nature together---the gist of all my previous remarks.

Once before, one of my fellow-disciples put such a question, for my master to answer, "I always feel giddy after inhaling with mind-will and inward gaze going upward along Du Channel and exhaling with both of them going down through Ren Channel. Would you please tell me what is the reason? I felt very uncomfortable, my master?"

My master replied, "This is because yang Qi or pre-heaven Qi has not grown to be in the prime, and as a result, the turning of waterwheel can reap neither of them or though they are reaped they cannot be used for making up Buddhist relic. With no water in a kettle it will be damaged by fire. So, you are going to be giddy after so much useless rotation."

My fellow-disciple Xuan Kang Zi once said, "Once I joined a congregation claiming to owning the most proper methods to achieve Tao. They gave orders demanding me to chant a lot of scriptures and canons, be merciful and refrain from any killings and all sexual activities, in order to pay respect to some things and writings they claimed their great founders left with them. They also persuaded me to donate all my money to publish book praising good deeds and buy back the animals which would be butchered and let them re-enjoy their freedom of life, and concluded the more I do of these things the more chance will be for my ascending Heaven with the recommendation of their founders already in Heaven. Would you please tell me if their methods are the most proper one?"

My master replied, "This is by no means the most proper methods, but deeds deserving praise. To fast, to recite scriptures and canons, to burn incense, to practice meditation, to sit down cross-legged in silence, to discuss all things in smart and intelligent words, all these have nothing to do with cultivating both pre-heaven nature and pre-heaven life force."

"Only when all your previous lifetimes and succeeding ones have been donating the money to publish books and free lives your present lifetime can deserve grandeur awards. Supposing allocating the huge number of money you donate to all your foregoing and following lifetimes, do you fell assuredly that all the money would be donated to worthy doing? I am afraid the case will be that only $ 100 would be donated and the remaining $900 pocketed if the money is $ 1,000. Their founders, with their pre-heaven life force and pre-heaven nature having not been recovered, actually had no sense of what is shame, and even claimed to be in Heaven to cheat the innocent to demolish their future! As to refraining from all sexual activities I can plainly conclude that would be disastrous and unmerciful action. There would be no living soul left in this world, how a miserable scene it would be! Sakyamuni, the founder of Buddhism, had offspring, we all know. Likewise, Lao Zi and Confucius also had descendants. So, to be in pursuit of Tao has nothing to do with whether or not bear offspring."

"With no methods used to cultivate both pre-heaven nature and pre-heaven life force, many religion schools advocate the good deeds and behavior so as to purge off vicious thoughts. Thus they could not give you any hope for releasing from the endless bondage you are destined to be fastened with. There are many religion schools existing in this world, all claiming to let you take possession of various sorts of miraculous power by using their so-called clandestine methods, such as swallowing up saliva, breathing in with large amount of air, practicing profound meditation to envision various scenes, withstanding the hungry, eating up mildewed food, massaging the navel in a circle endlessly, gulping down the sperm of his own, aiming at going back to his youth, pinching the coccyx pass in order to block the dejection of sperm, gathering up menstruation of women to prepare for cultivation of an elixir by various means, and such like. I cannot give a full list of them. There are a multitude of people engaged in various activities with assorted objectives, of which some aim at cultivating pre-heaven life force and pre-heaven nature together but have no proper methods, some can only do well with the cultivation of pre-heaven life force along or pre-heaven nature only. Some fancy ascending Heaven with constantly kneeling down to knock their heads, some long for being a somebody in their next lifetimes, some hanker after being the most potent in sexual intercourse, some chant incantation claiming to be in possession of the capabilities to cure all diseases, and so forth. Most their intentions, without question, are good, yet they lack the proper methods."
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