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Welcome to our site

1. Introduction

Chinese Kung Fu has a very long history and rich contents with a wealth of different schools. In them the Wudang Martial Arts features the uniqueness in adhering to the principle of overcoming the hard with the soft. In ancient Taoism book Tao Te Ching carries the following messages:

Beneath heaven nothing is more soft and yielding than water.
Yet for attacking the solid and strong,
Nothing can take its place.
Therefore the soft can overcome the hard,
The weak can overwhelm the strong,
Under heaven everyone knows this,
Yet no one puts it into practice.

Wudang Kung Fu is well known for its unfathomed fighting theory, special internal strength training approaches and handling skills when facing very unfavorable circumstances. The routine form sets and the weapon manipulation system often convey to people the intangible force which in many cases scare the enemy a lots before the start of fight. Thus Wudang Kung Fu enjoys an unparalleled position in Kung Fu circle in China's long history.

2. Wudang Taoism Kung Fu Academy

Wudang Taoism Kung Fu Academy (WTKFA) was located at the foot of Mount Wudang, the famous Taoism holy land and inner Kung Fu origination place. To take the public bus people have to spend more than one hour to go upward along the zigzag mountain road to southern cave temple. The imposing layers upon layers of mountains and the water-color-Chinese paintings made of fascination scenery can be beheld everywhere. The birds are singing without intermission, the woods are roaring from here to there. The nature's life force presents itself in so wonderful way that you have to marvel at it. The broad quietude and stillness seems to always cherish the most dynamic initiatives for the potential development.

WTKFA is located at the foot of Mt. Wudang ranges, sitting against Zhanchii mountain and facing the Double-Pillar peaks. No cities dizzy noise and ostentation and free of any vanity, WTKFA brings with people the return-to-home happiness and peacefulness. To be retrospective of the ancient times and the disappeared personalities is easy for people to have sigh with different emotions.

Serving as affiliation organization under Mt. Wudang Taoism Kung Fu Association and Wudang Taoism Association, WTKFA has been long getting involved in teaching authentic Wudang Kung Fu arts, searching for old and secret Kung Fu forms, encouraging more talented Kung Fu masters to pass on their treasure experience and knowledge and compiling more books and notes to record valuable materials. Now, Zhong Yunlong, the director of WTKFA, is one of the most famous inheritor of Wudang Five Elements Inner Kung Fu Arts and Wudang Primeval Tai Chi Boxing.

WTKFA now owns a new inner-house training gymnasium, at around 870 square meters wide. It successfully solves the problem that students cannot train in rainy days. In sunny days, students can go outside in the court to have their daily training. Besides such basic infrastructure, dormitory and collective restaurant are available for receiving Chinese and foreign practitioners. Please click here to know the accommodation and school condition.

WTKFA has successfully trained hundreds talented Wudang Kung Fu practitioners. In the same time, WTKFA sponsors researching mission to look for treasure Wudang Kung Fu Arts forms. Thus WTKFA contributes a lot to the development of Wudang Kung Fu arts and Taoism theory. Especially, the Wudang Pure-Yang Boxing, Tai Yee Five elements Kung Fu, Simplified 29-form Wudang boxing, Five Element Boxing of Dayie School, Wudang 7-Direction Bamboo Stick are very famous in Kung Fu circle and have won the many certificates of Excellent Traditional Kung Fu Arts From National Martial Arts Association.

The great master of Primeval San Feng Tai Chi, now begins to transfer his skills which is regarded as the great treasure by Kung Fu circle. Also the Youth-Retaining Qigong gained much praise by president of National Kung Fu Association.

Now, more foreign practitioners are coming to learn Wudang Kung Fu at WTKFA. We will always do our best to serve their practical needs.

Wudang Taoism Kung Fu Academy now has eight competent Kung Fu coaches -- who received special training for years with Liu Deyi and Liu Lee Hang and other Wudang Kung Fu masters —teaching more than 30 kinds of Kung Fu forms sets and other subjects as follows:

3. Curriculum Table

We offer comprehensive studying course covering Kungfu form sets, Chi Kung, Wudang medical herbs, Chinese Tuina, moxibustion, cupping, acupressure and other subjects typically featured by Chinese culture. For more information please click here

Weapon Play Routines include: 1) sabre 2) spear 3) sword 4) cudgel 5) halbert 6) axe 7) hook 8) fork 9) whip 10) mace 11) hammer 12) talon 13) trident-halberd 14) long-handled spear 15) sectioned stick 16) meteor hammer 17) lance 18) rake 19) pricks.

Please click here to read the curriculum introduction in details.

4. Class and Relevant Costs
Classes for above-mentioned Kung Fu forms are taught every month, each session lasting one week, one month, three months, six months and one year or any duration as students demand. All tuition fee, accommodation and food costs included, the monthly costs is CNY 6,000. For study less than 10 days the cost is CNY 350 per day (To know the currency exchange rate please visit http://coinmill.com/). Also, long term study are welcome and the costs can be lowered accordingly to meet most students practical conditions. For more information regarding the fees please click here.

The costs includes the lodging in the student dorm which is attached to the training hall, all meals 3X a day, daily training with the teacher in a private and group format 3 times a day in the arts of students' choice, and use of the facilities such as weapons, training gear, stone weights and sandbags. This also includes the guided tours and outings to the surrounding mountain Taoist temple areas by the teachers from time to time.

5. Other Things Commanding Attention

  • So, foreign students are welcome to contact us for details if they have interest in such arrangement. For one month long study please apply for a tourist visa; for more than one month of study please apply for visit visa (type F) with our invitation letter sent via mail or Email in PDF format. Visit visa is easy to be extended for one year long or more here in Wudang.
  • Foreign students who plan to study less than 3 months can receive 1 day teaching and stay for free in school before deciding to continue with the study or return home or go to other places, which also means they have the option to decide to pay or refuse to pay after 1 day of training and stay in kungfu school. Food and accommodation are provided for free in standard during such trying period. For students who plan to study more than 3 months they are provided with 2 days of free training and stay in school.
  • The Academy is open and run all year long with no long holiday.

    Our service agents stationed in Beijing, Wuhan can help to pick up foreign practitioners from airports and arrange their travel to Mt. Wudang. For more information in detail, please feel free to contact Mr. Wang Tao Email: contact us



Wudang Taoism Kung Fu Academy
Mount Wudang Scenery Zone
ShiYan City, Hubei Province, China.
Tel: 0086-136-0988-6620 (foreign)
Tel: (0)-136-0988-6620 (domestic)