Revolve the First Water-wheel(2)

During this special period, please do nothing but constantly settle the mind-will inwardly in lower elixir field, except when reaping the pre-heaven Qi and converting pre-heaven fertilizing fluid (Jing) to pre-heaven Qi. Be oblivious of all things outside you. Otherwise, the mind-will will have no master and drift away if the heart engages in any form of contemplation, or the Qi will diffuse and fertilizing fluid (Jing) be worn out due to physical labor. Consequently, the sleep could not be soundly and the silent sitting could not continue steadily under the constant disturbances caused by distress and uneasiness. As a result, the mind-will will alienate from the Qi, which will occasion the fire of heart to burn upwards and the water of kidney to flow downwards, thus the fertilizing fluid (Jing) will be obliged to discharge sometime.

Regarding this, long has been the saying from many saints: to tranquilize your heart, first you should reduce your body to relaxation and motionlessness, second you should settle mind-will in lower elixir field and let it rest upon emptiness and be in contact with nothing. Later when the time comes, you should use the vigorous fire to transform the fertilizing fluid (Jing). After thirty-six times of breathing you can use moderate fire to preserve the pre-heaven Qi. In this way, practitioner can completely root out all possibilities of sperm dejection.

"Because sometimes I cannot refrain from stray thoughts, some fertilizing fluid (Jing) will naturally take shape. So, would you please tell us how to deal with the case in order to reduce its bad effect to the least extent, my master?" asked one of my fellow-disciples.

My master replied in an orderly manner, "When you fall back into profound stillness, the heart will gradually be purged of all desires and emotions, and all things in connection with mankind seem to be cast away into another world, with which you have nothing to do. When a whiff of pre-heaven Qi be eventually coming up from the profound emptiness---in which all are vague and nothing concrete appears with recognizable shapes, all is void and vanity---in consequence of the mind-will ( of fire nature) settling in the kidney ( of water nature)---lower elixir field, to some extent, contains the Qi of kidney. The pre-heaven Qi thus produced is innocent from any contamination of the worldliness and can assuredly be used as the formless medicine that makes up Buddhist relic."

"On the contrary, fertilizing fluid (Jing) taking shape due to transported sensuality could by no means be innocent of the contamination from covetousness, thus it cannot be put into use of making up Buddhist relic, except when it undergoes the transforming process with vigorous fire to convert it completely to Qi again."

The concrete measures practitioner should adopt are as following below:
First, start the acquired breathing through the nose and lung, so as to trigger the automatic breathing of lower elixir field, then intensify mind-will as well as inward gaze by two eyes which is steadily fixed upon the movement of lower elixir field. This process going on for a certain length of time, the fertilizing fluid (Jing) is bound to be totally transformed into yang Qi.

You might have already taken notice of the term of >basking proceeding = in many books, yet how to proceed properly with it and when to carry out it, most of you are feared uncertain of these question. So, here I will give you a detailed account.

There are four most important points in human body: the Hui Yin acupoint at the bottom, the Shan Zhong acupoint in the front, the upper elixir field at the top and the clipping spine pass in the back. Linking the four points with lines you can get a rectangle, the its central point certainly falls upon the center of the middle elixir field.

According to the theory of five elements the following five points, in an emblematic sense, stand for five elements respectively with different attributes, which are showed as follows:

The upper elixir field stands for fire element with orientation of south , earthly branch of the seventh, number of two. The clipping spine pass stands for wood element with orientation of east, earthly branch of the fourth, number of three. Hui Yin acupoint stands for water element with orientation of north, earthly branch of the first, number of one. Shan Zhong acupoint stands for gold element with orientation of west , earthly branch of the tenth, number of four. Middle elixir field stands for earth element with orientation of center, number of five.

