to experience Taoist life in Mt. Wudang temples

Six-Day Residing with Dao >> the Photo Gallery

For better understanding the program and its proceedings, here we showcase the photos we took to demonstrate the activity attendant got involved in. Please note these photos only present part of the program and could not used to reveal all aspects due to some Taoism prohibits in practice.

Talking about Tao

"Beckon all worthy men to experience Dao" in Chinese character


Doing Taoist Ritual


Listen to lecture on Taoism


Go hiking among greens, waters and mountains

Listen to lecture on Taoist alchemy practice, Taoist doctrine and Taoist scriptures

Doing cleaning-up, take care of temples

Doing Traditional Wudang Tai Chi Chuan, Taoist Yoga

Found to become a female Taoist.....


Pay respect to Taoism deity

Listen to traditional Taoist music

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May Tao is with you forever!