Gather Psychical Rays

The Mysterious Pass, as before mentioned, will gradually send out light in the emptiness of the heart as you run the small waterwheel and the waterwheel of 4-10 branches one time after another gathering more and more pre-heaven Qi. You may ask where the Mysterious Pass is. In fact it lies nowhere. All positions in your body will never be fortunate enough to invite it to sojourn in. But it is the place the Great Unification takes residence in, and among all acupoints and channels and collaterals of a human body the Mysterious Pass is always suspending in the boundless tracts of the heart, and perching upon the very center of the heaven and the earth. So, to explore its root and actual place is as hopeless as to draw water with a willow-plaited basket! Yet if you seek it outside your body, the result will be more despairing.

Through the sustained efforts you made, the pre-heaven Qi you gathered will sometime ascend to unite with the pre-heaven mind-will. Eventually, the Qi of great unification that constitutes the Mysterious Pass will come into being. Then, you will behold the glittering or lightening every now and then. By this time you can perceive that the Mysterious Pass is near at one time and distant at another time. On beholding this scene you should lose no time gathering its rays and drawing it into the lower elixir field. Then suddenly you will taste something the most fragrant and delicious in your mouth.

Once I asked my master: "Previously, you said the Mysterious Pass is the converging point. And Taoism, Buddhism and Confucianism, once they have reached it, have come onto a same track and will have no differences afterwards. Would you kind enough to tell us the reason?"

My master replied, " In fact, Mysterious Pass is Qi of great unification. you can perceive it by its rays. In general, you can gain the consciousness that it always hangs before your Yin Tang acupoint. Even a minor error with previous steps will bring about no Mysterious Pass appearing. We all know the fact that human body contains Qi which, in its turn, contains the yin souls and yang souls and other. so if the Qi drifts away from the human body the man is dead. The emergence of Mysterious Pass represents a breakthrough having taken place in your long course of pursuing Tao. The psychical rays, pure and crystal-like, will become more and more bright, and will spread away when it is bright enough and could not be retrieved. Then the rays will appear again, still pure and like a full silver moon, floating before your Yin Tang acupoint. At this moment you ought to gaze upon these psychical rays with two eyes. Then in consequence, the Qi of great unification will gather together. The brighter the psychical rays become, the rounder this moon-shaped Mysterious Pass will change to be. At this time you must all at once gather these psychical rays for your own possession, otherwise it will scatter away and all your previous efforts will drain away."

Qi of great unification will introduce its presence with brilliant psychical rays when practitioner gained it after a long-term silent exercise. At beginning, the rays are weak in term of intensity. Later on they will become brighter and brighter.

faint, sometimes glittering as if in the middle elixir field, sometimes twinkling in the upper elixir field, or sometimes become intense in brightness, or turn feebler and feebler till all seems to have passed away.

Occasionally, the psychical rays change into three stars giving out faint gleams. Most of the time, they show its presence with a crescent-like shape as like a moon. All these scenes suggest the Qi of great unification is not sufficient enough, and practitioners are advised to keep gazing upon the photosphere constantly in silence.

Suddenly, practitioner may perceive that the Mysterious Pass has a tendency to soar up or dive down. At sight of the scene, practitioner should bear in mind that never should the eyes follow it, lest it should drift away forever. The proper approach practitioner should adopt is as follows:

Draw in the gaze upon it back to eyes and then revolve two eyes counterclockwise from below to the left side, then to above, then to the right side till below again. This done, you will feel delicious saliva is full in the mouth. Then you should imagine bringing down the Qi of great unification---obtained through the revolution of two eyes---to the lower elixir field along the Ren Channel, by mind-will and inward gaze. By this time, if you seem to hear rumbling sound coming from lower elixir field as soon as you have brought the saliva down into it, you ought to gaze inwardly upon the lower elixir field. Then soon enough the gleams lost previously will come forth again, pure as before.

Once my master commented upon Mysterious Pass as follows:
A man has two selves, one false self, of phantom nature, and in possession of form and image serving as emblems. Another is true self, of eternity nature, formless and without the image whatever. Humans physical body is, in reality, the false self while the Qi of great unification the true self. The form can last long if it is always in great harmony with the pre-heaven mind-will. pre-heaven mind-will can last long if it is always in great harmony with the pre-heaven nature. The Mysterious Pass is the place in which the Great Unification takes residence, from which the time and the space came forth. With this hard-earned Qi of great unification practitioner can cultivate the pre-heaven mind-will.

We all know, the thing taking shape is bound to decay and perish sometime. Yet, the Qi of great unification was born before the very beginning of the heaven and the earth, and was prior to the creation of myriads of things.

Initially, the Mysterious Pass assumes a crimson hue. Afterwards it turns to be like a silver moon. Because of its attributes of having neither head nor tail, of belonging to neither existence nor nonexistence, of coming from nowhere and going nowhere, of being without birth and death, of having neither exterior nor interior, of being neither square nor round, etc, we thus conclude that the Mysterious Pass took its position solitarily and perpetually all before the very beginning of time, and serves as the fountainhead of transformations and changes, and the very source of endless times of germination. It is my true self existing before the sperm and ovum combined to start the process of my existence.

The scene of three faint stars suspended before the eyes practitioner behold in the profound stillness is called three stars hanging above. Upon that Saykamuni commented, 'Though being face to face from day to day it is very regretfully that almost all people are not acquainted with it!" Confucius observed, "It is not it keeps away from human beings, but human beings keep away from it always."

One of my fellow-disciples once put a question, "When I first set about disciplining my heart, I seem to behold something glittering. Is it the Mysterious Pass my master?"

My master observed, "The gleams you perceived have nothing to do with Mysterious Pass. They are the gleams coming from the eighth yin pre-heaven mind-will and you must drop it in time. The eighth yin pre-heaven mind-will is the source of all consciousness, and has the natural tendency of engaging in motion constantly. Thus, people always desire motion and cannot withstand stillness. Once the eighth yin pre-heaven mind-will engages in motion, they will constantly get entangled with passions and desires. Having a little while to rest, they will invite endless thoughts, ideas, intentions to sprout, one after another, or one dream after another to come on the scene. The Qi of great unification always resigns itself to stillness and emptiness, in which the heaven and the earth came into being. pre-heaven Qi constantly nourishes the life force of mankind, of which human beings never become aware, like fish unconscious of the water they swim in."
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