The basking proceeding denotes the process in which practitioner should stop the advance of mind-will and inward gaze for a little while at the above-mentioned four points---Hui Yin acupoint, Shan Zhong acupoint, the upper elixir field, the clipping spine pass---and let the Qi steam them of its own accord with no interference whatever. Most Chinese ancients used the earthly branches to show the time of a day. One branch stands for an interval lasting two hours. So, the first branch indicates the time between 23:00-1:00, the second between 1:00-3:00, the third between 3:00-5:00 and so on, till the twelfth branch denotes 21: 00- 23: 00. The time we use nowadays is somewhat different from used by Chinese ancients. Please refer to some books for more information. People may ask why I talk about the earthly branches. Because in the theory of Acupuncture there exists an important conclusion that the flux and reflux of Qi continue according to time changing. The Qi, like the waves of the sea, always flows along the twelve channels, and at the beginning of a certain two-hour interval flows into one certain channel and flows out of it at the end of the interval. For example, during the time of the second branch (23:00-1:00) the Qi flows in and out liver channels. As a result, to seek and pierce relevant acupoints along the channel during this time to cure diseases will be the most effective way. Likewise, to run the Qi in the light of the flowing law you will get twofold results with half the efforts. The twelve branches can be put into use to represent the points along the Ren- and Du Channel, the four points we mentioned before are part of them.

You may ask why I only prattle about the four, whether there are some particularities for them. I can conform that, because the four points are lodged in the positions that are so vital that the five elements can be at the mercy of them. You may ask why the positions are vital. The answer is the four positions the four points take are those Li trigram, Zhen trigram, Kan trigram and Dui trigram take in acquired arrangement of eight trigrams. So, during the course of driving Qi you are persuaded to halt the acquired breathing for a little while, to let the Qi to steam them---aiming at better nourishing the viscera and bowels.

As before mentioned, Hui Yin acupoint stands for water element that can give birth to wood element, yet if it doesn't undergo the basking proceeding the water element will be dead at the time of second branch(1:00-3:00). As a result, the Qi arising at the time of the tenth branch (17: 00- 19: 00) will pass away completely at the end of the time of the fourth branch (5: 00-7:00). The clipping spine pass stands for the wood element that can produce fire element. The fire element will be smothered to death by the earth producing at the time of the fifth branch(7:00-9:00) if the clipping spine pass doesn=t undergo the basking proceeding, and as a result, the Qi arising at the time of the first branch (23:00-1:00) will be worn out completely at the end of the time of the seventh branch (11:00-13:00). The upper elixir field represents the fire element. The fire will be smothered to death by the earth producing at the time of the time of the eighth branch(13:00-15:00), and as a result, the Qi arising at the time of the fourth branch (5:00-7:00) will die at the end of the time of the tenth branch (17:00-19:00). Shan Zhong acupoint stands for the gold element that can bring forth the water element. This water will be smothered to death by the earth producing at the time of the eleventh branch(17:00-19:00), and as a result, the Qi arising at the time of the seventh branch (11:00-13:00) will perish at the end of the time of the first branch (23:00-1:00).

So, without the basking proceeding the Qi cannot be sustained by consecutive production, and the pre-heaven life force will be hampered in consequence. To halt the breathing, and cease the advance of the mind-will and inward gaze for a moment, forms the main content of basking proceeding. When a wave of Qi evolves to be in the prime of growth, practitioner should at once launch the vigorous five, otherwise the Qi will transform back into fertilizing fluid (Jing) again. Also, practitioner should commit to memory that to launch vigorous fire at any other time is prohibited, because no material exists to be transformed, or the material is not the one suitable for reaping. The wave of Qi, after going round the Du- and Ren Channel incurring transformation by the suitable fire, will naturally be changed into pre-heaven Qi, of which the delicate one flights up to gather in upper elixir field while the indelicate descends to accumulate in lower elixir field, in the form of pre-heaven fertilizing fluid (Jing) which needs further transformation. Through the process of going round in such a circle, fertilizing fluid (Jing) can be prevented from dejection and pre-heaven Qi be restored. Hence I claim that I have made use of the operation law of the heaven and the earth, and snatched the essence from the moon and the sun.

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