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Many thanks for your tour to this site and many thanks for your interest in the true Taoist life experience program available in this Mt. Wudang, the motherland of Chinese indigenous religion Taoism.

Wudang Taoism, as an important genre of Chinese Taoism, has the same doctrine and tenet as Chinese Taoism. Wudang Taoism was based upon Mount Wudang, featuring Zhenwu faith, inner alchemy practice, spell characters, emphasis of loyalty and filial piety and ethics, and convergence of three main religion.” The remaining part remains the same.

The charming scenery and the legendary stories had been invariably inducing many Taoists and hermits in the history of China to come for cultivating inner elixir for longevity and enduring health well-being, physically and mentally. In a long run in history, Wudang Mountain was regarded as the origin place of primitive China Taoism.


Want to find a place where you can put down all afflictions while experiencing primitive Taoist life; where you can keep far away from the uproariousness derived from so-called civilization; where you can experience the religious life kept secret for thousands of years; where you can walk close to the realm envisioned by the great classic Tao The Ching and Chuang Tzu; where you can become a simple guy borne with no obligation except basic activity for keeping a simple life roaming freely between heaven and earth; where you can have a free excursion between layers of layers of green mountains and pure waters; where you can have in-depth perception towards the concept of being free of any conceptualization of good, bad, right, wrong, beauty, ugliness, advancement, withdrawal and so on; where you can well understand why the simplicity and serenity can make you embrace more of the universe while you gaining nothing in actuality;

Under the sponsorship by Wudang Taoism Association here we initiate the program six-day residing with Dao, aiming to bring attendants personal experience in terms of Taoist daily life, including early morning Taoist group chanting class, doing daily rituals, doing clearing of temples, reading Taoism classics, listening to lectures on Taoism and inner alchemy, making herbal medicine, catching water by carrying on shoulder with a pole, watering vegetable field, picking vegetables, cooking Taoist food, doing Tai Chi Chuan, doing simple Kungfu forms, doing noon sleep, picking tea leaves, going hiking, holding evening Taoist ritual class, chanting scriptures and so on...

ChiongTai Temple

ChiongTai temple, known as the "Jade Dais Palace" in the Yuan dynasty, boasts three construction units, i.e. the upper, the middle and lower temple complex, thus becoming the biggest Taoist temple complex in Mt. Wudang (almost in parallel with Purple Heaven Palace in size). Local people prefer to use metaphorical names to term the three unites in turn as White Turtle Jade Dias, Purple Jade Dias and Jade Flute Dias. Historically, long the surface configuration of the mountain slope there sited altogether 24 temples, each linked by kiosk and bridges. Therefore there had the saying as day out no sky beheld, rain out no wet shoes gotten", from which people can imagine how a grand-scale construction and wonderful layout it is.

According to legend, after more than 40 years of inner alchemy practice, the Great Zhenwu God finally ascended to heaven successfully, the Jade Emperor Xuan Tian Shang Di canonized him as the North Pole and held a grand ceremony in ChiongTai Temple. Accordingly, Wudang Taoism regards Chiong Tai temple as the ordainment place for Great Zhen Wu God and thus receiving worship and respect from people.

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May Tao is with you forever!