Dun Huang Introduction

It is a magnificent art treasures filling the famed Mogao Grottoes, among the ancient and consummate creations in China, carved the time of the Mongolian conquest. The grottoes show an uninterrupted history of Chinese painting, over a period of nearly a thousand years.

The Magao Grottes, popularly known as the Thousand Buddhas Caves, were built on the eastern cliff of Mingsha Mountain, 25 kilometres to the south-east of DunHuang city. In 366 A.D. a monk named Yuezun had a vision of the Buddhas over the Sanwei Mountain opposite the cliff of the Mingsha Mountain, so the devout believer set to build the first cave on the cliff. Since then more and more caves have been excavated over a thousand year. The Grottes is the largest in the world and the best preserved treasure-house of Buddhist art, keeping 492 caves, 45,000 sqpare meters of murals, and about 3,000 painted statues.

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