to experience Taoist life in Mt. Wudang temples

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Many thanks for your interest in this very special journey to sacred Mount Wudang and its peculiar Taoism culture!

Want to relax in a sunny mountain setting, while having fun learning Taoist simple life style? Curious to learn the science of Taoism and its rich contents? and self-generate a feeling of whole-body bliss? Want to make sure whether there exists a transcending staircase that could eventually leads to the final enlightenment and, as a transmundane means, how to make use of it? Want to feel your body move gracefully in a tai chi form or Taoist Yoga postures? Seeking a new career in energetic bodywork and personal development?

If you answer is YES! to any question, our Six-day Taoist-Life Experience program on Mt. Wudang are the right for you. Whether you are a touris, a wanderer, a man longing for spiritual life, a man aspiring for a different experience or a man seeking a withdrawl from uproriousness from so-called civilization, it is right here for you to experience a complete different life style!

Regardless of age, sex, race, or spiritual path, you will be welcomed into a warm and friendly community of Tao that laughs a lot in resonance with nature and knows how to live a simple but meaningful life!

The Cost and How to Register

The total cost for one session is USD 780. The following lists the details:

Price Includes:

  1. One night occupany in a three-star hotel room in Wuhan City, domastic bus transportation ticket by bus from Wuhan City to Wudang, admission tickets into Wudang Scenery Zone, bus ticket from the foot of Mt. Wudang to ChiongTai temple.
    Attention Please: For people who can by themselves come to Mt. Wudang alone AND reach Wudang Taoist Kungfu Academy the total cost is USD 730. But please register first.
  2. One set of Traditional Taoist clothes, deep blue color, with auxiliary shoes and caps included.
  3. Graduation certificate
  4. All food, accommodation and studying fees during the six days
  5. Workbook, assistant book and materials
  6. Transfers & sightseeing
  7. English speaking guide service

Price does not include:

  1. US Int'l, China Int'l departure tax, China domestic airport tax, airport taxes, excess baggage charges.
  2. China Visa Fee & Petrol Surcharge (if applicable)
  3. Personal expense, personal shopping and travel insurance; which is highly recommended. You are strongly urged to obtain a low cost travel insurance. If you do NOT obtain it, you must sign a legal release. Please check the terms and conditions of the issuer of your travel insurance policy as they are defined in the policy's cancellation clause, which outlines your coverage, its limitations and exclusions. Usually written medical excuse from doctor or proven death in family are accepted.


  1. Price is based on students paying by cash or credit card via PayPal.
  2. Special air add-on is available, only good for Air China's Int'l air connection.
  3. Tour fares for departures are subject to change.

How to Register one Session

There are altogether two steps to finish all formality for attending one session of the workshops:

The first step is: Reserve A Place; (NOTES: Please first try to reserve a place once you make a decision to attend the program)

The second step: Pay the Remaining Cost (You can do this step a little late in order to prevent such thing from happening that you cannot come due to something urgent arising. Please also understand such step should be done days in advance before your arrival in Mt. Wudand or after your arrival)

The First Step: Reserve A Place

To reserve a place, please pay a non-refundable deposit of $150 US dollars via our PAYPAL service with credit card or with your Paypal balance. Please reserve your space as early as possible. Last minute applications are accepted on space available basis. This will reserve your place for this event – the group is limited to 30 people for each session. Please feel free to contact us at experiencedao@damo-qigong.net for more details if you prefer to use electric wire (T/T) or Western Union.

Please click the following links to reserve a place in September 15-20, 2009 Session

 Or please click the following button to reserve a place in October 15-20, 2009 Session
 NOTES: Please make sure which session you want to attend before clicking the respective button. You only need to click one button! Please do not click more than one time. Once you make the payment please send an email confirming your deposit to experiencedao@damo-qigong.net

The Second Step: Pay the Remaining Cost

1. In Wuhan City: You can bring cash or cash your credit card to pay the remaining cost USD 630 or equivalent Chinese currency CNY when you arrive at hotel in Wuhan City because lots of banks handle such service.

2. On Mt. Wudang: If you plan to pay the remaining cost when you arrive at Wudang, please make sure you have to bring cash equivalent to USD 630. It means you have to cash the card in big cities beforehand because Wudang Town is very small and the banks are few and the ATM refuse to accept some kinds of credit card.

Attention Please: For people who can by themselves come to Mt. Wudang AND reach Wudang Taoist Kungfu Academy the total cost is USD 730. But please register first.

We look forward to sharing this magical journey with you and growing together in health, mentality, and wisdom through the exploration of the ancient Chinese ingenious religion Taoism.

Please feel free to contact us when you have any question!

May Tao is with you forever!