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NAME: Wudang Kung Fu Series-- Sword-Wielding Arts
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Wu Dang Kung Fu, a prominent school in Chinese Kung Fu, is well known for its unfathomed fighting theory and internal strength training and handling skills. The routine form sets and the weapon manipulation system often convey to people the intangible force which in many cases scare the enemy a lots. Thus Wudang Kung Fu enjoys an unparalleled position

Kung Fu San Shou (free style fighting) training form set was created by Wu Dang Taoists to train San Shou practitioners' coordination ability with the aim of improving the fighting skills and quality. Such set can be used for training sinew and tendon more flexible and supple, and gaining the coordination ability and constructing the coordination system between every part of the body.

The VCD also introduce the straight sword manipulation set called Song-brooke Samll Sword. It incorporates prominent characteristics belonging to Internal Style boxing forms and swords and thus forms its own features such as simple, soft and rapid form, to the point movements, successful combination of both sword wielding and the mind-will issuing, and the free and easy style.

The important postures have been chosen for individual presentation and explanation, then every phase will be reviewed for times till they can joint into one. Such compilation can help practitioner quickly master the essentials and decrease the risk of walking the crooked road.

1) Kung Fu San Shou (free style fighting) Training Form Set
2) Basic Sword Wielding Techniques
3) Song-brooke Samll Sword


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